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20 Jan 2020 12:07:35
Reflecting on all the posts and the current sentiment, when you put all the views in perspective it becomes very clear the club is being run by a business man and not by a fan.
Everyone can see what the issues are,
the solution is to spend money,
the business man will not do this.
The lack of proper investment in the playing squad is quite alarming.

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20 Jan 2020 13:02:07
Therein lies the main problem . it always has been the main problem # Radz ( and Orta)

20 Jan 2020 13:09:12
and beilsa for me many are giving him too easy a ride. many teams have got promotion without spending money

yes rads needs to invest but we should be going up regardless in my opinion.

20 Jan 2020 13:09:34
Advised the same from the beginning. Advised same with Cellino. An Italian has neither inherent love for nor heritage with Leeds United. It's a business for him. He's done fairly well overall but he'll be judged on the next 10 days for sure.

20 Jan 2020 13:42:43
BW a few questions to your reply

1.which teams have gone up over tbe past 10 years without spending ( any) money as you claim?

2) without any investment why should ' Leeds be going up regardless? Remember Leeds are a 'small '
Club according to you in your previous posts

3) Bielsa fine margins of success / failure despite zero net investment by Radz
Last eason was a near miss for promotion but it was the lack of any
investment by Radz in the January window that was tbe fine line between success and failure. Sheffield United bought 2 strikers and Oliver Norwood in the Jan window Leeds bought no outfield player despite Roofe being injured leaving just Bamford as our striker ( sound familiar) . that was the crucial factor in promotion

# Deja vu this season.

20 Jan 2020 14:03:22
teams going up without spending much (this is by memory without looking into it)

Norwich, sheff utd, wigan, blackpool, derby, huddslefield, swansea, bournemouth, burley (twice) , cardiff, palace. the list goes on

now when you look at Blackpool, Hudds, Cardiff and Sheff utd. all of them went up when being in a far weaker position than us, hudds, blackpool, sheff utd, cardiff where all tipped to finish nearer the bottom than the top so I think I have answered that one pretty conclusivly if not happy with this answwer look into it, barnsley, hull swindon all come into my head while repliying (not sure if barnsley and swindon where in last ten years mind)

2. we should go up because we come so close last year. we chucked it away so with the quality in our squad (which is clear we have now dominated the league in quality for two years but results have lacked) promotion is a must anything less is unforgivable. yes when george said any player would love to come to leeds we are a big club. i disagree with this but factoring in last year and the squad and the world class manager calling the shots. we should go up

3. I agree rads needs to invest more. just saying if belisa was as good as many leeds fans and pundits claim he would of been able to do what wilde, warnock, fauke and wagner did. with no/ little money and teams not tipped to go up

my agrumenegt is ages old been saying it since summer but sadly our recent slump have given my views far more credance than they should have. belisa go prove me wrong. but i can't see it happening and it is really pi@@@@ing me off.

20 Jan 2020 14:26:43
I would disagree with the fact our squad are quality. They are not and the only reason we are as high up the league as we are is Biesla. More or less the same squad were mid table or lower without Bielsa’s input.

20 Jan 2020 14:54:22
Agreed Alf, in most positions we are just not "quality". We are doing well because Bielsa is squeezing every last bit of quality they do have but for some it's just not enough and some are being found out. The quality of the manager now is to spot the weak links and act decisively. There is no room for sentiment. Cut out the deadwood. I fear however that his loyalty/ stubborness will win out and this is just another team on his CV where quality football does not win games and he walks away with yet another failure on his list.

20 Jan 2020 15:52:35
Spot on Alf and Leodis.

20 Jan 2020 16:14:17
I too agree Alf and Leodis! Bravo!

20 Jan 2020 16:25:40
I’m not sure it’s even stubbornness. There are no other options simple as that. The rest of the squad are worse than the first team and the kids aren’t ready or worse than the first team. I’m sure if there were better players Bielsa would use them.



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