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18 Jan 2020 15:01:28
Baffles me why we never change our formation to keep teams guessing, if it was me I’d play 2nd half of the season with 4-4-2 everyone knows we play with no striker ( can’t could bumford as a striker ) drop klich as well he’s been crap this season Costa is crap.

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18 Jan 2020 15:14:16
Would need a 2nd striker for that, and don't even have one.

18 Jan 2020 15:15:46
Not according to a few on here DML , they told me I was clueless for suggesting Costa was crap months ago. More worried about his hair then improving his overall play.

18 Jan 2020 15:17:30
DML I identified this as a solution long ago. Our failure to implement is why Eddie is recalled. Playing such formation at home would have seen Eddie playing time double which would've pleased his permanent employers. It's all fallen apart now. No way out unless my recommendation adopted. Ruthless on the sacrificial lamb but that's what life and business all about. Arsenal were ruthless with us over Eddie. We need to be ruthless with ourselves. George recommendation in next 2 weeks or season over and Bielsa train derailed and all that work for nowt.

18 Jan 2020 15:18:00
I think their wingers showed Harrison and Costa how to do it. Some of the time just pick the ball up and at the worse, if you get into the box, a penalty could result when defenders panic.
Purse strings now need to be loosened to get fresh blood (sooner rather than later) to give the squad a much needed shake up. Personally I would concentrate on a striker (and play two up top) and a midfielder (give Klich a rest! ) .

18 Jan 2020 15:20:07
That's a valid point DML and I have been thinking the same for a while now. When Bubba first came we took everyone by surprise which is why I thought last season was our best chance of promotion but we ran out of steam.

As John Cleese once said in a Monty Python sketch when something went wrong, "Think, Adapt and Improvise".

Play 2 up front for god's sake, what is there to lose? Shake it up, throw a spanner in the works, throw a curved ball but mainly DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

18 Jan 2020 15:26:58
Drop for who? We have a bunch of kids on the bench who Bielsa does not trust to play.

18 Jan 2020 15:49:43
Are we back to, good idea but the man is too stubborn? I too would play two up top. Bamford for his workrate (just don't expect goals) and a poacher to feed off the scraps.

18 Jan 2020 15:51:43
I think we are all pretty much in agreement on this, for me we need 2 strikers or use kun or Ryan plus a quality loan, our attacking midfielders aren’t scoring enough either considering the chances we create! Que Bowan!
Am I alone in actually thinking you could see us losing today after about 6 or 7 minutes and how bloody upsetting this game and result actually are? That one hurt today and I fear will have huge significance on the season as a whole.

18 Jan 2020 16:08:09
2 sheds you can only play 2 up top when you have 2 up top in your squad, appalling management that let's a scenario develop where a team pushing for. promotion to EPL travel with 1 striker who can't score,

All season the pro Radz lot told us we were clueless for even questioning Andreas modus operandi well what's quiet clear now is who really was clueless,

Unless proper quality is recruited in the next 2 weeks those players will limp to April in a very ragged fashion.

18 Jan 2020 16:11:10
Bang right Leodis re the two QPR wingers, pace to burn, and oozing confidence and skill with the ball. Gave our guys a schooling.

18 Jan 2020 17:54:48
Canada . second striker? We anti got one, one would be nice, I don’t know how bam bam has got the check to pick up his fat wages each week.



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