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22 Jul 2020 09:57:13
i wondered everyone's thoughts on the qsi take out which of course has come out again

not sure if true but rads has said he won't sell. Personally i think rads has done an ok job i do think last jan was a window missed and should of gone up last year but we are there now

rads is skint and even when told to invest by efl he said he wont. It is rads choice and well done to him to get us this far but if the qsi take over is true I think rads owes it to the fans and the city to walk away and get us at the top table of football.

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22 Jul 2020 11:34:51
Bermo, I have a slightly different view. I too think Radz has done a good job, within his limitations. He is a business man and having no affection for the club chose us amongst a raft of other possibles. Now he has felt the love for this great club and travelling on the rocketship he has gained an affinity to the club and the supporters but as I said, he is a business man, and having pumped his money into the club, as a gamble, that has paid off and has worked tirelessly for it's success, if he walks a way it will be at a time of his choosing. Not with a feeling of owing anything to anybody. He would leave a team, a staff, a city he loves but to a businessman he will know the time to reap the greatest profit and leave his love in more capable hands. If he stays I will not be unhappy, but with his lack of funds, any purchase will come with a "one in one out" proviso and/ or shackled with interest on loans whereas we probably need at this time an owner with exceptionally deep pockets. One who can fund expansion, new recruits from his own resources. Not that I advocate splashing the cash but the ability to get who we want without breaking our bank. The ability to upgrade the ground as per Prem requirements and still buy our 4/ 5 needed without any sleepless nights. If he does go at this or any other time he cannot but leave with all our love and affection for the great job he has done.

22 Jul 2020 12:16:27
Once this great club gets into your veins you are hooked. Our achievement is fantastic.
But reality, can millionaires compete with billionaires.

22 Jul 2020 13:23:33
Good post Leodis.

22 Jul 2020 14:42:12
Berm Your post is demented. Radz has done a terrific job and has learned a lot about the game in his tenure. Money doesn't guarantee success. I prefer stability for one season then a push just as Radz has planned. Him walking away could upset Bub and we wouldn't want to do that. Furthermore, an excessive influx and spending of money would be disloyal as well as counterproductive to the nurturing environment the youth are part of. Stick to worshipping John "lost it in the lights" Lukic.

22 Jul 2020 15:17:32
Rads got the job done and deserves all the gratitude he receives. Would he have got there without Bielsa, I don't think so, because the other blueprints required loads more money to be invested in players.
If he does want to cash in, now is a good time because if we don't do well in our first 8 or 10 games it will affect the value of the club.
Rads has to decide how long he wants to be involved or when he wants to cash in/ get out
If he waits and we are relegated he has another one, two or three seasons to get back up.
Prime time to cash in is now to avoid the risk of the sale value of the club going down.
To wait is a gamble, but three years time as a champions league team the value of the club goes up even more.
I think he will know all the scenarios and will not over invest this time so if we do struggle he will have funds and we'll be well placed to get back up.
There are a load of different scenarios at play, he most likely wants to invest sensible, avoid a relegation dog fight and build over the next two seasons to try and challenge as a top 4/ 6 team. The club would then be at its most valuable for sale purposes. Don't think he has the funds to do any better.

22 Jul 2020 15:43:49
Leeds1970 perfect analysis of all scenarios.

22 Jul 2020 18:38:28
That's right lads, being a millionaire in the Prem means nothing. You have to start with Billionaire. Hope he has a passionate love of Leeds and a little soft in the head.

22 Jul 2020 20:01:31
Radz and Orta are Leeds now.



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