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11 Feb 2020 09:31:52
Apparently the club offered Cassila a flight back to Spain to have a short break to recharge his batteries, he accepted and left. He went to Leeds Bradford this morning to catch the flight and missed it, another one was booked, he sat drinking a coffee in the corner, they called him as the last passenger, he got up from the corner and missed it also. Something tells me all is not right. ⚽️⚽️🛫🛫😭😭😭😭😜.

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11 Feb 2020 09:42:27
Joke from twitter: Cassila could not catch the coronavirus if he licked all the bats in China.

11 Feb 2020 13:35:56
Ha, ha very drole. Now put yourself in Cassila's position. You've managed to turn things around from last season and kept a fair number of clean sheets. However you're facing allegations of racism, which you strenuously deny. You and the Club have submitted all the evidence to refute the charge, yet the FA is showing no signs of actually holding the hearing, to give you a chance to clear your name.

Can you honestly say that you wouldn't be a little distracted by this, as the whole sorry situation drags on and on with no sign of a resolution? Now, would your state of mind and performances be helped by your own fans not just criticising individual mistakes, but also joking about your ability?

We all rage at the incompetence of the EFL and FA, and it would be easy to believe that someone in the FA was deliberately drawing out the hearing process in the hope it will stymie our promotion hopes, as continued payback for Spygate. So why on earth would any of our own fans risk further undermining Casilla's performance - and so help our rivals and others who sometimes seem ranged against us.

Yes, by all means say you feel Meslier should play, but why not reflect the obvious pressure Casilla is under and say the guy deserves a break, to give him time and space to deal with those pressures. That would be the supportive thing to do, both for the individual (who you can bet is as desparate as we are to put right the wrongs of last season) and the team, which we all say we "support'.

11 Feb 2020 15:20:34
Get off your high horse Clueless, these are simple jokes. I don't disagree regarding external pressures but I think you should look at why Bielsa has not dropped him if the pressure is too much.

11 Feb 2020 15:30:00
the guy has been on the bench for 98% of his professional career. Why do you think that is? Forget pressure he is just not very good. a few clean sheets against opposition that barely mustered a shot does not make a brilliant keeper but when the pressure is on (such as the playoffs last season) he goes to pieces. And if you paid me £35k a week I would be more than happy to put up with a few jokes .

11 Feb 2020 15:31:44
Clueles definitely the FA are unfairly deliberately drawing out the process re Kiko hearing. It must be affecting him and he needs to be dropped by Bielsa because regardless of whether or not it is affecting him Kiko is making blunder after blunder we have lost so many points directly from Kiko

Cardiff, Wigan, Sheff Wed, Nottingham Forest etc

Bielsa should be sacked if he plays Kiko tonight and Leeds lose again.

11 Feb 2020 16:04:57
Simple jokes on here perhaps, I'm merely suggesting that we be mindful of their possible effect on more public platforms. Our players, though well paid are human too - and they are the humans we will need to rely on to get us promoted. You see daily stories of how derogatory social media can affect individuals' health. Not for one moment suggesting that any of our players are about to top themselves (though Leeds fans more than most should be aware of pressure and mental health for those in football - RIP Gary Speed) but there are many shades kf grey before you get to black. Over the years Leeds fans have talked of how player x or y couldn't handle the pressure of playing for our great Club - and after last year's failure the pressure must be ratcheting up with each dropped point. So why increase the pressure even further, it will not help performance improve. Just saying. I shall return my high horse to its immensely large stable, for now.

11 Feb 2020 16:30:14
And Notts, in case you were wondering, which I know you weren't, my high horse has a diet solely of the exceptionally tall pampas grass found growing outside around Rosario.

11 Feb 2020 17:14:21
Fair play Clueless. Mental illness is no laughing matter and even an innocent comment can have a detrimental effect however this is a banter site, the clue is in the title.

11 Feb 2020 20:42:47
I agree clueless in relation to mental wellbeing, however if i was a manager aware of the current pressure i would drop him for his own wellbeing, to support him and no more pressure on him. However going back to a comment made earlier, this is a banter site! Also after another error, would you not take him off as a manager.

12 Feb 2020 00:32:12
Gordon Bennett - I know it's a Banter site, and have explicitly said my concerns are not about stuff being written here but but on the comments from some of our supposed supporters on more public platforms such as Twitter.



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