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04 Oct 2020 10:50:43
Very happy chappy this morning . So proud of this team and what a manager! I will ignore the three or four average individual performances as we went toe to toe with one of the most expensively assembled club sides in history . MB's first two subs were bang on the money . Rodders was electric . Love how he comes deep to dictate play and one turn and 40 yard pass out of our penalty area to the right flank was mesmerising. Villa can keep Watkins! Already 7 points clear of relegation and looking upwards . We finish the window right and bag Raphinha and a centre mid and ideally move on Kiko for a safer pair of hands and with Bielsa anything is possible . Let's dare to dream .

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04 Oct 2020 11:43:22
Hang on RHC it was only a week or so ago that you stated on this site that Rodrigo was an 'extremely poor ' signing 🤣😉 what happened?

04 Oct 2020 12:06:47
I think George said that didn't he Vid?

04 Oct 2020 12:31:07
Alf it was DEFINITELY RHC also

I stated in reply to RHC post that perhaps he should get a Rodrigo and Koch tattoo on his back side if he was proved wrong ( a la Berm) 🥴🤣😉.

04 Oct 2020 12:50:14
big difference BV Rodrigo and koch look to be imporving hence being wrong. for the sake of harmony I left KP out of my posts yesterday but I after watching Fulham and Man City game. i'm pretty confident KP will not be proving me wrong by a long shot

also for any doubters watch back the highlights of the shelf Utd game. wtach the clip of Meiliers first world class save. then go back and watch it again. ignore the shot and the save and play my fav game. what is Phillips doing. its very funny to watch. unless your a leeds fan. or KP.

04 Oct 2020 13:09:13
Alf Didn't say he was extremely poor but did question and criticize his signing and compared against the development and treatment of Edmondson.

I said he didn't appear to be a good percentage purchase in terms of the money. I also said while a good player, wasn't sure he'd be good for us and cited the pace of the (not so new) English game in the PL.

I'm not backtracking, said what I said but didn't say he was "extremely poor". He certainly played well second half against Citeh but still too early to judge. He is also still a sub.

I hope he does well and proves me and RHC wrong. Unsure that RHC's bashing of him reached Berm KP levels. Fans are allowed to be wrong, game of opinions.

04 Oct 2020 13:24:11
Baz I admit I questioned the Rodders signing and said I would have preferred OW . I just didn’t think given his stats he was what we needed as a first choice number nine . But he clearly has the skills to make an impact and help the team . Only worry is if Bamford’s goals dry up or he gets injured, whether Rodrigo can lead the line in this league .

04 Oct 2020 13:26:18
nothing has ever or will ever reach my bashing of KP. which has even got to the man himself

a mate I play football with is working with the media company who has signed KP for some advertising deal and my mate has been in a number of contract talks with Phillips and told him about me. phillips just laughed and said he might even come down for a kick about with me and my mates which would be a real privilege.

Apparently he grew up five minutes away from er and just brought a new house 8 minutes away. proper leeds through and through and when Jack Grelish (who Phillips is really good mates with) tired to broker a deal and get phillips more money it very nearly happened but he couldn't leave leeds. love this story

still think he is the slowest player in professional football and worst defensive midfielder ever. although his set pieces are quality the corner that went straight out for a goal kick yesterday was worthy of the name Pirlo. maybe old BW has got in his head!

04 Oct 2020 14:20:49
Fair comment RHC
I would have loved us to have OW as well as Rodders and Bambam too.

04 Oct 2020 15:11:32
Berm WOW! That's a very interesting post of yours. First off, I believe you. Second, my respect for you higher for disclosing. My question to you is now that you know KP is aware of your opinion, doesn't it make you feel like you should stop? I know you say KP laughed it off but you never know how a person is feeling inside. You're right he's no Batty and does lack mobility at times but with the increased speed and physicality the game has seen the last few years, it's a much harder position to excel in. Can't tell you what to do, but I think you ought to relent now. Like it or not, he's an England international and he's possibly going to meet up with you according to your mate which is very noble of him. KP is a very nice guy. I think he's earned a reduction in insults.

04 Oct 2020 18:37:34
Never George you get paid to play., you wear the shirt you represent the team. you live or die by performances. same with me if you buy my film or ticket to my show you have the right to slate it.

He is useless, remains useless and I have started a selection of videos to show him if by chance we do meet which I shall watch with him and talk him through and love to hear what he thinks. if he knows football he won’t have an answer. I sent it to my mate to show him with full Bermondsey analysis

Play better or I shall continue. if a pro can’t take it, they are not a pro.

04 Oct 2020 19:18:16
Berm why does KP often look like the culprit when things don't go well?
Because he's doing the job of 3 players.

Leeds style is to attack in numbers which leaves us vulnerable to the quick counter.
Our front 5 plus often at least 1 full back are in the opposition 20 for half the game leaving limited numbers back.
KPs job is when they counter he has to slow their play down to allow reinforcements back.

His positioning allows this to work and allows our system to thrive. Without him it won't work and very few can replace him (as we see almost every time he is out) . If he had pace hed be incredible, he hasn't and sometimes gets caught out for it.
Bielsa knows a lot more than you or I ever will so trust him to know who's the best for that role.

04 Oct 2020 20:10:50
Why would a professional footballer working under Marcelo. Want too even consider what you have too say about what way he’s told too play. give it a rest. He’s the professional not you. He’s plays for England not you. Everyone has an opinion bermo. But yours is wrong mate. Bet you he’s not sleeping well
At night with how bad he’s playing. 🤣😂⚽️💙💛💙💛💙.

04 Oct 2020 20:26:48
batts I never said he would give a flying fkuc what I said and credit to him, any professional that's listens to a fan ain't worth a rub. I always say that when people say fans shoulndt give stick and it can affect them etc. its waters off a ducks back and so it should be

canada he ain't doing the job of three people klich is. klich is scoring one end and then defending the other. I just hope he don't get a back injury carrying a 14 stone sack of Siht that is KP

as for missing him. no we didn't we won five out of five with stuijk playing and I don't think it will be long before he is taking up's place.

as for England please its so boring. roque jr played many times for the best country in the world. he still gets stick

Dave nugent, Paul konkeysky. I've done this list before. playing for England is not a seal of approval for being a good player. playing well is. and let's be honest he ain't been playing well so far this season.



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