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08 Oct 2020 15:33:55
Just read another Stat, as you do.
Kalvin has made more successful tackles than any other midfielder in the PL so far this season. It's his job, don't ya know!

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08 Oct 2020 18:50:04
Last bit sounded like berm lmao.

08 Oct 2020 19:48:07
funny enough was talking about this with a coach at leeds united. sent him a 15 video link via what's app (happy to send to anyone on here) explaining in full detail why he was useless. his reply was very very interesting.

08 Oct 2020 20:24:10
on that note anyone watching the England game. for many Roberts is the weak link in leeds team yet her just roasted Phillips to win a free kick. if only Roberts was playing the England international every week if would perhaps look at lot better. but then as the leeds coach said that is to be expected from phillips. old Bermondsey loves being right and when beslia and even phillips agree with me I guess it is hard to argue otherwise.

08 Oct 2020 21:36:58
Which Leeds coach are you talking about Bermo?
Personally I believe you are talking through your.

08 Oct 2020 21:58:52
It came about from my mate who i play football with who is in commercial deals with Phillips. Some how he is taking to a coach (my mate was on Fulham books as a teenager so that might be the link) . anyway he put me in a what’s app with a coach at Leeds thinking I would bottle it but being me I sent a number I’d video analysis and insisted he passed them onto Phillips and got the following reply

No need to pass onto Phillips as kal himself would agree 100% with your spot on and insightful analysis. The trouble you have made like many Leeds fans is assume kal is a defensive player. Belisa plays Phillips in his position despite kal being one of the weakest defenders in Leeds squad. Belisa does not expect or want Phillips to win the ball that is not kals game. Belisa thinks the most important position to hurt players in football is in our own third as the opposition team is not set up, we have the ball more often and sooner in the play and kal has more space and options to play the ball.

I thought this was genius and never thought of football like that, that’s why belisa is a manager and I ain’t

We have spoken since and he said belisa only kept Klich as he was the only player with the mobility and engine to cover and make up for kalvin day libiatiy in defence and that everyone was shocked at how good Klich has been. But Klich was only kept for his engine and as kal is never a defender

He also said he subbed kal in first half and was diss appointed with kal in first seasons as he was trying to play like an English dm as belisa doesn’t want that otherwise he wouldn’t play Phillips he sees Phillips as a Deep lying zidand rather than batty but now Phillips knows he can’t defend and knows that ain’t his job

When I mentioned that ot costs us he agreed and said everyone knows this Klich is there to protect Phillips along with Ayling who apparently Phillips is told to stay closer to for help (not noticed that personally but interesting to hear) and belisa has stats saying it will costs us goals but overall help us score more than it costs us

So in but she’ll what I have said all along I was just looking at game wrong or different way

For those doubting I m not naming names but feel free to ask For my number and I’m happy to screen shot you these convos as proof but I ask you not to share or repost out of respect for person I’ve been talking to as he is nice and invited me down to watch lads train when the virus ducks off.

08 Oct 2020 22:20:25
Well bright you are obviously talking sh. Phillips is the top tackler in league my arse. Bermo and his Fulham mate who knows a Leeds coach who knows the cleaner who got sacked by Cellino knows it.

08 Oct 2020 22:35:36
You mean you don’t believe cork. well I
Am flattered if you think I could make up that clever response and my knowledge of football is that good and go against my core beliefs again flattered maybe I should be a coach.

08 Oct 2020 23:04:06
so you're saying Kal is not a dm but a passing maestro's? does this mean you like Kal now Bermo or you still don't like him?

08 Oct 2020 23:09:13
Berm how many times have I told you on here that a DMs role is not to tackle?
I've lost count but a lot more than your coaching contact!
Even if you do have a true contact, he's very unprofessional discussing anything with anyone outside the club, very disappointing if true.

08 Oct 2020 23:15:16
Bermo, every time I read your posts it puts me in a bad mood, say something positive about our Kalvin for once. It’s become, mundane, boring, and repetitive, like a stuck record mate.

09 Oct 2020 06:40:04
What a crock, BSwhite!

09 Oct 2020 07:53:00
alf i have to be honest after it has made me re-look at the way we play

my argument has always been play him up top where he can hurt people and won't cost us goal, but belisa thinks you hurt teams more playing deeper with a range of passing which makes sense I guess so that has made me appreciate him more, although I have always said he is world class at finding and excituing a pass

Personally I still wouldn't play him as I like my goal keepers to save the ball rather than be able to pass and I like my dms to tackle and not be 'one of the weakest defenders in the squad' as mentioned but belisa is doing well so I can not argue

as for my boring post depressing you di and putting you in a bad mood don't read them. I didn't start this thread just replied to stats about him being good at tackling when I have been told no one at leeds thinks he can tackle and that ain't he role. to the point belisa subbed him in the first half when he tried to tackle and boss the game, he don't boss the game, he can't he hurts people with long range passing and keeping the ball (which I think he is world class at)

not sure it is unprofessional for people in football to talk about football, I have met 100's of footballers through my work with the FA, prem league and EFL and all they do is talk about football past and present

so I will leave it be forever on here, but I will respond to any pi"" taking comments or idiot comments on KP being a DM he is not a Dm he is useless at it, by his own admission apparently, no one who knows football thinks he can defend he is basically a Zidane or modric but plays in front of back four. not to protect back four. he can't do that (klich does) but so when he gets the ball he hurts team while they are least prepared. which makes sense and helps me sleep at night

he also think sjiuik is very close to the first team and thinks KP might get dropped is klich was injured as KP without klich would be a worry apparently.

09 Oct 2020 08:16:09
Bermo, if the story is true, you come across as an unpleasant bully, and have gone from some comments on here much further to creating videos saying how bad somebody is then doing what you can you get that person to see it.

If the story isn’t true (which I believe is the case) you’re wasting everybody’s time with a load of BS.

Either way, please stop.

09 Oct 2020 08:31:03
Got to agree with CanadaWhite - especially the last bit about it being unprofessional of the coach and - bluntly - naive of Bermo. I always read the Bermo posts with interest (and a pinch of salt) , but this one is a bit too much, not that I don't believe you, its more that I can't believe you need the attention. M-O-T.

09 Oct 2020 09:13:17
He’s one of our own, Alvin Philips . he’s one of our own ALAW.

09 Oct 2020 11:20:45
Re read the post. It says Midfielder. I would expect a defender to have made more tackles strangely. Midfielder. Top tackling midfielder. Mid feckin fielder. Most tackles by a M I D F I E L D E R.

09 Oct 2020 13:02:56
sorry bright I fully apologise I am dyslixic and read that wrong. fully happy to hold hands up and apologise.

09 Oct 2020 13:05:41
and as for bully I think that is bit strong. the lad is a pro. he should take it, turns out apparently he would agree to an extent. I got a film coming out soon if people don't like it that is up to them. if you put yourself in that position you can be shot down. as a leeds fan I think I can state my case. as long as people buy my film and don't pirate download it they can slate away. as like phillips you get paid you are a professional and professionals can be ciriticiesed comes with the territory. most reviews for my shows have been 5 star but also had a few 1 star reviews as well. which I then have to chose to ignore or learn and grow from. I am certainly not a bully.

09 Oct 2020 17:19:15
Does this coach speak spanish? Bielsa's English has improved!

09 Oct 2020 21:12:06
funny enough I asked him about that. belisa English is good and he speaks in both spanish and English depending on who he talking to. he is painfully shy which is why he is not confident to speak English to media. aprrently he is or at least was very reluctant to speak to media before/ after every game and it nearly put him off the job before he joined. thank god they talked him round.



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