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15 Oct 2020 18:27:31
Gary Neville latest bs spouting on that KP would have learnt more in the past 4 to 6 weeks playing for England under Southgate

than he would have learnt in the last 4 to 6 years ( including 2 years of Bielsa )

Really Gary?! Seriously?!

God knows why channels Sky Sports and BT Sports employ the likes of footballing ' genuises' Neville, Keane, and Rio etc

I do think that Jamie Carragher is a decent / good football analyst though.

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15 Oct 2020 19:23:00
He didn’t quite say that though did he? He said he’d of learnt more in the last 4-6 weeks playing in the premier league and international level, than he would’ve in his last 46 years in championship. Playing for England and coping well, even once maguire got sent off, plus he mentions the City game too. I hate to say it, but Neville isn’t too bad a pundit, compared to the other dross we’ve seen in the past.

15 Oct 2020 19:48:43
I don’t think Neville would spit at a family though?
Ok he can be a bit of a twit but he’s not the worst.

15 Oct 2020 20:02:06
Ok dlLUFC4 slight amendment

But I don't think KP would have learnt a huge amount from a
couple of international games against Wales and Denmark .
And he would have learnt nothing new or of use from Southgate that he didn't already know from the master Marcelo Bielsa.

Liverpool and City games were of course challenging to be fair.

15 Oct 2020 20:17:18
Think he ment by playing against the likes of Erickson and de bryne baz.

15 Oct 2020 21:20:15
yeah I didn't see this as a slur on leeds or belisa just saying the step up in class or the prem, training in an England camp with Kane etc would be a good learning experience. I think neville meant well and can see what he is saying even if I can understand why many wouldn't agree.

16 Oct 2020 10:46:00
Garrahger spits on kids.

16 Oct 2020 12:07:53
Yes Corky. and Wex that spitting incident was indeed utterly deplorable and Carragher can consider himself very fortunate indeed he was not dismissed. I was surprised he wasn't.

I was referring in my post to solely his football punditry knowledge and analysis in which he is " decent ( quite good) " to good . better than most of the other ex footballers" pundits"

16 Oct 2020 20:25:40
Just to add to the Neville debate. his latest stance, stating that football authorities aren’t fit to run the game fairly, and the game should be independently run, is spot on, and goes to show how much he both knows, but also cares about the game at every level. Hated him as a player, but grown to like him as a pundit, as well as an ambassador for the good of the game!

16 Oct 2020 21:29:02
Ha Brighty ' Ambassador lol 🤣 ' Neville transparent stance is in essence purely wanting more money to reach the lower leagues.

The cynic in me would say that Neville would of course naturally be wanting more money reaching the lower leagues as he has such a huge vested interest as co owner of lower league Salford.

If he wasnt co owner of Salford and say instead U18 coach at Man U would he still have this stance and be making it known to the media : I very much doubt it!

As for the tactical ' genius ' Gary Neville he failed miserably as a coach at Valencia and just with his brother Phil, Keano, Shearer even Souness these failed coaches/ managers find themselves as ' pundits ' in default.

17 Oct 2020 06:33:25
I have to agree with Baz here - Neville wouldn't do anything that wasn't in his own best interests and he is another of those who excells at telling people what to do but is a proven failure at actually doing it. It was amusing to hear him lament about how Rodrigo wouldn't play well for him when he was a manager at Valencia when the truth is probably that his management was useless.

Those who can coach. Those who can't become pundits.

17 Oct 2020 08:00:43
Never said owt about him tactically or manageriallly. he’s gash at both, as we all know, but he’s a good pundit, outspoken, and is actively seeking to support the game down to grass roots level, which is where it all started for all of us who played or coached? He could have pushed to red Shirt agenda!?

17 Oct 2020 13:01:18
Brighty you are still missing the point

Neville simply wouldn't want to push the Man U agenda as he has such a vested finicial interest in pushing his own lower league agenda as co owner of Salford.



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