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11 Feb 2020 22:50:04
Would have taken point before KO, but feel we played great and should've won it though, again down to GK and poor finishing.
Cassila cost us last season with his coming out of box tricks, this season stays back more but still a liability, doesn't command his area and now players nervous, needs dropping ASAP.
Thought Phillips was immense tonight, even berm must see that, quality and bossed MF. Defense also very good and like Dallas at LB rather than middle.
Same old story though, create chances but poor finishing, could have had 3 or 4.
Harrison improved but needs to score when through, same for Costa, hit the ball man.
JKA could be good long term but think it'll be a month or so till he sharp, would like to see him and bamford together.
Next 2 at home and need to take 6 points, other teams will drop points too, could make Fulham game at home huge 6 pointer.
What is with Poveda, what is the point in buying him, crazy.
For me transfer window terrible, down to Radz and Orta, what did they say at end of doco, have learnt. ( NOT)
They should've have said sod FFP, got in better players, Foden, gray, Bowen and then if didn't get promoted, could still sell those assets easily.
As it is, if don't go up, beilsa, Phillips, White all gone anyway.

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11 Feb 2020 23:25:25
Melbourne very good posts . initisky
thought it was an ok January transfer window by Orta and Radz but 2 weeks on it now looks a terrible one.

It amazes me that there are still some deluded ( not even rose tinted anymore just deluded) posters on here who are still defending the disaster of a Keeper Kiko . there is a very good reason indeed he was always on the bench or in the stands at his previous club.

11 Feb 2020 23:27:33
I agree with everything you say Melbourne, last year we had 4 games lef t with promotion in our hands, but blew ut . Opposing fans singinging we are falling aoart again which hurt? We are the best side in this division, created by Beilsa, he diesnt change rhe side as he believes ilts rhe best 11 he can put out in ghe pitch . Who hete really believes Messlier is better than Cassila? He make mistakes, but what keroer doesnt, people are always lookin g to blame someone, he made a mistake tonight, he's human! Last game lots are saying he messed uo, but what hapoened before he was left 1 on 1 . He's a good keeper, like everyone make mistakes . Ask Pickford . Or let's throw a 19l yearold rookie to the lions . Tjats why Bielsa is paid what he is, because he knows better .

12 Feb 2020 00:23:06
Bazooka - guessing I'm one of the targets of your ire on defending Kiko. If so, I'm happy to be so. What exactly is deluded about saying the FA charge business being dragged out is very likely to be affecting his concentration. If your character and integrity was being questioned in such a public nature, with no recourse in sight, I am sure you wouldn't be entirely unaffected. And what is wrong with saying supposed SUPPORTERS of our great Club should pause for thought before adding to his opprobrium by saying he is a s#:+ goalkeeper. Maybe I am deluded in believing that some on here and in our wider support base would recognise that our players are human beings with feelings and it is possible that subjecting them to public ridicule might actually undermine the very goal we share. If I am deluded in that respect I really don't think I and those who share my view should be the ones feeling any sense of shame.

And just in case you hadn't noticed, I do agree that it would be worth giving Meslier the gloves for now - but on the basis that Kiko's form is suffering and he needs time out of the spotlight to clear his head - not because he's a s#:+ goalie per se. Meslier's performance v the Gunners was very assured, and if he were to continue in that vein, there would be no reason why he shouldn't keep the gloves - but that would be on his own merit, and not because Kiko shouldn't be considered capable of stepping up again.

12 Feb 2020 05:56:21
How many mistakes do you have to make?

12 Feb 2020 05:57:34
Got to admit it must be hard to play with the FA playing games with his head, I'd have messler in in a shot but I'd be worried the first mistake he made he would be put down and it could really put him back 12 months. Is there no keepers outhere without a club to possibly fit in for half a season?

12 Feb 2020 07:22:52
Bazooka, i don’t think anyone’s defending Castilla’s performances, I don’t know how anyone could. In my opinion he needs to be taken out the spotlight for a few games. Meslier is very young but judging by his game against Arsenal I think he can do the job. As I said before, I just hope MB is 100% confident in continuing with Kiko as it looks increasingly evident that his errors are happening on a game by game level.

12 Feb 2020 07:26:40
Clueless i think you are taking words literally rather t than looking deeper into what is being said. Kiko needs dropping that is clear, he is in poor form, whether it is the allegation or just shoddy keeping only he will know and until he is councilled and his form improves he should be replaced. His confidence issues will only get worse whilst this case and the constant current mistakes are ongoing.
I believe many others including me are saying he needs replacing at this time, not because he is a shxt keeper persee, his form was good at the start of the season, but on current form he needs to be replaced and given time to recharge and come back strong.
He is no doubt a good keeper, but if you were watching Leeds and barn door Billy was playing and not scoring i'm sure you would want him replaced with someone in better form wouldn't you? This is no different!

12 Feb 2020 07:44:52
And how do you explain away his continuos howlers last season Clueless?

Just think if a builder was doing an extension out your back say,
Continuously making mistakes, bad decisions, bad work causing lost time, and just generally being poor at his job, would you be recommending that builder to your family for a different project?

Yes anyone can make a mistake, but when it's continually well then you just need to say Enough is enough, you are just a bad builder.

12 Feb 2020 08:42:01
1) Clueless, firstly we both agree it seems that it is entirely feasible and likely that Kiko has been detrimentally affected in his performance level by the FA disciplinary process ( a process that I believe the FA are deliberately procrastinatng over to unsettle Kiko and Leeds) so this is one vital reason in itself why Bielsa should take Kiko out of the spotlight by dropping him.

2) Secondly, it seems you would not agree, but Kiko prior to this FA disciplinary charge has simply not been good enough anyway to be a Leeds United number 1 goalkeeper. his mistakes last season and this season have cost Leeds United numerous goals and numerous points prior to the FA charge and beyond it.

3) Thirdly, Meslier may or may not be a good goalkeeper but from what I have seen of him he looks assured and competent but yes he is very young and inexperienced but so was a 19 year old Leeds United goalkeeper John Lukic in 1980 who came into the Leeds United side and did brilliantly. So playing Meslier is a better option than Kiko.

4.Finally, the ( lack of) quality recruitment by Orta . in that Orta should have recruited anyway an experienced, very competent goalkeeper who is certainly far better than Kiko ( and far better and more experienced than Meslier)
With someone of the talent and experience of say a Nigel Martyn ( who very rarely made blunders that we have regularly seen from Kiko) . how many extra points would Leeds have.8 to 10 points I would say conservatively, and that is huge in tbe absolutely crucial quest to get promotion this season.

12 Feb 2020 09:14:13
OP . if Bielsa is 100% confident of still continuing with Kiko and has no intention of dropping Kiko . then I can see why Bielsa is referred to as EL Loco . it will definitely cost Leeds automatic promotion and possibly promotion through the playoffs.

12 Feb 2020 09:50:44
Martyn was a premier league keeper though. Kiko or a Meslier are not so they will make mistakes.

12 Feb 2020 10:14:21
Another “deluded” one, responding to another “eternally blighted with a half empty glass”. Kilo was part of the best defence in the entire football league during the first half of the season. Did you want rid then?
He needs a break to address confidence and external influences now, in favour of Meslier, and all of us deluded ones as you so insultingly put it, agree that. So the question is, if we see that, how the eff are we deluded?

12 Feb 2020 11:32:56
Well Brighty it's the first time you have ( finally ) stated that Kiko needs to be dropped.

12 Feb 2020 11:34:42
And yes Brighty I have never rated Kiko.

12 Feb 2020 12:17:39
Kiko was Madrid's 3rd choice keeper bright so let's not over exaggerate his merits, I feel it's a bit disingenuous on Whites behalf to give Kiko credit for whites massive gameplay first few months of season, white mopped up almost everything that came into the box back then with relative ease, and also the overall team played at such a pace that attacking chances were very rare IMO .

12 Feb 2020 13:07:01
It’s not the first time I’ve said it. I said weeks ago that Meslier should be given a chance, and even suggested it after his performance against Arsenal, as well as after watching him for the U23’s on many occasions after he was signed.

12 Feb 2020 16:54:52
Bright my reply was nothing to do with Meslier my reply was a direct reply to you saying no one was asking for Kiko to be dropped during start of season . White was the reason not Kiko . Kiko is at the level he will always be at throughout his career, error prone, misreading crosses, etc.
White made Kiko look accomplished.



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