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09 Oct 2020 09:37:43
got slaughtered by cork for lying on a post saying kp has made most tackles this season. which is incorrect. ayling is top of the charts in the league although to be fair phillips and Dallas ain't far behind.

some people just love making stuff up to prove a point

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09 Oct 2020 11:26:46
It said midfielder Bermo. Now wind yer neck in and pipe down. Like another poster said last night, every time I read your posts, I get angry, as it’s quite clearly red wine based BS, and mostly ignorant rants. Frankly, you’re making this page unreadable at the moment.

09 Oct 2020 11:27:58
Berm I very rarely agree with Cork BUT his other posters criticisms below of your posts about the comments of KP by the alleged Leeds coach you claim are SPOT ON. YOU WENT TOO FA

I strongly defend the right for posters to CRITICIZE but surely even you must realise that your negative specific pretty much very similar l KP obsessive posts offer nothing new at all for us to digest ; we THOROUGHLY know your point of view on KP and you regurgitating it again and again it eventually becomes a tad tedious and pointless.

09 Oct 2020 13:00:12
I agree with you bright and BV and to be honest I am quite happy to leave it be. however when I get constant posts on here goading me into a reply. I will reply.

look over last however many pages on this site. I have not once started a KP post because I know I am right and I know you lot know what I think and in time I know I will be proven right

but when I get here BW. KP Bol""cks from people why would I not reply? It is tedious. it is pointless. but that's how I feel every time I read a BW post about a tat on my bum or here BW KP is the best defensive mid in the world. I am happy to leave it but i'm not happy to ignore others.

09 Oct 2020 15:58:20
Maybe kp hairstyle gets him up.
I don’t know.
He drives me mad tbh. So boringly critical of kp
I have to admit
He ain’t that smart. And the analysis of Leeds playing system was pretty smart and impressive in which berm is neither.
He bores me now. He used to be interesting. But he has a point.
Bw. You only feel the need to defend because you are mega critical.
Tone down and posters will tone down.
In the past I have slagged off Bamford and now I don’t because he is doing his job. Kp plays for England. Either everybody else is rubbish or maybe he is ok.

I agree Canada. If it’s true. Sack the ****er whoever he is.

09 Oct 2020 16:33:18
Just don't make it personal that's the number one rule for all .

We all see it differently and two people can come away from the same game with a different view.

KP, Tyler, Coops and Dallas all did well last night and the common factor in all this is Bielsa's coaching, Mid table championship players to doing well on international stage.

All these players have improved dramatically over the time the have been with Bielsa and while weaknesses in their game may have been more apparent a couple of seasons ago they are now greatly improved and this goes from KP as well.

09 Oct 2020 17:09:20
Agree leeds
We have rubbish loads of International’s.
Good news.
Who cares.
Every international is worth $10 mill more.

09 Oct 2020 17:12:12
Well said 70. And I apologise if my post sounded personal. Never my intention Bermo. ALAW.

09 Oct 2020 17:43:43
Can’t be a Leeds fan, seems that the most common statement made on here by so called Leeds fanS if you disagree with there point, so don’t give it the time of day Bermondsey white22.

09 Oct 2020 18:54:14
Everyone can have an opinion on a player but if you air it publicly expect a reaction

That’s what banter forums are about, no ones questioning club loyalty

Facts are

A certain player was described as “ essential to get promotion “ so wasn’t sold to AV for £25m ( I suspect AV did some research

The person saying that knows his stuff ( that’s generally accepted throughout the game as fact )

So maybe, just maybe you can be wrong about a player

I certainly was about Costa, what a player he looks to be now. First half of the season I couldn’t see it. I was wrong

See, it’s easy

Anyway, back to our boy. Allied to the fact the national team manager likes him and picked him before he’d had more than a couple of games in the premiership, that he generally gets plaudits from pretty much every pundit

I’d say we have a player to be very proud of anc one that’s still improving whatever people consider his role to be

He’s also a credit to his family and the club.

09 Oct 2020 21:09:57
no offence taken but thank you for the apology it is appreciated but not needed but still thank you

and thank you Aus as that means I am either a smart impressive liar or an honest idiot. and I will take either


10 Oct 2020 06:05:16
Guys, on a final note

Can I just say I have never been critical of Phillip's. I have never been critical of Costa. I have never been critical of Bamford

And by the start we have had this season I think it proves me the master strategist over every other poster here.

(Lmao, that paragraph above is only a joke to lighten the mood.
It is true I am hyper positive in my hot tub of hope, and at this moment in time it seems my optimism is well founded but I can not claim to be " in the know" in any way, shape or form. I am just stupidly optimistic. so in Bermo's case he is massively negative, doesn't mean he supports Leeds any less than me and there will come a time when his negative opinion of a player will be more accurate than mine is. I am just enjoying my moment in the sun)

10 Oct 2020 07:54:58
There are Leeda players I rate, and there are Leeds players I don't. I will have a go out of frustration and criticise players when they don't do well or I personally don't think they should be in the team but I bow to the much much much greater wisdom of Bielsa and while we are getting results can't really complain too much. Players can learn and grow as well so a player who isn't performing one day can be a world beater the next. In Bielsa and the team we trust. ALAW MOT.

10 Oct 2020 08:01:14
We must share the same tun axe.

10 Oct 2020 12:51:51

10 Oct 2020 15:14:53
I meant I was massively critical of Costa ( albeit privately)

Turns out he’s a baller and will get even better.

10 Oct 2020 21:02:14
Woody I also was critical of Helder and I was totally wrong, the lad has really impressed me since we re-started, constantly looking for the ball + looking very comfortable on it so helder pie + pint on me when I finally get see you again pal 👍Alaw.



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