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01 Mar 2020 19:17:44
Brighty And that is why I was delighted with the verdict. I simply knew siege mentality and end product would come forth. Forth and the fourth goal was my favourite lol. The dinked curling cross with Klich looking up and a diving slightly twisting Tyro to score and when the game was safe. We have always been made of stern stuff and Yorkshire grit. Keep Tyler on bench and introduce him after hour works for me. Hoping also for a Seagulls relegation so we have more pulling power with Benjamin. Long live Leeds 💛💙💛💙.

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01 Mar 2020 19:22:57
Good post George

. and is that a Georgie prediction that has actually happened. well that's a first 😂😂👍.

01 Mar 2020 20:01:04
Delighted with verdict? Are you talking about Casillas ban? If so George that’s an unbelievably bad thing to say.,

01 Mar 2020 20:29:13
Corky whilst I did not like the FA verdict at all because I believe Kiko is innocent.

. if indeed one of the consequences of this seeming injustice is that it spurs the Leeds team on to better results due to a siege mentality to which Georgey alludes then that there is a considerable silver lining.

. but of course there is still the issue of Kiko's reputation being unfairly tarnished.

01 Mar 2020 22:36:58
Don’t think the Kiko verdict was anything to do with that result at al George, so you’re clutching at fingers, to form a fake hand, to pat your own back, for talking tosh.
Keep trying tho.

01 Mar 2020 22:39:04
i can see what you are saying george bout the mentality and i agree. from the leeds players themselves they have said belisa is not amotivator he is 'akward' distant but after forest belisa didn't do video review but instead gave a motivational speech and now kiko ban seems to of evelated that. wise did it the bloke was tatcially useless but made leeds an us against them and it worked well.

01 Mar 2020 23:03:05
Bright I disagree with your opinion as I do on most stuff. You think it a coincidence. I do not. I believe it was the biggest away win for us in a decade. One thing I know about my club is if you turn them into the wounded warrior they turn on the style. Minus 15 case in point. Therefore if Casilla is the sacrificial lamb then so be it. As long as Leeds get promotion and win league would be nice. All I care about. Is that so reprehensible? I only see good things. 1. Cloud no longer hanging over Kiko. He gets closure. Not a great verdict for him personally but a learning experience. 2. Meslier who I believe is sheer class plays. 3. Players rally around and do it for Kiko if no-one else.
Corky Yes, I'm still delighted. I don't wish ill will on our own goalkeeper nor any Leeds player but I only see the good in this. We're a business after all and I see it like a businessman. Facing a Bielsaball Leeds going for promotion with a bee in bonnet isn't a particularly nice prospect for any opposition. Good! You add blood, guts, anger and twitchy aggression to this team and they'll produce. FL just handed it all on a silver platter.
Berm I believe Meslier could be our best goalkeeper since Nigel I mean John Lukic 😂.

01 Mar 2020 23:49:59
George I was kind of with you until you mention sir John lukic I think the young lad is good but lukic was a Demi god.

02 Mar 2020 08:41:18
A load of people were asking for Kiko to be dropped recently and Meslier in the team so if nothing else the ban has delivered that. For Meslier a change to prove his class and make the #1 Jersey his own (figuratively speaking) . It will be interesting to see how good the lad really is over a period of games.

02 Mar 2020 08:45:42
We’d won three on the bounce, and you think we won a fourth because Kiko got banned?
We were terrible in the first half. Is that the sign of a team rallying around to back a team mate? No. MB clearly had words at half time, and things then clicked, as it has so often this season. They are the only points I’m making.
Of course, the only thing we all want for MY club (😜😂) at the end of this season is promotion, same as everyone on here, whether you agree or disagree with some of our / their opinions from time to time, or all of the time.
Unlike you, I don’t tho believe that it’s Kiko’s suspension that will secure it.

02 Mar 2020 10:03:07
Think a lot on here have been saying fora long while that one day we would punish some one and score big, it just happened so well done all you oracles. Not sure Kiko ban had a lot to do with it, sure it will have been in the lads minds but first half suggested they were not thinking too much about it. Meslier top class keeper.

02 Mar 2020 16:19:14
bright i disagree about us being awful first half. best we played in ages we was direct. it was a different way of playing.

it was our directness in first half that had them second guessing as oppose to knowing what leeds will do and being compact. it streached the game and made space.

we should be more awful and direct more often. allow for a few more spankings to other teams.

02 Mar 2020 20:42:17
I meant to say, that I knew you’d enjoyed the first half Bermo! 😬😛😜.

03 Mar 2020 07:47:35
It was like Pulis was in charge for 45 minutes. brilliant!



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