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07 Jan 2020 03:45:23
What a game. Immense performance in first half. Run them ragged.
But didn't score. Same old problem.
Conclusion. Need a striker.
Went off boil and they improved second half but scored scrappy goal in one of their few attempts.
Conclusion. Need a central defender.
Goalkeeper was good. In fact I was more confident in him than I am Casilla.
They were dirty and should have had two sent off.
One other thing. White is getting to clever. Don't know if he trying to impress the big boys but messed up a few times.
Overall happy with the game and that we eventually lost tbh.
I expect premier league teams will be increasing their pre season training ready for us.

{Ed047's Note - what, one of our 15 2nd half attempts. 🤔

You were excellent in the first half but you failed to score even a scrappy goal and we bettered you in the 2nd, you didn’t go off the boil as you put it.

Being fit doesn’t save you in the Premier League either mate, putting the ball in the back of the net and not allowing the opposition to scrape it into yours does. 😉

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07 Jan 2020 07:04:44
Another CD, who? Because whoever it is will sit on the bench, can't see MB dropping white or his captain,

07 Jan 2020 07:09:13
I’d call them 15 half chances. And a scrappy goal. Lucky not be down to 10 in first half and 9 in the second. Yes you did win and that’s all that matters I suppose but I think your performance reflected your position in the league. Prob lucky to be that high tbh.

07 Jan 2020 08:23:16
Agreed Ausman1, They were clearly rattled and will know themselves they have a lot of work to do going forward. And I wish I could say I’m surprised by the VAR decision or the ref’s leniency toward Xhaka but I’m not and if we go up last night showed we’ll face the same issues we do now. But we played brilliantly and we need Radz to agree to add that little bit of quality to see us out of the Championship.

07 Jan 2020 09:04:08
agree with ed we battered them first half but second half they battered us. only difference was they scored and looked more dangerous. our final ball descion was off and of course they were more soild in defence but then they are prem and we aint

do agree not sure how xaka wasn't booked at least but then they could of had a pen and both douglas and lacazet could of been sent off for off the ball nonsesnse.

07 Jan 2020 09:12:18
agree with aus about White. great player for us but showed what happened when you up the quality and got found out a few times. that said he has been amazing all season.

07 Jan 2020 09:19:23
Xhaka was lucky not to be yellow carded in the first half, can't see how he didn't .
Very disappointed about the falling over to get free kicks at one stage it was so blatant.

{Ed001's Note - Xhaka was lucky not to be carded on about 15 occasions! Then to follow that up with a dive to get one of yours booked was just sickening to watch. But what do you expect when the referee is a Mancunian? Should never have been given the game, he is abysmal anyway, but a Mancunian should never referee a game involving Leeds, or a Manchester or Merseyside club. Even if they were any good, which Taylor isn't, the pressure on them would almost certainly cause errors. When you add that on top of them being a useless tit, you get an utterly inept performance like last night.}

07 Jan 2020 09:43:40
Am I the only Leeds fan that is celebrating today?

I just can't get over how perfect last night was.

1st half we absolutely battered them. A deluded 'top 6 side' was getting handed their bums. WBA gave us more problems the other week.

In that 1st half their best player was the referee. A red card could have been handed out for 1 challenge alone but a yellow should have been handed out for persistent fouling. Once on a yellow that player would have had no chance against Harrison.

In the first half we had some very real opportunities to go 1-0, if not 2-0 ahead. against this alleged 'top 6 side'.

So, end of the first half we gave shown that if we get to the PL we are able to out play sides in the top half of the division. Sheffield United are already proving that the gulf can be overcome, but it's nice to know we can do it ourselves

In the 2nd half Arsenal were much much better. A much more even match to watch. But in being better, but only scoring the one goal, we again proved our parity with a PL side. Our players are on par with a host of international stars. We don't need to do "a Villa" or "a Fulham" and buy a whole new squad when we get promoted.

And the fact they won is brilliant.

No extra cup games to tire a small squad. No extra cup games that increases the risk of injury. There is honour in defeat. Any cup revenue is paltry compared to the riches of the PL.


07 Jan 2020 10:05:30
Agree with most of your post Axe and definitely pleasing to more than hold our own against Arsenal

. but not celebrating as the serious issues of not converting chances persists . and having just one striker ( and not prolific striker. at that ) in our first team squad is foolish, arrogant negligent, incompetent .

07 Jan 2020 10:40:41
Fair enough Bazooka

Not as bothered about the lack of strikers as a lot on here. Sure it would be nice to have a couple of 20-goal-a-season guys on the books but I can see that financing 2 expensive strikers when only 1 plays in the system can be an expensive white elephant.

Nekeitha has gone, so by the rules that Biesla uses, a new striker will be taking his place soon. It's the way he runs his small squads. 2 strikers and 4-5 wide players. Some of whom can fill in as a striker for short periods

My opinion is that we had to wait until after the FA Cup last night to see what sort of striker we would require.
If we won we would need to look at only strikers that weren't cup-tied
If we list we had a bigger pool of strikers to look at. Also, teams that went out of the cup this weekend will have lost a potential revenue stream so may be less reluctant to sell/ loan out a striker.

07 Jan 2020 11:13:10
Most of your post makes sense Axe but it would have been nice to win having put away said chances and on to the next round. I get what you are saying about small squad but who prefers to lose instead of win? I always want to win.

That said it does not bother me that we are out.

07 Jan 2020 11:20:51
Fair points Axe let's hope that at least one striker is signed and soon. just wish tbe club had signed more strikers last summer.

07 Jan 2020 12:19:57
Must agree with everything said. For some reason the Arsenal that turned up first half is the one the Gooners have to watch most weeks. At least Arteta will have next year, without European football, to put a team together.

{Ed047's Note - gotta love axe-on-tour, deluded and alleged top 6 side, guess it was too much for him that your “wannanbe” Premiership side was outplayed and out fought in the second half when we could have had more than the one goal.

Not bitter at all. 🤦‍♂️😂

07 Jan 2020 12:45:37
Well Ed yes Leeds are a wannabe prem team that ain’t made it for 15 years but that doesn’t mean arsenal ain’t a deluded top six team either

First half showed all the problems with arsenal but second half you did show your class but against a team that can’t defend and has a midget right back playing centre back so not a great night for arsenal who could find themselves with a bottom half finish if Arteta dint work out

As for the Leeds fans banging in about a striker dint blame Bamford blame the god Belisa we had eddie who is a 20 goal striker but didn’t use him . names linked to lie Gayle wouldn’t make beslisa team he dint want a 20 goal striker he wants a man who works defence nd holds up ball. it is how Belisa plays even if we spent 49 million on an Ian Wright or lee Chapman type Belisa wouldn’t play him

Belisa has many great points but also suffers from football blindness.

{Ed047's Note - mate you were great first half I’m not arguing that, but just adding some realism to the axe’s obvious bitterness.

I said last night you’ll be a great addition to the Premier League, but if you make it up you clearly need additions.

Arteta is an unknown, I’m liking what I’m seeing and he turned it around and they didn’t melt away, they did everything to you in the 2nd half that you did to us in the first.

You are just now starting into the 2nd half of the season and need to make sure, like last season, you don’t get done over by some deluded top 6 Championship teams when you run out of gas.😉

07 Jan 2020 12:46:50
Lol Ed 047 you changed your tune

what happened to all your positive comments about Leeds performance during the match yesterday ' great to see Leeds in the Premier next season ' etc etc .

{Ed047's Note - stand by all that mate, you played a great first half and will be a great addition but the axe was just being a little bit bitter over it.🤦‍♂️

07 Jan 2020 13:39:32
Ed001 Good comments
Ed047 Also good comments.

07 Jan 2020 17:13:06
agree ed we played well first half but second half arta did what a manager should do put a rocket up you and changed the game second hal you was all over us. early days but think arta has done well so far and you cleary have some great talent and very promising oung players (who i think are better than some of the older players)

our problem is getting a very clincal striker but that is same with a lot of prem teams. if we go up we need a Cb more than anything. i would also argue (of course i would) that KP proved last night he is no where near good enough for prem and when up against better midfleiders he becomes anaoymus and can't do a job.

{Ed047's Note - it’s going to be interesting to see what Arteta can do that’s for sure as Emery was taking us backward at an alarming rate
and our squad was definitely better than it appeared under him.

He should never have been allowed a 2nd season after the miserable end to the 1st one.

If you can and I’m pretty sure you will, get promoted that’s when the owner will have money to invest. It’s likely he’ll want promotion with minimal outlay now so he can buy better in the summer when you’re up.

Your football is 100% good enough for the Premiership mate and Bielsa is a great coach.

07 Jan 2020 18:51:55
cheers ed, my cousins and few mates are arsenal and none liked emery

for me the biggest problem with him (apart from defensive failulties) was that even after two years no one knew what his team was or was about. counter attacking or high press or long ball?

with artera that will change and you will have an idenity again and that can only help at both ends of the pitch. i also think he will demand more from oizil and the likes

i always worry about leeds after 15 years i can do nothing but worry. also as much as i love belisa i can't stand him. just wish he could fix the easy problems as he has us playing great football but we are always one free kick, corner or cross away from dopping points

still all the best for the rest of the season ed and keep up the good work on this great site.

{Ed047's Note - and thanks to you too mate, will be great to see Arteta do well and very quickly he has the likes of Ozil and Aubameyang doing so much more than they did for Ozil.

Looking forward to seeing you back in the Premiership and maybe Bielsa just needs to be provided with the right guys to use them.

07 Jan 2020 21:44:19
agreed amabyanga gone striaght back into my fanatsy team got to beat my uncle and mates most of them are wall.

{Ed047's Note - good luck with it then mate, think he’s going to start banging them in again



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