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19 Jan 2020 09:38:56
Looking like the play offs again guys. That was a poor result when we needed the win. ARE the players to blame for it though. Against Birmingham although it was chaotic and the gameplan went out the window but we showed fire and passion and we snowed we could score. Next match all that seemed to have been sucked out of us and back to playing keep ball. I ask myself would Bam score more for Brom or Fulham or Brentford and i think he would. We have seen Costa can easily go past players and cross the ball but not happening for us. For all the possession we can not score and we can not defend. Think major fault is lack of height at both ends. If we had some one at the front who could get his head on the ball Costa and Harrison may be more useful and set pieces would not be wasted as much. At the back height is an obvious problem to anyone. If you do not have a tall striker to come back and help then you have to have a tall cb.
Keeping faith with players for the sake of it is a problem. Dallas offers very little at left back and for me is not a cm but is ever present all over the place. Guess he will fill in for KP next game. How anyone can think Berardi and White are a good cb pairing is beyond me.
So i think i am allowed at this stage to look at Bubs and ask what is happening. Have you learned from last season. You need to compete and score goals to get out of the championship. By compete i mean battle not just play pretty football. We have proved possession means nothing if you do not win. that's your legacy so far Bub. Ethics are fine and belief in the system is fine but if we are not prepared to spend the money to make it a success then let's throw Edmo and Pascal in and let Costa do what he does best. Klich has been poor for most of his games yet is an ever present. Left back spot needs to be given to some one not changed every game.
Some thing needs to be done quickly as once again in the games that matter we do not know what to do and play like robots. Once again Orta and Radz are stumbling around in the transfer market going after unrealistic targets and ending up signing a load of young ones. Would a signing matter, would Bubs play them before the end of March.
The optimism is slowly being sucked out of me. Now go on a four match winning spree and fill me up again. MOT.

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19 Jan 2020 10:18:58
Agree totally about height. Our corners are easy meat for all defences. But we still have 4 points to spare, and in this division anybody can take points from anybody, so I still have confidence/ hope we will click again.

19 Jan 2020 10:26:10
sadly i agree with this post 100% and been saying it for ages.

i still think there is hope but not with belisa. we are in a good position in the table and with a turn around of form we will go up. we need a harry redknapp or dave basset type of manager to come in and lift the place. get these players back to there best.

19 Jan 2020 11:12:28
Look what Redknapp did with Brum Bermo, which led to their points deduction.
And Bassett, he’s a bloody dinosaur.
I’ll stick with Bielsa, thanks.

19 Jan 2020 11:13:28
Great post, try looking at it another way, 6 pts from 21, if this was start of the season and its wasnt bielsa, what would all be thinkin, totally love what bielsa has done for the team, and I'm not in sacking camp, but his stubbornness will cost us, thick skinned Oldman who doesn't want to be proved wrong IMO, but still radz needs to gamble and dig deep, for me orta is the problem, who is our scouting network, look at the lad on the wing for QPR, peanuts from Blackpool, yet were willing to pay 13 mill 4 costa, who was better?, look at our last 2 opponents, both beat us, 1 thumped 5 at home by Blackburn, 1 thumped by brentford.

19 Jan 2020 11:21:36
Berms, half of these players were beneath mediocre when Bielsa arrived. B'bud, I agree with most of your post, but not the bit about Bamford. He would not score more at any of the teams you listed, or any other playing in the fourth tier or above. Bamford couldn't even score in a cheap brothel, despite his fame, fortune and boyish good looks. Christ I hope Bielsa recognises that now. Watching "pet" players get selected week in week out is becoming excruciating. I let out an exasperated sigh yesterday upon hearing that Bielsa thought that Ed needed an Eddie Nketia on the bench. NSS!

19 Jan 2020 11:37:07
LUFC i was trying to be kind to Bamford but sort of agree but still think midfield have to score goals as well and not doing it.

19 Jan 2020 11:37:43
basset and redknapp are not my suggestion to take over just saying we need someone of that type.

we was playing well. so players can do that. now we just don't look like we have a win in us. so new manager bounce could change that. leeds are falling apart again. i'm getting same texts from last year with pics of leeds crumble from tescos. if i'm getting same joke we must be doing same thing. therefor a need to change must be due

lets remember this time in the summer i was calling for belisa out due to lack of height inability to change his problems. i predicited the same thing to happen again

what was my answer back then. get in pearson. the man who has turned watford around. again this is not a i told you so post. just trying to highlight my frustration of leeds falling apart and the club doing nothing to stop it

belisa must go. tonight. every game is a game wasted and points lost. do we really think we will pick up enough points to go up automotacily? if not we will be too low in confidence to win playoffs as that is about form. so let's not repeate last season. come on leeds fans do something about it. against wigan when we lose. start chanting bleisa out. let's not do what we did last year.

19 Jan 2020 11:39:33
tory i agree about bamford (to a degree) but like george you want to keep belisa yet want him to change

we either accept belisa. and say don't change anything mate that ain't your style. or we ask him to pack his bags

bamford up front, no 4-4-2 for george, no change at the back with belisa. he doesn't change he is clueless

so let's love belisa as he is or like me want him gone.

19 Jan 2020 11:42:19
Like George has said, Bam would be successful as a 10, with an out and out 9, in a 442, but we won’t play that way. He’d get loads of assists and 10-15 goals. Maybe next year, if Bielsa walks, if we don’t go up.

19 Jan 2020 11:42:28
I think we all agree that we love the style of play that Bielsa has brought to the club and has elivated the performances of some average Championship players. His stubborn streak is starting to annoy me a tad, with either sticking to the same tactics that teams have worked out or sticking with the same players who are either not performing or are physically shot because of his intensity. A truely great manager identifies what works well and adapts what does not i. e. klopp. I do sympathise that Bielsa does not have the depth of squad to necessarily change the style of play, however even if he had, I still don't think he would change anything. Someone posted yesterday that we are physically and mentally weak, which is actually spot on. I believe this weakness runs from the top down. A Chairman who is content in not investing any more on the playing squad. A stronger Chairman would see what we are seeing and influence the manager to allow additional resources to support. Before the Martyn's of this world state the tired phrase "How do you know he has not? " I don't, but the facts are we had a bunch of kids on the bench yesterday that Bielsa did not want to use. We have a DOF who has the ability to pick players up who are ready for the knackers yard - Roberts, Forshaw, Douglas. A manager who will not adapt his principles one inch despite the fact it has brought him very little success during his long career. A captain, who is a nice fella but when the going gets tough he has little influence. A playing staff with little or no leaders. Harsh words I know but we are in a funk at the moment and struggle to see how we will lift ourselves from it. Those that say we are still second with a 4 points gap, I cannot argue with. However I would say, we were second with an 11 points, no 9 points, no 6 points, no 4 points gap .

19 Jan 2020 12:13:07
Good post Notts. If we do not go up this season it is not about the manager, or Radz or Orta, it is all of them they all need to share the blame. When Radz came some thought he was a saviour. I said back then it was Aser whoo held the key. He bought us through Aser who buy failing projects, make them better then sell. That was the agenda from day one whether Radz has his family in Leeds shirts or not. No argument with this its how it works. He has carried on from Cellino and kept us financially sound but player wise we sell more than we buy. We have good players giving their all in a system that's not firing properly. You either change players or change owners? management in that scenario. Hope its owners and Radz decides to sell in the summer promotion or not. I think he has taken us as far as he can.



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