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09 May 2020 15:46:51
I for one think the season should not be restarted, and titles, promotion etc should be decided on average points per game, (for obvious reasons) . If the season was restarted there would be loads of false results, due to players at clubs with nothing to play for, not being fit, not giving a toss, and not wanting to get injured for next season, or if they're looking for a move. The main reason is of course, if there is a chance of one player catching the virus then the season should not restart until a vaccine is found and fans are allowed in the stadiums.

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09 May 2020 16:58:57
Good points Dan. I was an advocate of finishing the season but has time has gone on and more obstacles being unearthed I am now not too sure and actually can see the merit in finishing this season by some agreed formula, thus leaving next season untouched (hopefully) .

09 May 2020 17:13:43
As long as we get promoted, I’m past caring now.
Stay safe brothers and sisters!

09 May 2020 17:44:04
The season has to finish.
I don't care when it re-starts but it's the only fair way.
The rules for the following season can be decided when its time for it (eg only play each team once if needed to re-align the season to the calendar) . That way everyone knows before the season starts what the rules are.

09 May 2020 18:29:20
All good points Danny up until talk of a vaccine being found. there might never be a vaccine found or could take years.

09 May 2020 22:34:18
sorry dan but you are just wrong. Football is too important and unpredictable to be decided on any possile forumlar. Look a few seasons back Lesciter was certain to get relegiated yet they stayed up then won the league, then look at Denmark they won a euros that they didn't even qualify for. So with this in mind we can not have any formular decided anything as important as league status

with this in mind we have to abandon a leauge 80% done or wait. until any point it is ready to complete. With that said you would never leave something 80% done to start again so the season has to be finish

I think it should be done sooner rather than later but this is a personal opinion. behind closed doors with minimum risks but if football can happen during ww1 in my opinion it can start again pretty soon. this said I appreicate this is my opinon and highly debateble and contraversial. however the fact the season has to be comepleted is for me not up for debate and beyound reasonable doubt.

09 May 2020 22:49:46
Berm you are right about Leicester but that was a full season surprise not a last 9 game surprise.
Look at BBC report online and in the last 10 years they show how few changes there are over the last 9 games.
I don't want a formula to be used to end the season unless it is instead of a null and void option.
Play when it is deemed safe to do so even being closed doors.
Unfortunately we don't make the decisions.

09 May 2020 23:58:45
very true cananda just for me any other descions other than finish the season even if at the expense of the following season (so next season takes place a year later) is the only option. these are unpreicidented times. we have to wait finished what we started then move forward anything else for me is incomprehensible.

10 May 2020 09:56:57
Finish season now. Promote and demote and prepare for next season accordingly. No point carrying on.
Just finish it now. Get it done.

10 May 2020 12:02:25
there is an argument to this aus but let me put one seranrino to you

this happens again next year. leeds are second from bottom but two of our best players have just come back from long term injury and our big jan buy who is a star striker has just found his rhytm and started scoring. our recent form is very good and we look set to get the points to stay up if the season finishes however they finish the season early and we go down and it takes another 16 years to come back. would you accept that. i know i wouldnt. now if that ain't good enough for leeds why is it ok for the lot this season?

10 May 2020 14:03:19
It’s not feasible berm. Really. Things don’t really change that drastically and not in last few games. Rarely has last few games made a diff.
I agree football is impossible to predict and I can see villas argument for one.
But the rest are where they are because. That’s how good or bad they are.
If we were in bottom 2 mate. We would all agree we deserve to go down. Or most of us would.
The only ones that seem to have a problem with Stopping the season now this is the bottom under achievers. Not top or play offs or euro places. Just the crap teams.
The powers to be need to grow some balls. Just like the government. Do what’s best and sensible and fair not what makes People happy.

10 May 2020 14:45:23
no aus i certianly can see your argument and do agree largly, i just know if it was us I would be gutted and would hope that we would get a chance just in case as in football miricles do happen and I would be gutted for all the fans, players, staff of the clubs going down unless matchamtically impossible to stay up.

Personally I hope football does the right thing and finishes what it started as it is the fairest thing and then there can be no if's and's or but's but I certainly can see your point and do not disagree on your points.

10 May 2020 15:46:43
Yknow. If we got relegated because of the virus.
We would be twice as strong and bounce back and win the Division by a mile.
Like who was it? Juventus.
**** villa although I get their point
If it was us. I would honestly say. We were crap. We got what we deserved.
Now build better memories.
I 100% believe that the season won’t be completed.
So finish it. Top and bottom.

10 May 2020 18:35:48
If the season cannot be finished, then I believe analysis of the games from the start of January should be used to work out points per game for both home and away fixtures.
This would factor in the impact of any players bought or lost in the January transfer window, and any runs clubs were on, either good or bad and goals scored and conceded. I believe this is as close as you can get to a fair outcome to the final league standings, and promotion and relegation should be based on this. Just my opinion but the leagues simply cannot be cancelled.

10 May 2020 19:37:14
Interesting to see what happens to the Bundesliga this week when they start . strong leadership and decision making in Germany.

Aus you vaguely say 'prepare for next season accordingly ' . when, how?
As without an effective vaccine found it will probably never be totally safe to restart . an effective vaccine could take years to find. so no football in the UK for years? . many clubs would no longer exist

I believe Aus that Leeds best chance ( perhaps only chance ) of being promoted this season is to finish this season's matches on the pitch.

10 May 2020 20:04:59
MG the season can be finished. there is no guidelines to why it can not be finished at whatever date this is. it depends if the intergitury of the leagues comes above champs league and european compititons which sadly i don't think it will

think some leeds fans are saying finish it now and use a points per game or some other system to work out who goes up. but then that suits us

what if the choices were finish the season now and no one goes up and no one goes down as if we can't finish it then it don't count. or finish it at all costs at what ever date however long it takes. then what would we say

the season for me is 46 games if 46 games are not played then the season is null and void and no one goes up or down both from a leagal point of view (it would be a lawyers dream and rightly so) and from a moral sporting point of view. if a fight got called off in round 8 due to say a fire they would fight again not say well one boxer was ahead on points so give him the belt.

10 May 2020 20:27:54
Hi Bern, fair point. I would always opt to finish the league at all costs if possible, and I do think it will, but if for some reason it can’t, I do believe there is a fair argument to call a decision and bae it on whatever the hierarchy deems correct. There are times a game is abandoned and the result stands, so we do see it to a lesser degree occasionally.
I guess I am biased as a Leeds fan, but I also believe both Norwich and Villa do not deserve to be in the Premiership next season.

11 May 2020 00:00:13
true mg and like awith aus i can see your point and agree to a large extent. one thing is for certain this is not an easy call for once i almost. almost feel sorry for the fa and efl.



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