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11 Sep 2020 06:32:14
I'm not convinced we are going after the right targets. don't get me wrong I love the ambition but a lot of these guys are looking up toward Champs League teams as opposed to teams that may be in a relegation scrap. I can't help but think we would have had more success so far trying to recruit good players who see us as a step forward in their careers and not a step away from where they are aiming to be. Hope we have some realistic targets if the dream ones fail to materialise.

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11 Sep 2020 07:00:59
Totally agree Alf.

11 Sep 2020 10:30:54
Alf, I hate to do it because I applaud our efforts, just maybe not on the right targets. Highlighted by Gvardiol. Yes I will come but only until what I really want comes along. Pretty much same stance as De Paul; thanks for your offer now can I dangle it in front of my Italian suitors. If nobody bites, then I will be happy to join. They may be world beaters, but will they scrap out a win at Turf Moor in February?

11 Sep 2020 10:55:37
Also we are assuming they are real targets and not just paper talk.

11 Sep 2020 11:03:33
Not sure I totally agree as if we followed Alf's line of thought we would have not signed Rodrigo. We have the nucleus of a team that are ready for the scrap, we now need to elevate the quality in the team to allow us to compete in the PL. I do agree that significant time should not be spent on those that are using us to get an improved contract or drive up the price however Orta should be experienced enough to see the signs if we are getting led up the garden path.

11 Sep 2020 11:15:23
What Notts said. Also what Alf writes beggars belief. Bielsa is clearly wanting a team to challenge for honours so mediocre PL players won't do. We're right to go after quality. If we're turned down, so be it we tried.

11 Sep 2020 12:43:18
Agree with Notts and George 'I. ve bin ta Leeds' Whitebread.

11 Sep 2020 13:11:19
Alf and no one else has said recruit ' mediocre'premier league players.

That said even a so called 'mediocre' premier league goalkeeper would be infinitely preferable to 'Calamity Kiko 10 lost points of mistakes a season ' who is still very worryingly in the Leeds United squad

Get rid and replace Kiko please asap.

11 Sep 2020 13:33:47
I agree with you to an extent George but what I am saying is we shouldn't be putting all of our eggs in one basket. It's all very well putting offers in for great players but of they don't end up signing you are left with no players at all rather than signing players who can take us to the next level and then going for better players to continue improving.

11 Sep 2020 13:42:37
MG We do need more players with the right sophistication 😂😂.

11 Sep 2020 13:55:59
I do not know De Paul, Gvardiol et al but I do know that any man just playing us may not be the right one for us. We shall see.

11 Sep 2020 15:38:12
Alf You're correct but I don't think we've been doing the egg basket thing. As I understand, Bub wanted 4 positions in the first team upgraded and provided Vic with a settled list of 5 targets for each position. The reality is things get messed around when other clubs are interested in your targets and the targets are interested in other offers. Plus once you get going with someone in negotiations, you can't easily put that on pause to start flirting with someone else. You can endanger the principal target. Bottom line. It's not easy. Wouldn't surprise me if by by the end of September we end up with Dan James from wrong side of Pennines. What's clear though is we must always strive to get the best. Think of it also like this. How long will we have Bub? Maybe he only stays if we secure top 10 finish to build on. We need really good players for that. With Bub at helm, now is when you twist. Might not get as good a chance later.

11 Sep 2020 15:59:44
Absolutely George but if the really good players don't want to join then we risk being left with nothing and ending up relegated then we lose Bub anyway. We haven't got the money or the reputation to get the very best when we are up against the likes of Juve so we need to cut our cloth accordingly to make sure we stay in the division first and foremost.

11 Sep 2020 16:12:32
That’s an intelligent post George lad.
Where did you find it?



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