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27 Jul 2020 21:18:45
Cooper is a real leader and I believe he doesn't get accolades that he deserves.
Proper leader who was voted as captain by his team mates.
Kinda funny that someone said Cooper is crap and we should bring in a Milwall centre back. You got to laugh 😂.

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27 Jul 2020 21:35:05
Agreed Cooper is a leader; he has flourished in the captaincy this year in particular

He also has definitely improved in his play in the past 2 seasons under El Magico especially again this season . will need to up his game again next season one would assume.

27 Jul 2020 21:56:49
cork don't say someone at least call me out as everyone knew it was me

as for cooper yes great leader, great bloke, average defender. let's not forget the performances he has put in overall and the mistakes

as for the millwall player hutchingson (i had the wrong name which is odd as i clearly support millwall) . hutchingson made team of the year. now it is funny when professionals agree with points that make some on here happy (phillps is good for example) these professionals know more than us. however when they say stuff we don't agree with (hutchingson made team of the year and cooper didnt) they don't know what they are on about

i love cooper top lad and fair play to him. but for me it is the end of the road. he was lucky to get a team promoted, when that team had all the ball in the championship. i can't see how he will keep them up in the premiership when his team will have less of the ball.

27 Jul 2020 22:05:39
Real top person as well Corky! Does lots of good stuff behind the scenes! I’m sure that’s important to Bielsa as well! Chuffed for him this year!

27 Jul 2020 23:10:42
Berm where is the PFA team of the year posted?
I haven't seen it yet anywhere.

27 Jul 2020 23:54:44
Agree corky for once.
Whilst cooper is not great footballer he is a leader and would be missed and dent team spirit if replaced.

28 Jul 2020 08:03:19
Coops can play, he has just had an immense season in the best defence in the league on goals conceded

Not a bad effort considering we “can’t defend corners because of a lack of height “

We did, we can.

The team defends as a unit

We did that

Can’t really pick out an individual for errors as all players make them. Also, he rarely made one last season

Plenty of defenders have stepped up a league when asked

You don’t know till you try

Dem blades lads did ok for a bunch of “ championship players”.

28 Jul 2020 10:58:43
Berm you may right about Cooper but he deserves the chance of leading Leeds in top flight don’t you think.
And to be fair I don’t believe he made many mistakes this season, well not as many as you’re making out.
When was the PFA team announced as I never saw it?

28 Jul 2020 14:06:14
Cooper is decent against poorer teams but too easily exposed against decent forwards and collapses under pressure making silly mistakes. I don't think he can cut it at Prem level but he did brilliant this season and a great leader for his abilities but imo we need better. That said I can see Bielsa giving him a shot at the Prem so let's see how he gets on and if he continues to improve. Hopefully he will prove me wrong. Again.

28 Jul 2020 14:17:30
I am not sure if it was the PFA team of the year but there was a championship team online and luke ayling was the only one to make it (which personally i felt was harsh on leeds) and Hutcingson was one of the CB's. I think it was done by the experts using stats but I am not sure

I think cooper is a great leader and a top bloke but sorry i don't think he deserves a chance in top flight. I think he was lucky to get his club back where they belong but that for me is as good as it gets for cooper. I am sure many felt the same when vinnie jones and mervin day got us up. they deserved a chance but thankfully srgt wilko new better and got in replacements and we went on to win the league just two years later. I no it sounds harsh but i grew up on wilko's team and remember being gutted when vinnie left but winning the league helped me get over it

also for the best defence in the league arguement.

here are some stats. when bamford wasnt playing we conceeded three times as many goals per minute as when he was on the pitch. so he was our best defender and vital to our defence statitsically

also when you consider possession and goals conceeded we had the the second worst defence in the league (barnselys was the worst) . to work this out you have to cosider possession and goals conceeded. so although we conceeded few goals we also had the ball for most of the games. When we didn't have the ball (hence defending) we conceeded at a higher rate than a lot of other teams who conceeded more but had far less of the ball.

so when you consider stats bamford is our best defender and when we didn't have the ball we were not very good at keeping the ball out of the net

so using common sense we will have a lot less of the ball next year so need better defenders otherwise we will let in a lot of goals . as our defence can not defend very well unless we have the ball. which i am pretty sure is not defending.

28 Jul 2020 16:43:08
So your argument about professionals picking the Millwall guy is irrelevant then (for now) as it was just a random website's team of the year.
Of course he may get chosen when they do vote as I believe Cooper (and Phillip's? ) may have been last season.

28 Jul 2020 18:36:42
canada i did get confused. The team that has been everywhere is done on stats so that is statitsically the best team so a little irrelevant however i have read a few different articals and watched the sky sports team of the year and a lot have picked hutchinson and none picked Cooper (all done by ex players so makes my point bit more relevant) . Personally i take no notice of the teams of the year last year both cooper and pontus made the team and let's be honest anyone with brains could see sheff utd had the best defenders in the league as they have proven in the prem. so for the record i think i do know better than these pros but i am consistant with it and don't pick and chose when it suits me to listen

i am the same with stats as they can be misleading but as stats show we was one of the poorest teams at defending but luckly the best for keeping the ball which is what kept our goals against numbers very low.

28 Jul 2020 18:56:01
Like you I take little notice of most best teams.
The one chosen by the players is the only one I ever really pay attention to.
They have the best idea of who is hard to play against etc. We will see who makes that team.

28 Jul 2020 19:38:07
sky did do one which was chosen by ovr 20 players with four making the final say. I thought it was a good team and had a couple more leeds players in it (dallas, White, Phillips and alying who made both which i love as he is my favorite player)

one thing i am sure we can agree on is the most important team which no one can disbute is the champions are the best team and this year that was us by a country mile.

28 Jul 2020 19:43:56
Bermo mate in all fairness you didn’t even know his name the other day and now you expect us to believe you that he’s better than Cooper!
As for those statistical teams out there I think it was the BBC who left out the Liverpool back four bar van dyke and had maxim the Newcastle geezer up top!

28 Jul 2020 20:15:48
Cooper has grown as a player and is likely to feature in at least half of our league games next season. He also brings much cohesion to the dressing room and does much for the city's community. No poster should be critical of him at this point but we do require better 😆.

28 Jul 2020 21:08:16
ture cork i didn't know did forget his name but i know both are quality. the stats don't lie do they? or maybe they do but the keeper also got golden gloves so they must be doing something right as they don't dominate teams like leeds

I love cooper as a bloke but come on he just ain't top of the champinship level he is average in champ at best. Only reason we didn't conceed more is because we always have the ball. There is a difference between a boxer evading shots and having a good chin, just like difference between a team that can defend and a team that don't need to

cooper was lucky he played in a great team, put him in an average team (like millwall) and he would be shown for the decent but not great defender he is. any talk of him playing in the prem for me is worrying. unless we can dominate prem teams as well because cooper will not be able to defend against them.

29 Jul 2020 00:18:59
Think I tend to agree with Berm here . Any game where we have been under pressure cooper is the one that cracks and makes a blunder or gets sent off or gives a pen away . Although he has improved recently and let’s be honest bielsa will stick with him at the back . He isn’t going anywhere but I think he could be a liability.

29 Jul 2020 11:14:11
thanks mighty and that's my point. we all say he has improved but has he? or has he just had to defend less? Even berra looked good in cb this season but we don't defend because we are best team and always have the ball. i think my nan could of played cb and we still would of been ok. but when push comes to shove would we put our shirts on Cooper to do the buiness in prem if we had to defend for 70% of the game rather than us attacking for 80%?

29 Jul 2020 14:39:31
I get your point that we are rarely under pressure at the back and when we are he is the one that usually does something stupid.



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