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01 Apr 2020 16:18:32
Can it believe premier league clubs are taking the government furlough option to keep staff on their books. INSTEAD off players and footballing staff taking a pay cut too help pay the tea lady etc etc etc. Every premier league player could easily take a pay cut a minimum off 10% if not a lot more for the few months that it's needed to help the bread and butter off a club. it really goes too show how united our club is from top too bottom. No harm but some clubs need too hold their heads in shame. The money their players are on is unbelievable. they should also be donating 10% off a months wage too the NHS. to help with PPE in their area.

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01 Apr 2020 18:20:28
shame the footballers ain't taking the brunt of it and paying the wages like at leeds. again makes me proud to be leeds. It must be said a lot of footballers are making a big positive difference showing the power and greatness of the sport just shame the clubs can't take the lead.

01 Apr 2020 20:53:14
Someone who had a car crash this we should hold his head in shame and give is years wages to the NHS, I do hope his move to dog United falls through.

01 Apr 2020 21:13:03
They’re all just a disgrace to sport, and football in particular.
We should be deducted a billion points for their failure to care about non playing staff.

01 Apr 2020 22:57:15
Let's not get carried away with how nice our lads are compared with PL players, they are not taking a pay cut from my understanding but a deferral.
They will get all the money in their contract just some of it at a later date.
It's good and allows the club to keep paying other cost such as non-playing staff wages but it is still costing the club a lot of money to keep going.

02 Apr 2020 09:48:30
You make a valid point Canada, but no sign of Premier teams offering to even defer their vast salaries. How can levy at Spurs (paid himself 2 million pound bonus just for their stadium) with a multi billionaire Chairman ask the British tax payer (for that’s where governments money is raised) to subsidise their employees?

How can these players continue to pick up their £1 million per month salaries knowing the furlough 80% pay may result in all these background employees being subjected to significant financial hardship. Furlough should have been Company means tested and Companies declaring an agreed profit for 2019-20 should have been made to have paid their workforce.

When you look at the sacrifices our hero’s on the front line are making against the likes of the greedy morally corrupt chairman of these premier league clubs, it’s disgraceful shame on em all!

02 Apr 2020 15:23:06
Agreed, our lads are well paid compared to most of us but PL should be setting the example as they are generally on crazy money. Some on more monthly than some of us earn in a decade.
Seen many stars in North American sport pony up and pay for the non-playing staffs wages out of their pocket.



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