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08 Oct 2020 08:36:24
The idea of lockdown was to stop NHS getting overrun. Now, rates are as high as part of lockdown but deaths are NOT - we know who it affects and should protect the vulnerable.

Get on with it! I've lost friends in car accidents but still drive, have known alcoholics die of Liver failure - but oh yes I still enjoy a drink or three. We've all lost people we love in all different ways, maybe we should set speed limit on motorway to 20mph to protect people.

Now guess where I stand on C.V. and lockdowns!

{Ed033's Note - If people start communicating with each other using the type of info on our conspiracy site, then more people can 'wake up'.

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08 Oct 2020 09:15:38
Excellent post 1970 2- 5 fully agree and Ed033 indeed!

08 Oct 2020 09:37:55
Completely agree 70, and ed.
Problem is ed, too many people listen and believe the ever so educated Lorraine Kelly in a morning.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, the medical cartel have a 'vaccine' agenda and the government and mainstream media are all pushing the medical cartel's agenda.

08 Oct 2020 12:39:29
the conspiracy site is a great read and very informative for anyone who hasn't visited yet.

08 Oct 2020 12:44:01
So every government in the world is on the same agenda, sure I buy that, no wonder rates are so high over there!

08 Oct 2020 13:33:29
Spot on canada, how people believe that nearly every government in the world is in on this ( vaccine charade ) is actually scary . Way way too many episodes of the x files watched,

08 Oct 2020 13:40:38
Agree cw and cc
Just weird
But each to their own.

08 Oct 2020 15:27:18
It is not every government in the world in on it. It is the advice they are getting from their medical experts passed down from above. Big pharma is running the show trying to con everyone into believing we all need to take a vaccine, worldwide, that's a lot of money.

Look at the figures for flu deaths year on year and you all get a vaccine every year to protect you. No figures on how many die of the vaccine, which a percentage do, or have serious adverse effects. I seriously think there is another agenda at work here and it is not good.

Strange every time the worlds economies are doing well and people are escaping poverty something comes along to destroy it whether it is financial or health related. If we have drugs now that can fight the virus, which we have, that sort of makes a vaccine irrelevant but you watch the WHO and big pharma push for mandatory vaccination, that's the next stage, Wonder which billionaires have a big stakes in the big pharma.

08 Oct 2020 16:05:37
I’m more with Canada, Chris Chris and Aus on this one. I agree that you should keep an open mind on all you read and hear in the press and media but that includes a lot of the conspiracy posts as well. Just as Not believing the mainstream media doesn’t make you mad, not believing some of the conspiracy posts doesn’t make you a sheep either. Keep an open mind and be critical and be tolerant of other people’s opinions.

08 Oct 2020 21:26:07
All i can say is lock downs do not work, you can not stop a virus from running its course but we still have lock downs as the only option, why. I have worked straight through never worn a mask unless shopping, which i did a lot of. I have washed my hands regularly, used sanitizer and kept my home and work area clean. Its a virus that's how you avoid it and stay safe, Staying in your home will not stop it. For me a lot of the measures taken are nonsense. More deaths will follow but not from the virus.

08 Oct 2020 21:36:06
I'm singing from the same hymn sheet big.

08 Oct 2020 23:11:40
Wrong BigE lockdowns work.
New Brunswick in Canada where I am locked down at the first case. No body who doesn't live or work here allowed in (even if you owned a second home) .
We have had 2 deaths to date.



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