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13 Nov 2020 13:46:58
Few questions for consideration and response
Villa Dave feel free to join in. U lot nearer the sacred shrine than me.
Are Huddersfield playing same style as us?
Do they concede more goals generally as the teams below them?
Do we concede more than is heathy?

And does anybody know if that has been a common denominator in all biesla sides?

And final question. Why if his teams play such good football do they concede and lose so much?

Is it because the quality of defenders they face or ability of opposing manager.
I mean look at derby now. Hate fat boy.

It's a dilemma. Love the guy and think he will keep us up but don't think he will change his style and that's why he hasn't won so many trophies.

But if we replace him. We could get like er a Southgate or Graham or Hodgson.
Had few drinks chaps. Happens every now and then cork.
Just my thoughts.
Spose i'm saying. Ok to lose but you got to learn. And that goes for team. Manager. And owner.

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13 Nov 2020 14:49:39
The only thing that worries me Aus is that, this lad is not for turning.
We can get spanked every game (don't think that will happen) but he will not change his philosophy. Not even change his personnell greatly for he firmly believes that his methods are the best and if we are not winning then we are not following them fully. The major flaw is that whilst his approach is mostly succesfull is is too draining to sustain over a long season. This would have shown up last year if it wasn't for the heaven sent the virus break.
I truly hope I am wrong. I believe that he will tweak things and we will get back to full strength which will make us hold our own mid table but I fear for the last few games when potentially we are running on empty and cannot even buy a win.
If he does go end of season he will certainly have writ a large chapter in Leeds United and it will be a hard act to follow.

13 Nov 2020 15:25:38
All tho its nice to watch us play this way you have got to defend better as a team for me that final pass is not good it gives the opportunity for other team to break quick and your playing better teams in prem you look at city they play same way but tend not get caught out as much I know they have better players get our passing much quicker in final third and have least 1 player sit back on afe rd line and keeper needs do more talking MOT we can't moan about injury s that's what squads for new cars brake down if know what I mean have faith are Leeds away.

13 Nov 2020 15:36:59
Elegantly booked leodis.
I don’t think he will learn. We were just too good and fit last year.
This year we face better quality.
So essentially we have to be better or fitter.
It’s a quandary. Love the man. Love the football and hesitant about who follows.

13 Nov 2020 15:57:32
It's very simple at the higher EPL level Bielsaball to be regularly successful needs QUALITY players 1 to 11 AND on the bench.

So Wigan YES we can moan about injuries because with injuries our smallish squad simply finds it much harder to cope in matchplay and in confidence with our bench full with U23 rookies who are simply NOT ready for the EPL.

Crucial absences of key players Rodrigo, KP, Llorente and Pablo is costing us as was clearly shown against Palace ( and Leicester)

13 Nov 2020 16:16:08
Aus I think we actually had the best defensive record last season it’s just that it’s a step up this season. Also with no crowds there have been many strange unexpected results more then usual. Apart from the Leicester game the matches we’ve conceded lots we actually been unfortunate to key in so many imo.
Enjoy your drink Aus and enjoy the season because it will be entertaining and it is an entertainment business after all.

13 Nov 2020 16:49:13
Hi Ausman, I think Bielsa teams have always played on the front foot mate, it seems to have been a trait of his since he managed Argentina.
Great to watch, but more often than not it comes at a cost.
Keegan is no Beilsa, but his Newcastle team played the game just the same, if they score three we will score four, definitely not healthy mate.
I think Leeds are a very good side, but defensively a bit frail for the premiership, as we also found out last season and nearly went down.
I have only seen Huddersfield once this season, against Bristol City, and lost 2-1, they looked quick on the break, same as Leeds, but that`s where it ended for me.
I would rather not comment on players and weaknesses, but I think Leeds should have enough and stay up.
Put money on them Aus, pay for your fare. 😂
Stay safe.

13 Nov 2020 17:02:03
To what impression are you giving to the players coming in for injured one's not good I say get behind um come ONNNNN.

13 Nov 2020 17:32:53
Thanks villa and all.
Ed pointed out we would struggle cause we gave ball
Away too much.
High press will Cost us if we don’t score first.
Maybe that’s what he has relied on. His arrogance thinking we will score first.

14 Nov 2020 07:10:14
are we seriously turning on Bielsa? Come on! He has turned sows ears into silk purses all over the park with our squad but even he has his limits.

14 Nov 2020 11:53:04
said this before many times and always got slaughtered

truth is belisa and pep and the likes are great coaches but not very good managers.

Belisa has a style/ a way and will not change, he will not learn, he will not adapt.

I said last year (again slaughtered for it) belisa has many greatnesses but also many weaknesses and we have to decide if the greatness outweighs the weaknesses

personally I prefer a good manager like fat sam, Dean Smith, Chris Wilde over a great coach like Pep. I feel the first get the best from his team to win and match the latter gets the best from his players, which makes for better football but not always better results

but at the moment I am behind belisa

as for why we concede again I have mentioned this

belisa said there is 47 ways to score, 39 ways to cross a ball, 76 ways to pass and 6 ways to defend. says it all

pep and belisa don't regonise defending as a thing, they do not care about set plays (city also useless on corners) .

They think a Dm should pass a ball rather than defend (playing klich there proved that. awful mistake) and then look at pep picking a defender who can pass over a defender who can tackle.

it is an arrogant ideal and it can produce a great result and great football but I think over the course of a career it will let you down. why pep ain't fit to button Fergousons jacket.

14 Nov 2020 20:38:38
Fat Sam? You can tell you’re from Bermondsey!



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