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18 Oct 2020 11:39:08
Spurts and Liverpuddle looking longingly at our England regular KP according to “ reports”

Bermo, have a word with Klopp and Jose please, we don’t want to sell our future captain


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18 Oct 2020 12:00:51
In sure bermo knows a coach at both clubs and can let them know how useless KP really is. Get bielsa to send him along to their training grounds, but wear his binoculars to draw attention to himself.

18 Oct 2020 13:51:36
Lazy journalism, if we listen to what the journo's have been saying over last 2 months we would have a 58 man squad.

18 Oct 2020 14:01:37
Lol. Brilliant 😉😁🤣Other Woody and Mezzer.

18 Oct 2020 14:35:30
said this before I don't know anyone at Liverpool but did meet with spurs chief scout in 2018 he said he saw leeds a lot I said not for phillips and he just laughed, I said its for Clarke ain't it. he said he thought he was a great player, few months later they signed clarke

now this was a couple of years ago, they might say KP has grown, they might of changed there scout. so they might genuinely be interested in Phillips however paper talk at the time said they was interested in phillips and at that time I know it simply was not true the scout laughed. genuinely laughed so unless they have changed there mind and done a 180 it is paper talk.

before anyone insults me got back through the post and you can see I said this months before it happened

before anyone has a pop at me and change the record boll""ks see my name has been mentioned and this is a reply not a start of thread

I would be delighted if we sold phillips to spurs or Liverpool (escpially Liverpool after what they have said) hopefully he goes for 40 million plus before he is found out.

great read on here. https:/ / motleedsnews. com/ fans-view/ overrated-bang-average-awful-many-intl-fans-destroy-leeds-player-display-on-sunday/

now phillips is in the spotlight he will be found out. not everyone has rose tinted glasses on for the Yorkshire Pirlo his lack of pace is enough to make him unsiuitable for the modern game. as one England fan said (in the article I posted) phillips was walked past by Belgium player meaning rice had to sprint and save phillips.

again time will tell, yes phillips now has four caps. in a poor England team that can't beat Denmark. when phillips does something in an England shirt fair play but come December phillips will be found out. put a fast man on him and you will take him out of the game and score. cos he is slow and can not under any circumstance defend. stick you stats where the sun doesn't shine. phillips is pony and soon the world will see it for what it is. unless phillips gets a bionic legs or learns the defensive position

im so bored of reading my name on here connected with phillips he is useless I know it and soon the world will all see it and then the Yorkshire Nora batty won't be worth 5 mill let alone 40.

18 Oct 2020 14:51:30
Is that tatt smarting!

18 Oct 2020 15:44:25
Oops rant alert 🤣😉.

18 Oct 2020 16:50:41
Always get a rant from me you want to watch my 25 minute video dissecting kp from this season with full video analysis on why kp is useless defensively. in my defence everyone who has watched it has agreed including Leeds staff apparently the Yorkshire pirlo himself would agree but then you can’t argue with facts over stats.

18 Oct 2020 17:10:04
Err what Berm? your 25 min KP video?!

Is it on YouTube 🤣?

You been in the boozer all day Berm? 😉 your round I believe Berm make mine a double good lad! 👍.

18 Oct 2020 19:08:35
Spurts bought clarke

We banked £8m and bought Poveda

Oh victor. you little star you.

18 Oct 2020 19:44:52
to be fair Clarke was a huge disappointment and shame for the lad as he showed amazing promise although fitness was always poor

yeah BV you know what I am like a dog with a bone, had enough of mates at football winding me up (after bloke I play with met KP due to advertising deal) then with the coach at club and final straw was mates brother in law who was a professional footballer at Millwall but is a huge leeds fan so I made a series of videos complete with analysis (and even arrows like sky sports cos im proper sad like that)

I can't upload onto youtube due to my very foul language and I have to behave now on social media due to upcoming film. but for me the whole 25 minutes can be best summed up by Fulham's second goal. it was quality and very easy for you all to look up

basically kp is in a 50/ 50 ball with Fulham midflieder of course he is beat to ball (due to slow pace) . Phillips then bounces off the player (cos he is weak on ball) then player then walks past Phillips (again phillips never recovers) and result Fulham player passes for the assist to there second goal

this is the most damming and easiest for all leeds fans to find and sums it up. the leeds fan who played for Millwall said one example so I sent another 25 minutes of similar things

Man City goal phillips not closing ball down then throwing a leg backwards to block like a seven year old school ball

phillips trying to chase the speedster Roberts for Wales then bringing him down for dangerous free kick

meliser amazing save against sheff Utd as phillips is hopelessly out of position, cuaght in no mans land and unable to have pace to make up for not knowing what he is doing for cross or marking the man

these are all very easy to find and very damming but of course leeds fans will not do this (they rather slate me) but when I send the video with me shouting and drawing lines. even the biggest leeds fans can not argue with the damming footage. I even give Alan hansan a run for his money.

18 Oct 2020 20:35:55
Is it just me or do most just read bermos first 3 words then scroll down. Think if you write 250 words you win the arguement. Just glazes my eyes over to be honest!

18 Oct 2020 21:12:42

1) you could always simply reshoot this video either

not swearing
or muting the swear words

then load it onto YouTube hopefully next to the other videos in the section labelled COMEDY 🤣 ( just joshing with you😉 )

2) The real crux of the matter for me is why are you appear to be the only person in the world who thinks KP is so Carp

Bielsa and everyone else thinks not

# endangered species Berm 😉.

19 Oct 2020 04:33:41
Tbh I'm not a fan of Phillips either at least not defensively (the points above are accurate bit I would also say Cooper was hugely culpable for the citeh goal as well) and fear he wil cost us this season. However, I can see the role that he plays for us offensively (as BW has also pointed out previously) and really, really hope he will grow and adapt ans do brilliantly for us (same with Cooper) so I am just seeing what happens and how things go. I figure Bielsa knows better than I do.

19 Oct 2020 09:45:36
to be fair BV I have laid out the points to watch very clearly and only picked the very easy ones to find so just go look and see and tell me I am wrong? in the time it takes people to reply they could look up 2nd Fulham goal, mielsier wonder save, city goal and Wales free kick. There are 100's but I have picked the ones that are so easy to find because I am desperate for you all to watch them and say where exactly I am wrong?

I find it odd that people haven't because they want to argue one here but can't spend five minutes of there lives to look at them videos and say your wrong Bermondsey. but i'm not I am 100% accurate Phillips is a huge defensive libaility

same with messer loves to comment, take the piss, be rude etc. can't read a reply (but then reads my others ones which are longer) but mezzer despite all his comments towards me can't spend five minutes watching the club he loves and the player he adores?

All seems very odd to me. so leeds fans your challenge if you choose to accept it is. watch the sections I pointed out and tell me how phillips is not a complete waste of space in them all. better off not on the pitch in ever single video I have pointed out. yes that bad. go on watch them. say where I am wrong in them videos of phillips the Yorkshire Pirlo looking like a right mug

now getting back to alf I agree. reading the game offensively, finding that pass, and hitting a wonder pass phillips is quality second maybe only to de buyne and silva in recent prem years. I love him for that. but you lot talk about his defensive qualities. when it is very obvious to anyone he ain't got none

again it will take you five minutes to shut me up. go watch the videos. espically Fulham's second goal. go watch that and tell me phillips ain't league 1 defensively?



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