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10 Feb 2020 23:09:38
Come on Leeds, let's get back on track. We still 2nd and in our hands but need to improve.
Brentford will be confident in beating us and will attack, hope that can suit us.
I don't think beilsa will change team much apart from KP back in, think it a mistake and would make changes myself, but we have to trust him, I love what he has done for our club.
I feel this is our time to stop the London rot, think we will win and then go on a good run.
Come ON!

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11 Feb 2020 09:43:12
Their manager is very confident that they will beat us.

11 Feb 2020 10:11:11
Sadly jt feels like the negativity of some fans, particularly on social media, is snapping the mental energy of some of our players, possibly more than the effects of Bielsa's under-rotation of his small aquad - at precisely the moment when our fans need to redouble their support, to help turn things around. We are often praised for being the twelfth man for our team, but it seems as if some are unintentionally becoming an extra player for our opponents. Bielsa is clearly rattled by the criticism and this will obviously transmit to the players.

It is unlikely that Bielsa or his lieutenant's read what is written on this site, I presume that all or most of the posters on here are not stupid enough to repeat deeply negative/ personal comments about anyone at Leeds on popular social media platforms. However deeply disparaging comments made to mates in the pub etc can help feed the building narrative - so can we be a little careful not to help our opponents - both our rivals and the 'authorities'. I found derogatory comments about Big Kev to be particularly galling. The lad had been very keen to join us - drawn by the great fan base and the prospect of working with Bielsa, and had even turn down late overtures from that lot over the Pennines (yes I can hear some of you saying that was just more spin and guff from the Club) . Yet before he has even kicked a ball in anger some on here and on more public platforms were saying he was overweight (effectively questioning his professionalism) and that he was a desperate and worthless signing (questioning his ability) - and using this to further criticise the management (so much for the famously supportive fan base he was attracted to, marching on together in this great promotion project) . All Leeds fans presumably agree that Bambam is unlikely to score the goals needed this season so why the f#*k would anyone be stupid enough to undermine Augustin's confidence in his abilities and or the project he has signed up to. The kid has skills, and we need him to get firing asap. For our sakes as much as his, let's help rebuild his confidence in himself and our collective cause.

Apologies if this seems like bit of a rant - but we're not now going to get any more players, and we're not (I hope) going to change coach. We all profess to want promotion this season - so can we please do our utmost to support, not undermine, that endeavor. We all hate the song, so let's not all fall apart again!

11 Feb 2020 10:32:21
So your hypothetical scenario is more factual than a medical fact that fatigue sets in to athletes . That's a poor poor attempt at trying to explain the dire form .
Are the players professional or children . Stick + stones mean absolutely nothing online .
The players to a man need to do what their payed handsomely to do PLAY with huge effort . However if we used other players instead of a certain clique then I am sure things would be different .

I realise you will totally not accept a word of this Clueless, but equally I also feel the same about your thesis on the current state.

11 Feb 2020 10:36:36
So it would seem, Notts. How sweet it would be if we could stuff that confidence back down his throat tonight - so far that he could feel he'd been talking s#:+. Here's hoping.

11 Feb 2020 11:19:19
I agree Clueless.

11 Feb 2020 12:06:05
Chris - I'm not saying fatigue doesn't play a part - if you'd stop seeing things so black and white, you might have noticed I have in previous posts been questioning of some of Bielsa's decisions and said that rotation would help the situation. But it's also more than obvious that the negativity is getting to Bielsa - and that is bound to transmit to the squad.

I'm afraid comments online do not mean nothing - they help build a narrative. They're picked up by the media, most of whom despise us, but also more importantly can transmit to the terraces. While Bambam tried to suggest he is not affected by that and remained confident in his abilities, which in itself was then derided online etc arrogant, it was obvious from his reaction when he scored against 'wall that it was getting to him.

So to summarise, I don't disagree with all you have said, and hope that you might come to realise that social media comments do have an impact, even on highly paid professionals - they are human too. Augustin has been struggling to get minutes at Monaco so his confidence is bound to be on the low side currently. He's just come into this Club, enthused by the challenge of this project, so why is hectic him to personal attacks, the toxic worst side of Leeds fans before he'ds kicked a ball in anger. To believe/ pretend that because we help pay their high wages, we can just say whatever we like without any possible impact on performance is rather sad.

11 Feb 2020 13:23:25
The reason for my. reply Clueless was because the. narrative is now changing from all along the debate was quality of players/ squad, so that was divided into believers / whingers on here, (not my words by the way) but we all agree there the relevant ones on this forum now.

However now the narrative has changed into the moaning now has caused the team to bomb recently .
This is not the case, we have bombed due to poor/ small squad being clapped out and lack of investment in proper quality .

Just read a piece saying LUFC income returns are going to look very very healthy for the last tax year, yes that's down to Radz, but too many on this forum are of the belief that Radz is to the pin of his collar, hence why he won't buy ready made players.

11 Feb 2020 15:00:02
Read my reply Chris. I'm not saying the moaning has of itself caused the dip in form. Just that it will not have helped and may in part hinder the desired improvement in form - and that, for example, it seemed particularly counter intuitive - or stupid - to be using social media to criticise a player who had not yet pulled on a first team shirt, especially as we will need him to help us sort out our poor chance conversion rate - which we have all been banging on about ad nauseum on here, and have previously criticised the coach and management for not addressing. Can you at least acknowledge that I have a bit of a point here.

11 Feb 2020 15:40:10
Oh, and Chris. Yes we have been going on and on about quality of players/ squad since pre-season. But now the squad ain't going to change before the close season, so it could be argued that that discussion is now in some ways moot/ redundant until the summer. So to suggest we should not bother discussing other points on here seems a little bizarre. I would have thought discussing how we can best support/ avoid undermining those players we now must pin our promotion hopes on was actually fairly relevant. Perhaps it is a little uncomfortable for some. As I said previously, I don't imagine anyone at the club is reading this forum, just concerned that some the social media comments from supposed supporters was potentially unhelpful and we should perhaps be (and I'm sure many on here are already) mindful in our day to day discourse on Leeds matters, not to help feed the growing narrative that the Leeds squad, coaching staff and those around them are collectively and or individually fall apart again - which could in part help it become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Rival supporters delight in singing that hateful song, most of the media love talk or writing on that theme, Sky will be rubbing their grubby hands with glee and of course the EFL and FA must be overjoyed that dirty Leeds seem to be falling short again. So let's pull together out there - sheath our poison pens, or at least direct them at our foes, and help confound the lot of them by Marching on Together towards the Prem once more.

11 Feb 2020 17:00:19
Clueless you make a very clear reply. + raise further debating issues in that, I take that on board without prejudice all of your reply

But I think you missed my point also. When I said. the narrative has changed, I didn't mean YOU +YOUR POST, I meant over the last fortnight or more even,

So if you reread my original reply to you it might make more sense to view it with that point in mind and not as a partizan clash of views between yourself +I .

Anyways here's hoping for the best tonight as we dearly need to get back to some level of better performances, ALAW pal afterall.



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