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03 Jan 2020 10:34:29
FFP is bollocks, Morris and Derby pulling EFL pants down again, loop in Rooneys wages is a joke, bowt time Rads starting playing the system, take PSG investment and play the system

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03 Jan 2020 11:20:33
Certainly one thing right there Richie; Derby are royally taking the proverbial, and the fact that the EFL haven’t acted yet, against them, and the Wendies, is an utter disgrace. They always seem to be very swift to act against us, but not the others. #corrupt.

03 Jan 2020 13:18:59
the EFL even invited rads to do the same thing but he declined as he is moral. or skint. you decide.

03 Jan 2020 15:44:51
I believe that any striker will be put off coming to Leeds because of game time not given to other loan players, so we need to tell them that they will play ahead of Bam Bam, for the rest of the season.

03 Jan 2020 17:17:26
Bam bam is better than Eddie in the formation we play
He can hold the ball up better than Eddie
He’s more physical than Eddie
And his bringing other people into the game quality is better than eddies but I just wish his finishing was better than eddies. Any player coming in whiteman will only be as cover for bam bam. I know you dislike him almost as much as you dislike radz but the fact is he’s our best striker and would walk into 99% of the teams in this league if not 100% of them.

03 Jan 2020 17:25:31
Bermo - it’s neither. He is just tight. He doesn’t want to spend a penny of his money on the club if he can help it. He runs the club from what it generates and nothing more.

03 Jan 2020 17:34:19
That's not tight, its sensible.
Good management in my books. don't spend what you can't afford.

03 Jan 2020 17:58:38
you're both right it is both tight and sensible. no fan would love to see us gamble again after last time. however i think considering player sales he could maybe push the boat out a little more. last year the sensible tight aproach saw us throw away the league. please not again.

03 Jan 2020 18:31:38
Martyn-g, it’s not I don’t like him he’s just not a striker in my book, you can’t score if you half way up the field, and I believe we have enough in that part, Yes he can bring players in but no point if you don’t score, but we also need a defender cause we can let them in. but your right about Rad, that will come one .

03 Jan 2020 20:30:31
Whitey Tiny downsides to your arguments are 1. He's improved recently with some goals. 2. It's clear his qualities are integral to us. 3. We are TOTL in no small part because of him. Otherwise, excellent. We do need and urgently an Eddie replacement but berating Bam in the process like fitting wheels to a tomato. Time consuming and completely unnecessary.

04 Jan 2020 08:12:45
Canada - Radz can afford. He is worth $550million. I’m sure he could afford to put an extra £15million into the club for a few signings if he wanted to. If not, then WTF is he doing owning an ambitious club?

04 Jan 2020 12:39:54
He’s investing £25 million on a new training facility.

04 Jan 2020 13:08:41
Pretty sure that won’t be out of his own pocket Martyn and will be an asset owned by himself not the club.

04 Jan 2020 13:22:37
traning factility won't get us prem football, that is just an asset for when he sells

alf is spot on. other teams are investing. either join in and play the game or sell up and sit out. don't own leeds a team on verge of prem football if you don't want to get your wallet dirty

last year he did it and we forgave him. if he does the same again he is only a little better than bates and should be hung drawn and quatered.



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