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06 Feb 2020 08:40:53
Leeds fans are probably the most toxic fans in the world. Supported leeds my entire life and I've not read about a melt down and how its all fallen to pieces for so long. The boys win 4/ 5 games on the bounce and were destined for the big time, we lose 3/ 4 out of 7 and its relegation form and the board are to blame and individual criticism of players gets piled on. Its painful to see. If you're a supporter, support them. I'm seeing people say Radz has failed this club, and that he's cheap, and that ortas recruitment is poor. Of this squad, who was here before Radz? Cooper, Ayling, Dallas, Phillips. All almost guaranteed starters on their day so I don't see how we can say that he hasn't invested when he's brought in most of the players we have. The players we have are good enough, some maybe too good for the division were in.

If you don't like the way they do things you shouldn't come to the games or comment on performances. Bielsa has done an incredible job regardless of what league we are in, he's brought the fans back, and built a stable future for the club. We could win the next 5 and I bet you don't hear a peep from all these whingers, just let them get on with it bashing our players won't do us any good, and if bielsa is anything like what we expect, he will continue to play the likes of bamford and kiko to get them out of the ruts they are in. Bamford will hit 20 goals and kiko has the most clean sheets of any keeper in the league, he's in the top 5 clean sheets in england so.

MOT, 16 finals.

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06 Feb 2020 09:40:54
So if they perform poorly or the manager makes a poor tactical decision then no-one is allowed to comment on it? I agree with your sentiment but football is all about opinions and fortunately we live in a time where we can express them. Support the team, absolutely. But be blinkered to faults and do not express your opinion? I don't think so.

06 Feb 2020 09:44:52

06 Feb 2020 11:15:00
Samo. I totally agree that we should always support the team and not get on their backs, (during the game) . But surely everyone in a free society can have their say on players, managers, owners etc on site like this. In the end, the site as in life in general would be pretty boring if we all agreed with each other?
I also think people take things far too personally and even stop posting if they get into slanging matches on here.
We don't really know each other, and if we did meet we'd probably get on with people who we wouldn't expect to and visa versa.
So let's just chill out, hope for the best and if the worst happens so what! I mean it's not as if we're not used to it is it? 🙈🙉🙊.

06 Feb 2020 11:16:42
I know how you are feeling Samo but I think some of the trembling fans do so because the see last year about to repeat itself and as such are scrambling around for reasons. Everytime you get a 30000+ crowd at ER you get 30000 who think the can manage better than Bielsa ( or anyone else, for that matter) , and so it has always been. In my dads/ grandads day all this was thrashed out in the pub but with the advent of the internet exactly the same type of criticism is now open to the world. There are many who argue that if you pay your £30 every week it entitles you to pick (and drop) any player, not even limited to your own team, It's just that some criticize with, shall we say, a little more passion than others and at times somewhat more radical thoughts are shared and unfortunately banter turns into personal barbs. This, sadly, is just the way of the world now and, at risk of using a cliche, it would be boring if we were all the same. As we used to say with Mary Whitehouse - if you don't like what's on, pick another channel.
No, the saddest part of such "strong" comments I read is the loss of such old mates as Martyn and others too numerous to mention who have been driven away. let's all just remember that this is a forum to express our views. Certainly it does not matter how left field (drop Bamford play Messi; Bielsa out hire Farage; let's move the stadium to Scarborough at least if we get beat we can have a nice weekend) but let's all do it with dignity and a little bit of humour and please, please don't anybody get sharply personal. write your post, read your post, read it again - and only then, send it.

06 Feb 2020 11:29:11
Samo Recruitment process is flawed. Correct strategy would've been to ignore Costa altogether giving considerable manoeuvre for Profit and Sustainability and then secure Bowen this window. Instead of Costa play the boy Stevens. Playoff games for us. All on JKA. 🐝 and Pontus title winner's medal, Baggies runner up. I can see a Leeds Forest final.

06 Feb 2020 12:16:30
You make some excellent points Samo, and Leodis thanks for your post, it was brilliant and encapsulated the age of social media, where nastiness, bullying and even harassment are pedalled without any accountability whatsoever.

The definition as to whether an individual felt harassed in terms of uk legislation is ONLY the recipient can determine if they felt offended or harassed irrespective of any intent or malice of the person making/ posting a remark.

I do some voluntary work with teenage boys who have been subjected to inappropriate comments to the point where they self harm or worse!

Society’s answer is they’re soft or snowflakes and should harden up, but they are a different generation all together in my day if I made a critical comment there was a very good chance of physical retaliation!

So really like Leodis comment of reading two or three times before you post, personally, fully respect people’s right to criticise the team or Bub so long as it’s reasoned, but aiming it at individuals is wrong.

None of us know what’s going on in each of our personal lives so be mindful the wrong comment can sometimes be the tipping point.

Suicide rates are at record highs and as someone who works with these young men telling them to “grow a pair, man up or clear off if you don’t like it, does not work.

I appreciate I am discussing very different scenarios (hopefully) but we are becoming a more fragmented society due to social media, it’s the new road rage only far more destructive.

06 Feb 2020 12:48:52
Hear hear Notts.

06 Feb 2020 13:09:01
Class. What you're talking about is totally different to what goes happens on this site.
I hate the cowardly bullying that happens on social media, as you said people are being driven to take their own lives over it, but as I said, we don't know each other, so how can you take anything that may be said against you on here personally?

06 Feb 2020 13:28:38
Danum, you’re missing the point.

I personally never have been offended, but many people have left this Site for what they consider to be valid reasons. I have no idea whatsoever, if they have felt hurt or offended by what is aimed at them.

I was simply highlighting the potential of doing so if comments are directed at individuals. For harassment it would have to be a breach of a protected characteristic such as age, race (I’ve never seen that on here! ) Bullying is not recognised in Uk law however I’m simply stating whatever people chuck at individuals only they can determine if it was inappropriate. There is no defence it stating it was made in jest.

People may have left for other reasons other than what I previously stated Danny’s what I’m saying is IF someone was not in a great place what we both might consider a perfectly harmless dig a bit of fun, is not for us to determine.

Just don’t get where it’s come from it never happened 18 months ago, but somehow it now appears there are two very distinct camps (moaners whiners, or hot tub rose tinted lot) why should it matter?

As Leodis said go as left field as you like about the team, Bub and Radz etc that’s what drives the debate as of course it would be boring but this canvassing of support from EITHER side is spoiling the best Leeds banter site out there.

06 Feb 2020 13:36:00
Whats interesting for me is that, of the all is great side when it suits them they can bully, ridicule, insult people at will on here and that's fine then because we are labelled whingers. Yet the post that started this thread tells people don't go to games, don't whinge, don't comment is that not bullying also ?
Just last week people were called a bunch of a - holes what's that about?
We support Leeds Utd as much as anyone else but just because we refuse to believe Kinnear, refuse to accept that we will get promoted because bamford will score 20, refuse to believe that Radz is not doing the utmost for his team, then that equally gives you no right to try and take the moral high ground on this site .

Life is wonderful, life is all diff folk with diff traditions and DIFFERENT VIEWS, just because mine is diff to yours that don't make you better than anyone non here or a better supporter than anyone on here.

06 Feb 2020 14:08:50
Your right Chris different views, let’s just agree to differ, and respect each other’s opinions.

06 Feb 2020 14:53:01
And hear hear Chris.

06 Feb 2020 16:47:53
As I said, criticize the team (if you must) but not each other and certainly not in any sarcastic/ maliscious way. Just take a deep breath first.

06 Feb 2020 17:43:44
Driven away do me a favour, if you give it you should expect to receive it, some just can’t do that!

06 Feb 2020 17:47:10
Chris I don’t agree with anything you post, Leeds Utd related, same goes for quite a few others. But that’s my opinion. I make no judgements on your your loyalty to our club. All I know is that promotion is definitely going to happen this season, and Bielsa is a Demi God. I’ve even got a signed blue bucket.

06 Feb 2020 17:57:52
Chris you nailed it mate hit in one,

06 Feb 2020 18:03:07
We obviously all hope your optimistic prediction that promotion is definitely going to happen this season becomes reality OP

With better recruitment it could have been an absolute given

. MOT.

06 Feb 2020 19:00:09
You got a new job O P?

06 Feb 2020 19:56:58
I think the issue isn’t so much voicing opinions and criticising the players, but if you are criticising the players you’ve got to acknowledge that that can be the cause of the performances.

The players are mostly all young, and have not been in a position like this before. They’re likely to know what’s being said about them (not necessarily on this board, but in general) , it’s only human. In some players criticism can invoke an I’ll show them response and be much improved. For others it’s in their head, and when they next get a chance they’re second guessing themselves, not playing their natural game and perform much worse.

We’ve seen before with this group of players that they are very much confidence players. When there’s less pressure (start of the season) they play much better. When things aren’t going well, we can struggle to get out of the rut.

It’s fine to have your say on things, but when there’s a lot of negativity, it’s naive of any fan to think that it’s not having a detrimental impact on these players and performances.

The transfer window has shut. The squad isn’t changing. Radz is going nowhere. Bielsa is going nowhere. We’re 2nd in the league and it’s these players, management and owners that got us there, and will keep us there.

06 Feb 2020 20:39:55
Bazooka there is no given for promotion to the Premiership. I think the way Wolves bent the rules so to speak with their third party ownership and literally gambling everything on buying top class players, you could say that was a given. ?
If we had done that they probably would of kicked us out thé FL. for good.
I’m afraid this league is like blood mud and bullets and Bielsa is our only ticket out of it, that’s the way I see it.

06 Feb 2020 21:56:03
Great points one and all. I think you’re all right.

06 Feb 2020 23:13:40
OP no definitely promotion last season was a given without breaking FFP with 2 crucial signings a good
gk and another striker

As last season BPF and Kiko cost Leeds at least 10 points in mistakes . if Orta had signed a good gk ( standard of Martyn, Kasper even Rob Green) that in itself would have ensured promotion automatic top 2

Furthermore, 2 strikers ( last season just Bamford and Roofe) is not the required norm for any club . both got injured and it cost us.

Sheffield United had 4 strikers and a better goalkeeper and that was the crucial difference. FFP is a smokescreen for Radz shortsighted frugality and Radz cost Leeds promotion

. Sheffield United have less income than Leeds but they happily navigated the January window and FFP easy enough by signing Oliver Norwood and 2 strikers, Leeds just signed a keeper Kiko who concedes 75% of shots faced and has many other weaknesses.

07 Feb 2020 09:41:43
Well hopefully that’s cleared everything up, eh?
Seriously tho, great points all round as Alf has said.
Let’s just remember, ALAW?



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