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15 Sep 2020 09:57:10
Need a:

A) CB as we lack depth
B) full time left back
C) experienced reliable prem-class goalie
D) Rodrigo De Paul

Think Struijk and Meslier have a lot of promise but need more bedding in. Dallas is a great utility guy. Pablo is good for 62 mins/ against most non-top-six clubs but at 35 we need to have a starter. And I think Koch will be useful.

The issue is depth. and about a month more training under Bielsa.

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15 Sep 2020 11:38:11
I am going to get slaughtered for this and rightly so as I am angry at myself for thinking it but. pablo is not good for 62 minutes against non-six clubs. saturday was only was game but he was so off the pace I felt embraced watching such a great player. maybe our best player last year be unable to affect the game. chasing after balls he was never going to get and having to slide tackle in a vain attempt to hold on to a pass.

Out of love of pablo I hope we sell him to a top championship club so he can have one more season as a god and match winner rather than huffing like an old man in the prem. and I say this out of love and respect

agree with the rest of your post though.

15 Sep 2020 12:17:33
Give over Berm about selling Pablo
It's a ridiculous suggestion, against the vast majority of EPL clubs, Pablo at the very least would be a very good impact sub and probably should still start.

Hold your horses cowboy and judge him over the next 10 games before making your latest shock jock type posts 😉.

15 Sep 2020 13:09:53
Think you'll all find rodrigo can do both pablo's and bamfords jobs. Don't be surprised to see much more of rodrigo than pablo this season. Roberts, bogusz (possibly de paul) the same. Think restricting pablos playing time will be best for us all. We'll get the best from him in a 40/ 30/ 20 minute cameo, and it will be a great send off campaign.

15 Sep 2020 13:26:27
Sell Pablo Hernandez NO,
This season will be his last (I believe) regardless of how long his contract is, he deserves to have this season and end his career in Enland with us, before going back to spain to his boyhood team which I believe he has invested in. Whatever role Pablo ends up doing back in Spain, I hope he is successful.
He may be only a bit part player this season but I guarantee he will play his part, pablo is a good pro and will be the first to admit to bielsa if he's not up to it.

15 Sep 2020 15:44:50
I can't see us getting anything if we sell Pablo as he is so close to the end of his career and I also think he will play a part even if just off the bench. As one of the few with EPL experience as well he will be invaluable to the other lads.

15 Sep 2020 16:41:39
Pablo won’t be sold to any club this year and he will play and be effective against many clubs in the premiership!

If that doesn’t happen I’ll happily tattoo” Bermondsey is the Millwall Shakespeare “ on my not inconsiderable left buttock!

Or then again perhaps I won’t!

15 Sep 2020 18:23:29
Berm you must be proud of yourself, you did a whole post without slagging Philips off!

15 Sep 2020 19:21:19
Totally agreed Spanish
touche Martyn lol

I feel uber confident that King Pablo 💜 will continue to play his important role with another good season at Leeds United with again his vital quota of goals and assists.

My prediction for Pablo 7 goals and 8 assists only a bit less than previous season

Berm then you can get a Pablo tattoo to complement your KP tattoo on the other cheek😉.

15 Sep 2020 19:40:15
listen I love pablo but for him I think he should go

who knows how he will do but he could be a footnote at Leeds, maybe play few minutes get a goal maybe four assists if that. or go to championship and be a god like he was last year and be responsible for getting another team promoted

if I was pablo I think I would rather play more lower down but then that is a personal choice

and yes matin I was proud of my post without slagging phillips but let's be honest between klitch having a 35 year old god (but slow god) and the useless slower than my dead nan phillips behind him. what chance does he have. pace is so important in modern game and with pablo and phillips we do not have enough of it and it will cost us

again I want to state my love for pablo and how good he is and out of this respect maybe he should play a bigger role at a smaller club?

Bv I hope and pray you are right I would love to cheer on pablo prem assists and goals. just not sure there will be that many of them. where as championship he would still be one of the best players in league.

15 Sep 2020 19:59:22
sorry one more thing to consider. any minutes pablo plays he is taking minutes off of Shacks, Tyler maybe, stujik Povda or Rodrigo

now shacks, povada and stuijk are three of the most exciting players I have seen at Leeds for years and the future, Tyler is also good with promise and Rodrigo is our record signing. do we need pablo or is his time better spent being a true hero at another club rather than footnote at leeds

and again all this is said with the upmost respect

beradi I respected as a person but useless player, phillips I respect as a person but useless player. pablo I have the upmost respect for as a player and a person

bit like Mervin day got us up and sat on bench (behind the god lukic) I read he regretted not leaving to play first team football. hate to read pablo say this in few years time

again just a thought not saying I am right (like I am about phillips)

15 Sep 2020 22:45:05
Bermo, Pablo is happy in Leeds, his family are here with him and his son plays for an academy side. He like KP also does a lot of work in the local community. He has no need to go anywhere else. As Messer quite rightly says, his hope is to go back to Castellón and finish his career with them. It’s the club he started with, that he has invested in and where his father is involved. They were promoted to la liga 2 this year, so if they can hold that or better it, then next summer might work. He is a great example for the younger players and has great relationships with the other players and club staff. We might well use him less on match days but his influence within the club will still be considerable. I actually feel that he might be torn between returning to Castellón and continuing to be involved in Leeds in a coaching capacity, if that chance comes up. But that might come down to timing and where he feels he can still contribute as a player.

15 Sep 2020 23:00:37
If we sold everyone who had one poor game we'd have gone through full teams of players quicker than we used to go through managers.
Pablo is still good enough, yes may not last a full game but will do enough to warrant a place.

16 Sep 2020 02:30:49
Berm Are you aiming for a Pablo tattoo too?

16 Sep 2020 07:54:05
It’s now law to add “ England international “ as a precursor to any mention of premiership footballer Kalvin Phillips

This should be used at all times, without fail.

Feel free to add anyone that claimed we would never achieve promotion with England international and premiership footballer Kalvin Phillips playing a leading role were proved wrong

As they were claiming promotion could not be achieved with Patrick Bamford leading the line

Bielsa, knew better.

16 Sep 2020 10:18:51
Nice one OW.

16 Sep 2020 10:32:11
Pal I tattoo too george? He hasn’t got the bottle to stick to his work and get the Philips one done. Your welcome to prove me wrong berm!

16 Sep 2020 11:38:32
Pablo that should read.

16 Sep 2020 12:50:16
for the record I never slated Bamford always been a fan and think he is wrongly slated by many. I even got a bet for Bamford to score 15 goals plus with a mate as I think he will do better in prem than championship

as for the tattoo yes I have of course bottled it with work and my pure hatred of tats I never had any intention of going through with that one. oh dear I am not a man of my word. never mind

anyone on here want to take me up and get a tat of me with the oricle underneath if in six months time Phillips has been found out in the prem for the useless sack of S""t that he is? i'm even willing to pay for it.

16 Sep 2020 12:55:38
Martin, spot on! Bermo is all two quick to make more sensational posts about chucking Pablo out but no mention of the Bermondsey buttock and the pledged tattoo! Does he think we’re going to forget!



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