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12 Sep 2020 19:42:07
What a shame. Played really well but let down by a bit of sloppiness for the penalty at the end. First penalty - not really. We do lack depth though. Didn't think I would be saying it but at 3-3 we would have been better with Bamford on the pitch. He gave us an out ball to relieve the pressure. Great game to watch but I think Bielsa would be thinking what he has to do to tighten things up ma bit.

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12 Sep 2020 19:47:07
sadly I don't think belisa will tighten it up in any way. we have always been poor at high balls and set plays and will we bring in a another Cb, probably not

and I know i'm going to get slaughted but its true the only other way we can tighten up is dropping Phillips. world class passing and amazing assist but he just can not defend. as carra said in commentary. its odd to bring koch out to firmino rather than Phillips drop back. firmono then run past Phillips three times like he wasn't there and we know why belisa did that.

how do we improve. we can really attack and play amazing football but I just pray poor set plays and having a class passer who can not run or defend playing DM doesn't cost us our place in prem because we deserve better.

12 Sep 2020 19:52:33
Agree, we was better with Bamford up front.

12 Sep 2020 20:00:16
We scored 3 good goals, gave it a go and can hold our heads high as we deserve to be in this league. Nice to see Bielsa isn't happy with that result, as it bodes well moving forward. hopefully we will strengthen in the next few weeks. was a hard game to throw Koch in to, before he gets slated, let's remember Rio's debut for us. Think it was a defeat at Leicester if my memory is correct and he went on to be a great signing.

12 Sep 2020 20:05:09
And have you had your KP tattoo Bermondseywhite22? 🤪.

12 Sep 2020 20:16:28
Tat Tat Bermo, predictable KP rant. Yes let get rid of Philips not like any other team from the prem would take him. Leeds as a team would be weaker without KP.

12 Sep 2020 20:21:48
And the broken record starts to play again.

12 Sep 2020 20:34:38
the broken record will play a lot on that showing I fear. no one can champions a dm when we let in four goals.

world class assist but seriously what did he offer our defence in terms of protection?

Pablo looked off pace. maybe move Phillips to Pablos place and stuikji (who played well) in to dm?

I know i'm a broken record but did anyone watch that and think he was anything other than a liability in defence? although I admit passing was world world class. but one assist to four goals ain't good reading to me.

12 Sep 2020 21:07:37
No clue Berm, played against the champions and looked fine.
Against non top 5 teams he will look like a top player.

12 Sep 2020 22:52:08
canada. looked fine? we conceded four and all commentary and pundits said how poor we looked defensively. in what world is the looking fine?

we looked amazing going forward real class and I do think we will stay up but I wouldn't put money on many clean sheets this season.

12 Sep 2020 23:54:12
Conceded 4 against world club champs, premier champs and all round team that destroyed almost every other team last season by far bigger margins, start to judge after 10-12 games but until then just be proud and don’t forget the Bepantan berm on that arse of yours. That’s if your a man of your word and have had it done?

13 Sep 2020 01:06:11
The comments are about KP and he had as high a player rating as any Leeds player?
2 soft penalties, not his man marking VVD and a world class finish, how are any of them due to KP?
You've slated him for ever and haven't to anyone's knowledge got that tattoo you promised so get the tattoo and to me you have the right to criticize him, until then give it a rest please.

13 Sep 2020 06:06:05
You said what most have been trying to put into words Canada. Nice one brother 🤛👍🏻.

13 Sep 2020 07:19:28
Good posts Canada and Martyn. Have to say Bermo, very disappointed in you. I live in a world where if you’re big enough to come on here and make boasts about your opinions and promises about what you will do, you carry them out! Not sure if we can give much credibility to the words that come out of your pen if you lack the balls to back en up. We won the championship with KP playing DM, he got selected for England and played. You and your spurs coaching friends have been proved very wrong. We will survive in the premiership with KP playing DM. Just the odd slice of humble pie from you would be nice and recognition that just as Bielsa didn’t lose his job by Christmas, quite a lot of your bold attention grabbing predictions are just plain wrong!

13 Sep 2020 07:55:59
Move Phillips into Pablos position? That statement just shows you no little about football and the way Leeds play.

13 Sep 2020 09:13:06
Spanish. you are disappointed in me. when you go missing when times are bad. we start to lose and you dissapear for 6 months? don't start mate

I will eat humble pie and have. I have said on here many times (you would of read but was MIA) belias proved me wrong he did what I said he couldn't do. I ate my pie and I loved it. belisa still has them faults and it showed yesterday and will again and again over the season. but I always said his faults out weighted his greatness. last year he proved it was the other way round and I pray he will do again

as for Phillips one very poor display (gave the ball away 17 times in 50 minutes) in a fake international against Denmark does not change my mind. neither did yesterday when he did what I expected. a world class assist but the defensive protection of a wet sponge. as I say time will tell. the world will soon see Phillips for what he is. over rated. a guy who can pass but can't run. a guy who can't play DM because he can't defend and his team let in four every week. a guy who as carra said gave the cb too much work because he can't do his job

Cork I understand football. I understand how Leeds play. that is the problem. for all the world class assists Phillips offer his lack of mobility and denfisive qualities will costs us week in week out. come back to me in ten games. see if I am wrong (like belisa I hope I am. but I am confident I won't be)

13 Sep 2020 13:18:28
Bermondseywhite22 I must admit to a wry smile when you state you are 'confident' you won't be wrong about your latest prediction ;

no offence mate but you have been wrong an awful lot as Spanish correctly states.

Shall watch KP in the next ten games with extra interest.

13 Sep 2020 18:23:25
you know what BV I was wrong about belisa and delighted to be so and shout it out from the roof tops

however it seems I might be right about us being useless at set plays and high balls. so far prem read 4 goals conceded from high balls

maybe I was right about us not being able to defend unless we ave 80% of the ball. last night they had 40% and scored four

and phillips time. will tell

I admit when I am wrong. but never get credit when I am right. which is quite a lot.



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