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17 Nov 2020 20:19:56
Watching Spain v Germany. Koch having a torrid time in Germany defence i'm afraid 😟.

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18 Nov 2020 06:08:35
Torrid or Torres?

18 Nov 2020 06:48:28
Yes, watching that horror show too. Our lad has a mistake in him every game it seems, but I don't think there are many centre backs out there that would have done any better considering the numbers of waves of attack Spain were allowed to construct.

Germany, spookily like Leeds, looked to be missing a defensive midfielder who could break up those waves of attack prior to them getting as far as the defensive line AND instigate incisive counter attacks.

As I watched it I was cringing for our lad, he has now been in teams that have conceded 4 goals, 4 goals and 6 goals but in all honesty he is not "the problem".
Leicester, they are bloody good these days. They have spent wistly and grown over a number of seasons. They will do that to many more sides.
Palace, could have been different if Bamford's goal had been allowed. We wouldn't have had to chase the game. But may be we needed a reality check that we have to be 100% against all teams not just the top 6.
Spain, he was in a new look defence with no outstanding leader and they got beaten by one of the most impressive attacking sides in world football. Freak results happen, remember Brazil against Germany a few years back.

Hopefully out of the baptism of fire we gain a battle hardened warrior. I will not write this young man off just yet.

18 Nov 2020 10:27:22
Koch does have a mistake in him, but as axe said most do now days proper defenders seem to be a thing of the past.

he also has pace and can defend so for the time being i'm backing him.

I think it is clear leeds will always be weak in defence due to belisa style (said this last year and got laughed at because we kept clean sheets but this was down to keeping ball not being able to defend) . Belisa style also means we will hurt a lot of teams and scare most if not all.

I also agree with Axe we need a dm who can break up play and set up attacks but they are also few and far between and city spent millions on Rodri and I don't think he is great (not seen much of him though) .

I do think the obvious problem with leeds is due to our style our defenders need to be good and Cooper is bottom of the championship standard. He only got promoted due to how good leeds were because he is not a top championship defender let alone prem.

I am not one for stats as I think they can be misleading however results are not. Look at our results with Cooper compared to without Cooper and it speaks for itself.

we are a newly promoted team and doing very well but we don't have much depth but I think once lorrente and koch both get use to the prem and each other they will be as good a defence as the prem has. because let's be honest no one in the prem has a good defence even city and Liverpool are suspect at the back.

18 Nov 2020 11:19:27
Coops must be happy he has upgraded from the hyperbole of some posters ' League One Liam' atandardc' to now 'bottom of the championship standard'

In reality Coops is neither, yes he looks not to be EPL standard ( yet) but he has more than proved he is a decent to good Championship defenderstandard ( yes but still with a few mistakes in him ) but good enough getting into the EFL Championship team of the season I seem to recall.

Even the best defenders make mistakes, but it is the frequency of
Koch mistakes that are the concern and he definitely needs to make much better matchplay defensive decisions and concentrate at all times fully for the entire duration of each match.

Maybe CDM will turn out to be Koch's best position after all.

18 Nov 2020 12:10:41
Agree baz re coops and Koch.
Unless leeds stop giving the ball away in high press system our defenders will always be under pressure.
Defenders are now supposed to distribute the ball not just kick it out of play. This means they have to think more which allows time for errors. I think Koch. Coops. White all make or made errors.
I’m hoping loriente solids us up.
Can’t see Koch moving forward while we have Kalvin.

18 Nov 2020 12:49:51
Indeed Aus

As for Llorente I am praying that he will be available soon.

18 Nov 2020 14:19:05
not sure about Liam Cooper being in the championship team of the season. So was Pontus and most rubbished him once he left.

Truth is Liam is bottom of the championship standard but was protected and made to look good by playing in the best team that played great football and kept the ball well.

As I said before there is a difference between a boxer who can take a punch and one that doesn't get hit, same with teams being good at defending and not having to as they keep the ball most of the game

Liam is error prone and the worst Cb ever at winning headers, has he ever scored from a header or even won a header? I honestly don't remember seeing him win many if any headers. Also at some points he looks like he has no idea what the game is. The second goal against leister (the diving header followed by tap in) Liam was in no mans land, marking no one and left koch with two men. things like this is what makes my assessment of him being bottom five champ standard. over being in a team picked by people that think keeping a clean sheet means we can defend (it doesn't)

18 Nov 2020 15:33:58
Berm .
Cooper was in the PFA Championship team of the season in 2018- 19 and 2019-2020 so the players that played against him clearly rate him.

I agree though about his heading, but many defenders these days aren't. so good in the air. and the ball is on the floor so much more than in the air in the EPL.

The thing is 🤔 Berm your top 4 prediction ( later changed by you to 5th to 9th ) Leeds league position final placing seems illogical if you genuinely consider both KP and Captain Coops ( in vital positions CD and cdm ) ' pony' 🤔 when you know that it is likely both will be picked to play under Bielsa.

18 Nov 2020 18:37:28
god BV you seem to be very selective over my posts that you read. I have said many times on here my top 4 prediction was tongue in cheek

I do think we could finish around 5-9th as this season is mental. If Lorrent comes good and Cooper don't play we are as good as anyone on there day because no team is reliable or in form. it is a mental season

I don't think we will get champs league that was a joke, trying to be positive for a change. but get shot down for that as well

the way you ignore and remember selective bits of information makes you eligible for parliament

18 Nov 2020 19:49:10
Lol Berm
fair enough

tongue in cheek or not it would be fabulous if Leeds did finish 9th

. hopefully Llorente cam start for Leeds soon.

18 Nov 2020 20:19:47

Your definitely in the Happy Place. Love the posts. You have loads of good points to raise once the old subject is put to rest.
I have not seen Llorente play at all so I am hoping you observations are going to be spot on. Can only imagine how roasted Koch is going to get by Llorente, Rodrigo and Henandez when he gets back to ER

Just think on, soon your happy place could be Axe's Hottub.



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