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20 May 2020 22:53:51
Hi all, hope you and families are all well . I was just wondering what your opinions on the Danny Rose and Troy Deeney situations? I for 1 am not happy with Roses stance of being treated like a lab rat. So what about the millions of not worthy workers who are returning to work? Even the most important workers in the Land at the moment are not given as much consideration as them pampered footballers, I think if you don't want to return to work and are in a position not to have to as we don't all earn fortunes . However don't actually like woe me as there are millions of people who can't not go back to work for financial reasons who don't expect sympathy or call themselves lab rats . For our entertainment indeed! What about for your health and everything else you take for granted Mr Rose . I'm so glad we got rid of early . Rant over MOT.

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21 May 2020 00:14:20
Good post Raggity agreed!
Danny Rose opens his mouth and arrogant bs flows out.

21 May 2020 00:54:50
Main difference is it's impossible for them to work and socially distance.
The way he makes a noise about it isn't great but I understand his reasoning for not wanting to play.

21 May 2020 04:10:48
CW no one is asking them to play games at the moment, just start fitness training, which can realistically be done individually at the training ground adhering to social distancing protocol . It will be developed as it goes on and the health professionals see fit . Is that not what is going on in most places of work, only difference is us normal citizens are not tested twice weekly .

21 May 2020 07:56:18
I suppose it's down to the individual person and their own circumstances as to the reasons to return to their job or not. Did Find it a bit rich that Danny Rose was spouting about putting his life/ health at risk for the entertainment of others.

He needs to look at his role as a professional footballer, or is he only happy with the trappings of wealth. Speaking personally as a support worker working in the care sector, also having a elderly mum who has health issues, I've continued to do my job and take care of mum.

I would go so far to say that I am probably at more risk of contact to the virus in my job role. ( I am aware the virus could be anywhere) . The fact that professional footballers/ and their families will have greater access to testing and continuous testing will negate much of the risk.

Many key workers have continued to do their job roles and then go home to their families each day, doctors and nurses included.
As I said people have to make their own decisions on what's best but C.V. is likely to be amongst us indefinitely and we have to learn to live with it. Maybe Danny Rose should look towards life without football and the money.

21 May 2020 12:47:04
Well said Mezzer1 that's exactly what I was trying to say, put more eloquently .

21 May 2020 15:08:10
So your thoughts on Troy Deeney are?
Only difference I see is how they have communicated the same concerns.

21 May 2020 16:41:18
Troy Deeley has to make whatever decision he feels is best for him and his family. As I see it the football authorities will do their risk assessments and you can guarantee, they will have the best testing procedures money can buy. Nothing will be 100% safe but I would guess football with the testing, playing behind closed doors and other measures, will be much safer than most job roles. Troy Deeley is just as likely to come into contact with this virus through having food delivered or other aspects to daily living.
I wish my job offered me continued testing rather than only if I showed symptoms.

21 May 2020 16:49:20
Agreed Mez which is exactly the same for Rose except he didn't get the same point across in a good way.
Main difference is players have to have contact when playing, the vast majority of us can avoid contact at work (a good few essentials cant) .
Rose's point is football is not essential so why take the risk? Health care etc is essential so it's impossible to avoid the risk.

21 May 2020 20:14:43
Like I said, they may never find a vaccine for this virus and it's likely we are going to have to live with it in some form. This virus is from the same family as the common cold and they have never found a cure for that. All forms of businesses and job roles may have to change their practices to deal and live with this virus, are we go say sport and in particular football would just disappear? I guess not, so saying that if players want to continue in that profession then they need to play on with these changes. Just my take on things, I see many changes like continued social distancing when shopping for a long time going forward.

21 May 2020 22:11:04
Exactly what Mezzer said . Where do we draw the line . I am not saying they shouldn't be saying or doing what they say, they just come across like they are putting themselves above the general public and in my opinion money doesn't buy that privilege or shouldn't.



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