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10 Nov 2020 15:30:17
I for one welcome any fans from other clubs to join in our bantering site, it may make this site better getting views from other so minded football fan. VillaDave welcome to you, it reminds me when may years ago I found myself sitting in with villa fans and Leeds scored I jumped out of my seat forgetting where I was but they all just said good goal mate, I was welcome and that was a nice feeling, just how it should be, but it won't happen today two sets of fans enjoying a great game of football.

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10 Nov 2020 15:55:50
Whitey Any fans? I'm all for your concept generally but there'd have to be exclusions to the list. Personally I dislike with a passion fans as well as the entire club of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. They're not welcome here in my opinion.

10 Nov 2020 16:48:45
Add Derby, Villa and Forest to that list.

10 Nov 2020 16:51:13
Thank you Whiteman, we ain`t all bad mate, my son in law is a staunch Liverpool fan, and he loved going to Villa Park.
I value his choices, after all he picked our Daughter.
We have a Wolves fan who comes on our site, he got some stick at first, but he does bring up some good points that make sense, and make interesting reading.

A point I tried to make lower down appears to have been misunderstood
I said I think your next three games are crucial, I meant for team confidence, and not that they will define your season.

10 Nov 2020 17:14:43
George, I value your point of view, with what is going on in our world just because you don’t like a team or don’t support them shouldn’t have anything to do with the person, Villa actually sold me the tickets fully aware that I was a Leeds Utd fan, this wouldn’t happen today, they fully welcomed me as a person fantastic, I also did this at the FA cup at Chelsea, and West Ham again fully welcome this is a big wrong in the game today after all it’s only football we should be more like. Rugby fans all together have a pint in joy the game and banter .

10 Nov 2020 17:16:43
VillaDave fully agree mate fantastic results against the gunners by the way.

10 Nov 2020 23:24:52
Whitey Rugby is rugby. The violence is carried out on the pitch as a spectacle decreasing to virtually zero the need for fighting in the stands. Different sport breeding different fans. They sit together. Football more of a religion evoking memories of passion, loyalty and hate. More money in the game evoking jealousy. You always want separation in this instance. Personally, I won't let go of the Red Rose genocidal atrocities needlessly committed on Yorkshire folk all those centuries ago. I won't forget. Wrong side of Pennines can go do one for all I care. That's the way it is. If you want unity and peace in the game, call Rick Parry and ask him to be a shining beacon of light for all British fans. Yeah, didn't think so.

11 Nov 2020 06:29:32
George if you refer to the War of the Roses it wasn't Yorkshire vs Lancashire it was actually North vs South.

11 Nov 2020 09:14:26
Alf North v South?

have you been trippin?

War of tbe Roses was between the House of York and House of Lancaster.

11 Nov 2020 09:52:40
George agree different sport but there has been time when there is no difference, can’t and won’t agree that violence in football is part of our game sorry mate.

11 Nov 2020 15:43:52
George, your stand on events that took place 500 - 600 years ago is really sad to read mate.

12 Nov 2020 06:22:43
Yes Vid that's right but if you look at a map it covered most of the country not just Yorkshire and Lancashire as many people mistakenly believe. i'm pretty sure that Leeds itself was actually in an area that supported the house of Lancaster (the RED rose) despite us being in thw County of Yorkshire these days. Look it up mate its interesting stuff.

12 Nov 2020 06:23:36
so when you talk about the atrocities by the red rose George, you are referring to us.

12 Nov 2020 08:33:18
We are taking football not war, never to twoshould meet, you can see why the world we live in is in a xxxx xxx mess.



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