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02 Jan 2020 20:42:48
Just want to make a few points on our so called weakness for high balls in to the box.
Firstly every team concedes from corners etc and although I don't know the stats I'd say we are far from the worst in the division. Secondly I'm sure Bielsa would love a CB 6"4 tall who can play like white and cooper but unfortunately they are hard to find. Maybe next season when we are in premier league we can pay the bobs for a van dyke kind of CB? Basically what I'm saying is that a Bielsa team plays its way and any old CB giant is not the answer.,
Some actually said get in Cahill in the summer as he's tall lad can play but obviously forgot his 80k a week wages.
We ain't perfect as a team but we are a united team and that will see us home.
Oh and one last thing. It's only the last few weeks certain lads have jumped on the concede from corners bandwagon as before then we had only conceded 10 goals in over 20 games.

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02 Jan 2020 21:04:32
Good point, well made Corky.

02 Jan 2020 21:37:57
Saints have told Adam to push for a move if he wants to join LEEDS, something he hasn’t done? Why are we not a bigger club for him, don’t want to come we don’t want you.

02 Jan 2020 22:22:03
Spot on Corky, any old giant will not do. We are lucky to have White this season as he will be minimum 40mill in summer. We are doing okay so if we get any one in in Jan can't see them getting in team to be honest. Think we will be better off if everyone can stay fit. May lack height but the effort the lads up front put in getting back and defending is a joy. When we go up can see quite a lot of changes happening.

03 Jan 2020 09:56:32
With yer as always Corky lad! Spot on!

03 Jan 2020 11:23:55
as one of the aforementioned lads jumping on the we can't defend high balls for toffee lads of course i disagree strongly with the original post to the point i really can't understand any of it

few points

1. you say we play a certain way. any old giant will do. but our 3rd choice cb is Beradi who can't play football and is 5'8 my point has been replace him with an equally useless footballer who is 6'4. If beradri was 6'4 but with the same talent i'd love him in this team

2. we had a great defender who could play football who we loved in pontus. it was awful mistake to sell him

3. our ratio our goals to high balls is the worst in any professional leagues. this doesn't mean we have conceeded the most but we have conceeded the heighest % of goals per chance. this ain't great

also look at the bigger picture. if we go up great, happy days but if not then what is the reason

forest we dominate the game they have one chance, one corner, one goal. we lose points. charlton (not a great team) score from a corner we lose points. swans same again. west brom one minute into the game, one corner. goal we are chasing the game

these are just a few examples. maybe corky you are happy with it. i'm not. maybe you are confident we will go up regardless. i'm not. maybe you watch us in comfort. i don't i am on the edge of my seat every time the ball goes above 5 foot in the air. maybe you think it is a hard thing to fix. i don't i think it is an easy fix and defending 101.

two very different views on for me a very black and white subject.

03 Jan 2020 11:26:29
also on the not conceeding in so long. i posted on here how impressed i was. how i loved the fight and grit and how i was wrong and long may it continue. but we don't conceed because we keep the ball well but all the while other teams have one chance to put in one high ball and score we are mentally keeping them in the game. we should stop it

again imagine pontus with white. even if some of the goals had still happened we might of beat forest, swans and west brom, we might of drawn with charlton and we would be even further clear at the top and i think we can all agree that would be brilliant.

03 Jan 2020 11:58:37
With you on the need for a big guy at the back BW and was one saying in Aug i would have preferred Pontus and White as a pairing. However i think that should have been done in summer. If we get one now unless he is a class act i can't see him getting in team, hence any giant won't do. No one will loan a class CB and we will not be buying one. Bubs has been reluctant to try Halme before he left and Pascal now. Think Casey is one he is looking at for future but will he use him this season, doubt it. We certainly miss some big guy for set pieces, whether its a striker or defender, would have loved to have seen Edmo used for this reason, there were games when i thought he could have been brought on to give us that height. Honestly do not think we will do much in this window other than replace Eddie.

03 Jan 2020 13:02:45
Beradi can’t play? Utter nonsense.
Let’s take a look at the transfer list and buy the tallest player on it because defending crosses is all about how tall a player is.

03 Jan 2020 13:06:30
And where you get the fact that Leeds have the worst goals conceded ratio from high balls or did you just make that up?

03 Jan 2020 13:22:14
i think edmondson could be our best bet as a back up for paddy. he is ours. he looks promising and will we realistically get anyone better in?

it is hard one as its great we have so much youth talent and in an ideal world can we play them without dropping points? i'd like to see boguats and maybe stevens get more game time in middle of park but do think edmondson might be a realistic and decent shout. time will tell.

03 Jan 2020 14:09:02
Every time Berra has played, I’ve been amazed by the number of aerial duals he has won. Sometimes he might fail with a pass, as do all players, but his ability in the air is not in doubt. He outjumps many a big lop, and is not afraid to throw his head in anywhere.

03 Jan 2020 15:03:54
bright i agree berra is amazing in the considering his height. if bit taller he'd be an amazing CB. however when he plays he will still be beaten by a forward who is also good in the air but taller. he is not beating a wood, or smith type player and plently of them in the champsionship

Corky as for berra being able to play football. you sure. even the man himself admits he lacks ability however his effort can not be faulted but he ain't no ball playing Cb is he. let's be honest

as for height being important in defednign high balls. well duh. yeah kinda of an important factor. that's why target men and CB and 99% of the time big players. yes you get a white (who if he was taller would be in brighton team or playing for liverpool) and you get a Cananvaro but 99% of the time they are tall ain't they. probably a reason for that.

as for my stat. where did i get that from. my eyes. i watch leeds and we conceed a lot of goals from very few chances in high balls. forest one corner one goal is a prime example. look over our last few games corky and answer this

have we conceed a lot of goals (yes) have they been proportionally from high balls (yes) has it cost us points (yes) is it a problem then. answers on a post card.

03 Jan 2020 16:15:33
Pontus was not good on the ball, he just looked good. His passes were always the easier ones and usually put whoever he was passing to in danger, rather than looking for who was actually open and able to do something. Which Ben White does much better, Pontus should stick to clearing crosses rather than trying to dribble his way out like a giraffe on ice.

03 Jan 2020 16:25:22
Come on guys most teams have a big guy at the back for set pieces, its a fact. Since football was invented we have had tall center halfs/ backs. Not been many great CBs under 6 foot.

03 Jan 2020 17:39:50
So you did make it up then berm? To tell us all it’s a statistic that Leeds concede more goals from high balls than any other team in any league was just bull.

03 Jan 2020 17:54:54
I’m not saying a 6”3 centre back wouldn’t be a help but give me some names then, preferably one who can play.
Beckanbauer Baresi Cannavaro and I believe Bobby Moore were all under six feet and decent defenders. Ok I’m getting childish now but my original point was it’s hard to find a CB at our level to fit in to a Bielsa team.

03 Jan 2020 18:04:15
well said belisa

and i agree MBTN white gives us something pontus doent'. he has been great however pontus gives us something cooper doesnt, defensive quality i doubt many would choose cooper over pontus and that is the problem

and cork no it is a real fact i just thought you might rise to my bate. thanks for that. now if only the leeds defense could rise like you we would probably clear some of them corners hey mate.

03 Jan 2020 18:28:58
Very funny Bermo. Would like to know where you got that stat from though?

03 Jan 2020 22:57:50
From the book of great defenders under 6 foot you clearly have a copy and should be able to find it as it is a very quick read with very few pages.

03 Jan 2020 23:46:44
Lol. BW sooo full of hot air and bs with his bs 'stats'. # BW well and truly corkscrewed.

04 Jan 2020 10:24:43
I’ll take that it was bull after all? c'mon mate no need to make stuff up to support your argument!

04 Jan 2020 13:25:49
i never made nothing up. not sure if you watch leeds but if you do you will see we defend high balls like a sunday league team and we let in a lot of goals from it and it costs us points

get yourself on youtube and watch some highlights and you will soon see my stats in action. then look at the table and see we ain't 20 points clear due to it

no hot air in my comments the score lines are all the proof proper football fans need. stats are for maths boffins. that said we conceed a higher % of high ball goals per chance than any other team. stats a fact.



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