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17 Jan 2020 07:35:00
I don't care about Wayne Rooney's Derby, the Wendies woes or the financial meltdowns at Stoke and Birmingham.

Adams or Bowen might well as be talking about Messi and Suarez all pie in the sky.

Our manager works in his own way, he develops players he doesn't buy them. He trusts players to carry out his instructions and when they don't he takes the blame for not giving the instructions better.

He sets standards that players need to follow and if you do that like Cooper and Dallas then you get your reward by him showing you loyalty. If you don't like Pontus, Clarke and Edmundson then you are moved on or made to wait until you do.

This is Marcelo's show, if we go up it is all down to him and if we don't it is all down to him.

He is a man of honour and principle and I love him for it although that on its own won't get us into the promised land.

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17 Jan 2020 08:32:19
Respect Bielsa, but this is not a one man show Rads, Orta and Kenner are all major players in this, Bielsa can only work with the players that are brought into the squad by others. But he does like bringing in players as well as developing them, James and Adams are two he wanted, we did not get. Costa, White and Harrison are three we did get and which he had input.

17 Jan 2020 09:42:03
Surely you have proved my point 1970! MB wanted Harrison, White and Costa. He didn’t want White the year before, Harrison he has worked with last season and Costa has taken nearly 6 months to show anything like 15 million potential. MB had already said anyone coming in will take time to adapt, which I take as meaning no one with any quality is coming only players with potential.
AR, VO and AK are not going to spend money on players MB does not want. They ask him for targets and then try and get them. The players have to fit into the style, the system and the work ethic and luckily for MB and us KP, Ayling, Klitch, Pablo, Forshaw, Roberts, Dallas and Cooper do. That is why most of them will or have got new contracts and Adams, Bowen, and their like will never be at Leeds.

17 Jan 2020 10:00:17
The approach will only be vindicated if we achieve promotion this season. If not Bielsa et al will have failed and Bielsa will move on. Bielsa will be richer for the experience and we will have some good memories but will be in a similar position before he came.

17 Jan 2020 11:11:06
I think the board have already spent money on players that Bielsa doesn’t want. Players who are the finished article cost way more than we would spend so I think Bielsa works with targets that he agrees to within our budget. I’m sure if he could get better players, . or more complete, he would. The development angle is the board’s, Bielsa is the manager hey identified by to help with that. Do you really think Bielsa would be bothered bysomeone who needs 12-18 months development if he will be gone in 5 months?

17 Jan 2020 11:16:59
i wouldn't mind if belisa did develop but he dont, outside of KP who has improved uder belisa who has he developed for the long term good of leeds? maybe shacks a little bit

if he brought the young guns through and they did well but ultimatly failed like under o'leary then fair enough but main problem with belisa is the young ones are not coming through due to players like dallas and beradi playing out of position and not playing well (dallasm great but not in centre mid)

either invest and be like morninho and buy success. or improve the youth and bring them through

belisa has improved a small selection of the sqaud but he flogs them to death and puts sqaure pegs in round holes. White in Dm is another example.

17 Jan 2020 13:57:43
Good post BW Gotts an example. He is an excellent right back, defends well gets forward and bags of energy but never used there because of Dallas and Berardi. Instead we try and change him into a midfield player as Bub thinks we need more strength there so it takes longer for him adjust. What does this say to the other young midfield talent we have Bogysz Macalmont etc. I can understand why players such as Diaz and Odour chose to go elsewhere. This myth that Bubs likes to promote youth is just that a myth. He will use them if he really needs them otherwise will use the preferred 18 come what may. To say Edmo can't play because he likes to have a drink at the weekend is ridiculous if true. His fitness is second to none on matchday and as i said before he will be moving on in the summer.

17 Jan 2020 14:39:31
Letting Pontus go was MB mistake we let in more goals without him, as for white how can you say he didn’t fit in he played most of last season under MB that’s what got him the big money offer, now your saying no point bring anyone in as they have to work MB way before getting in the first team so that will be around March time, if and it’s a big if anyone coming will need to go straight in as we need goals, and a good defensive player,



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