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05 Jan 2020 13:52:41
Berm, you Wall fan, which Championship club in your opinion is bigger than us? Love to hear this.

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05 Jan 2020 18:10:33
Shhhh it’s quiet.

05 Jan 2020 18:37:34
most if going on recent history

we have big fan base but that it is

if on history both derby and forest dwarf us as european champs

on money i think a lot of teams but us

on recent history then a lot of teams have been prem teams after we were last prem team, most have not been in league 1 either

lets be honest and not biased over last 15 years we have been a leauge one club over a prem club even joke teams like huddelsfeild have had a better past 15 years than us and they are yorkshires car park. we ain't a big club at the moment. we are a small club with an amazing fan base.

05 Jan 2020 18:45:30
also saw comment on other page but thought better to comment here regarding past success

we did ok in the 60's-70's i stand by that. we had a great team and played great football but only leeds fans will known that to outside world you are judged by what you won. and we didn't win much really in the grand scale of things, a couple of cups and two leagues is not a huge club who was successful

liverpool, arsenal, chealsea, city, man utd are big clubs who won a lot. they are big clubs in the football league. i don't think we can put ourseles in there bracket in all honesty

so we did ok back then not great. i would say we was five cups short of being good over 15 years.

05 Jan 2020 18:52:28
Chelsea aren’t a big club . I remember before abramovich they were getting barely 20k watching.

05 Jan 2020 19:18:45

05 Jan 2020 19:37:12
BW re your two posts above have you been down the boozer sunshine with your bs

1 'Derby dwarf Leeds as European champions' lol . when did Derby win a European trophy BW? . never is the answer. in fact Derby have won fewer trophies than Leeds

2.Yes Leeds only won 6 trophies ( 2 leagues, FA Cup, League Cup,2 Fairs UEFA Cups ) in this period but due to their own misfortune, corrupt UEFA refs, inept FA refs and FA we were cheated out of winning the 1975 European Cup, 1973 Cup Winners Cuo 1972 League etc

Leeds have never been a ' small' club BW not even when they had L1 status
Bigger clubs Man U, Liverpool yes . any other club I would argue it is open to debate.

05 Jan 2020 19:42:36
yes slough but chealsea have won more in the last 15 years than we have in the last 100 so that must be a big club surely?

and yes Derby have been champions of europe a feat we have not officially managed so in my book that makes them bigger than us

all counter arguments come down to fan base. i have said we have a big fan base, we are a one city club. however that don't make us a big successful club

our 100 history don't compare to some who dwaf us and our recent history is very poor.

05 Jan 2020 19:54:04
Berm To your opinion and posts supporting (including using a PL club to justify who is the biggest in the Championship thus unilaterally and falsely altering the parameters of the debate) , I've got 2 words to say to that.

The first is an anagram of "heist" and so is the second.

05 Jan 2020 19:59:04
Derby have not won the European Cup. Perhaps you are confusing them with Forest?

05 Jan 2020 20:00:15
Or Villa?

05 Jan 2020 20:06:07
Derby have not won any European trophy BW . involving teams in Europe. just checked their official website to make sure
Derby won a tin pot trophy called the Texaco trophy in 1972 beating the jocks team Aidree maybe you mean that? lol . if not give the name of the European trophy and year you still decidedly believe Derby have won.

05 Jan 2020 20:11:46
BW, When did Derby win the european cup? Never!

05 Jan 2020 20:16:25
Berm definition of big just happens to exclude a 40,000 seat stadium in a one club city with a population of a million people who've won all the domestic honours available to be won and were cheated out of a European Cup but won all the others European trophies. #thickjackclot.

05 Jan 2020 21:46:14
I think Leeds are the 15th most successful club in terms of trophies. Above us and not in the Prem are Sunderland, Blackburn, Forest and Wednesday. Berm is right particularly over the last 15 years we have been way below par and anyone born in the last probably 20 years would not count Leeds as a big club.

05 Jan 2020 21:57:06
But not right about Derby winning the European cup Tuppence.

05 Jan 2020 22:09:08
Great post Alf. Sunderland don't count as they're in League One. Blackburn? Do me a favour! πŸ˜‚ Wednesday are big but not as much as us and they know it. Two club city half size of centre of Universe. Forest is Berm's best argument but I don't give a fork. We are Leeds, we are Leeds, we are Leeds, we are Leeds πŸŽΆπŸ’›πŸ’™.

05 Jan 2020 22:20:08
Derby champions of europe? Berm been on the sherry!

05 Jan 2020 22:22:27

05 Jan 2020 23:12:21
to all I do apologise Derby ain't won the european cup i think i got confused with forest and villa

however going back to George's orginal post. why would adams and other players not come to leeds we are the biggest club.

on what other than fan base? recent history we are not a big club. we ain't done nothing but fail in 15 years

as alf said go outside of leeds and ask anyone leeds are not a big club we ain't been top flight for far to long to be seen as such

and if we are going on history we have not won enough to be seen as such compared to. big successful clubs

so why woud players join us. why are we the biggest club. great fan base 100% but big club. not sure we are and how we can justify this. leeds are a bit like newcastle. one city club with huge fan base so think we can sometimes get carried away

if i was a prem player looking to go on loan I think i maybe see other clubs as big as leeds if not bigger. i would certanly see other clubs as less of a risk given what happened to eddie and clarke.

06 Jan 2020 12:41:27
Derby did go on a package tour to Malaga though.

06 Jan 2020 13:08:16
brilliant woody that made me laugh

in their defence it was all inclusive and they did pay for the watersports package as well (jokes welcome on this line)

bet they saved a fortune on all inclusive as the derby boys do like a drink so i hear. just hope they also shell out for cabs for all. not that i would accuse derby players of drink driving.

06 Jan 2020 15:14:36
The thing is BW you grew up watching football in the 80s . not the 60s or 70s which you missed . the vast majority of people over a certain age definitely refer to Leeds as a big club. even those who watched Leeds in the decade of the 90s up to 2002 would not refer to Leeds as a ' small club ' . just you.



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