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31 Oct 2019 07:50:17
100% agree with you Ed001. I’m only a recent poster on this site but have been reading and following it for several years. I find the banter and Rumours about our club both informative and humorous, basically fun to read or partake.
Sadly of late there has been a very poisonous and toxic influence by one or two posters. You know who you are!
As long as there are people like you posting your baseless negative bilge, then I’ll be here to sound it down, and others too. Thank you Ed001 for pointing your views. I know that you do have a vast knowledge of the game.
Bielsa is the best coach we’ve had in years, I’d happily give him 5 years if it were necessary to get us to the Premiership, and you’re right Ed i think it took a 5 year plan and a shed load of money for Houghton to get Brighton up.
You guys who reject Bielsa really need to get a grip of where we are as a club. Give Bielsa a break, give him a chance. I think he knows just a bit more about the beautiful game than you do!

{Ed001's Note - I would have understood, to a degree, why people were expecting promotion if the club was spending more money than it was bringing in through sales. Or it had started out with a squad that had only recently been relegated, so should be Prem level. But Leeds are neither. That is why someone like Bielsa is perfect, as he will gradually work with the squad he had.

By the way, I am sure a few people on here remember the run Liverpool had under Brendan Rodgers, nearly winning the league playing with a real swashbuckling style? What people don't realise is that Rodgers had been really struggling to get that team going early on, he was doing things like using Sterling as a wing back, just to shoehorn him into the team to get games. Then he went to a coaching seminar or something similar (I forget what it was now) where he chatted to one Marcelo Bielsa. It was him who sat down with Rodgers and came up with the system and style of play that came so close, despite not having anything like the quality of team that Man City had that year. He is an excellent tactician and knows how to get the most out of players.

Yes he is stubborn, but that is because players aren't the brightest and struggle when the system and tactics constantly change. Look at the difference between Liverpool and Spurs right now. Spurs constantly switch their formation around and are struggling to understand what Poch wants. Liverpool had a try in the early part of last season with a new formation but when it mattered Klopp went back to his old system of 4-3-3 and stuck to it. If the players know the system well and are used to it, they can play better, because they are not worrying about their positioning, they know where to be. They understand their roles and all they have to worry about is playing to their best.}

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31 Oct 2019 08:51:45
I should certainly hope so optimist. The differing views are what make the site interesting to me - its good to know different opinions of what is happening and some I agree with, some I don't. That thread below is brilliant reading regardless of your POV and personally I think the site is a little dull on the occasions where we all agree (after a great win, for example) . The debate makes it interesting.
There is no one poster who I always agree with 100% and sometimes people who I previously thought were right on the money come out with some utter tripe and vice versa. i guarantee people think exactly the same about me!
You are right about Ed001 - he is a student of the game and his comments always make me sit up and take notice - keep the comments coming Ed!

{Ed001's Note - thank you alf.}

31 Oct 2019 09:00:58
Yes I agree, managers need that time for the players to adapt to their system. I think largely Leeds players are conforming to Bielsa style. I think there is one very important point about Helder Costa who I do think is in that process of understanding what Bielsa wants from him. I’m sure that he would like him to emulate Hernandez, not only as a winger but attacking midfielder. Costa has got goals in him, also displays trickery and is quick.
He alone could be the defining player who could see us to promotion. He was our marquee signing.

{Ed001's Note - it can take time for players to get to grips with it. Andy Robertson and Fabinho both took about 6 months to get regular football for Liverpool as they were not quite getting it initially. Now neither would be left out.}

31 Oct 2019 09:19:38
I take your point Alf, I do like a debate and a difference of opinion, but for me this relentless anti Bielsa has gone too far. What club would sack their manager who finished 3rd the previous season and currently held a 3rd position at this stage of the season! ?
There’s plenty of subjects to have a good differing banter about but this particular relentless, baseless toxic subject about Bielsa being sacked has become tiresome.

{Ed001's Note - well Valencia sacked Marcelino after finishing 4th and now are sat in 11th. Real Betis sacked Quique Setien for not getting them into 3rd and are now battling relegation. Both are clubs that were punching above their weight under the manager they had and have paid the price for fans' expectations growing beyond the realistic level of the team. You could say similar things about teams like Stoke and many others. People easily get carried away when their team is playing well and often forget that it is in large part down to the manager they are up that high in the table. They start thinking it is the manager holding them back when they are not moving up even higher.}

31 Oct 2019 11:11:29
Ed001 Good first edit post in this thread but that's why I'd introduce a home and away style so as to avoid potential confusion. I don't believe Bielsaball works as well as it should at home.

{Ed001's Note - the style should work, it is just up to the players to get to grips with it.}

31 Oct 2019 11:42:20
Ed001 At home what I see is the opposition using defensive formats, diamonds and back 3s to nullify the benefits of our doubling up wing play. Provided we grab an early goal we're fine as then the opposition must change somewhat to get anything from the game. Problem occurs when we don't. I also see an excessive tiredness in games after 80 minutes resulting in a visible boost for the opposition. Not very nice to see near 70% possession and low number of clear cut chances for us home game after home game. I just don't feel Bielsaball is conducive to Championship home fixtures.

{Ed001's Note - they have done the same with Liverpool since Klopp arrived and it has taken until this season for the players to break it down regularly. Changing formations isn't always the answer. Sometimes it is best to just keep working on improving what you have until they do it better. Quick fixes tend to be like sticking plasters over a broken window, they might keep the rain out for a day or two, but they are not going to work as a long term answer. Patience is required. Coaching players is not an over night job. That is the problem with teams constantly changing managers, they never give it long enough for the manager to actually get things right. It should be 3 years minimum.}

31 Oct 2019 11:58:35
Very good response post Ed001. I just want to see fruits of our labour. I want Eddie on pitch burying Paddy's chances. I recognize the effort and value of Paddy which is why I won't berate him like a certain Wex does. Paddy does frustrate no doubt but I don't believe a lone Eddie would do nearly as well from the start. This is why I'd start him which means dropping a midfielder which means amending formation. I don't advocate changing managers and the broken window analogy excellent but there eventually comes a time when change is required otherwise a rut festers and spreads to the rest of the house.

{Ed001's Note - I get what you are saying, but it is still early days under Bielsa and there is one thing you can be sure of, he will quit if anything starts festering and it is not going to be cut out. Hence why he was quick to get rid of Pontus. You are better off getting rid of a problem like he was becoming, rather than trying to work with it because he is a good player. You only have to look at the mess Spurs have got into because Poch is too soft and has stood by players he should have disposed of a long time ago.

Bamford is clearly a weak link, but Eddie is not ready to lead the team from what I have seen. He is excellent at coming on and making an impact, but he reminds me of Origi, in that there is still a lot to learn if he is ever to become more than an impact sub. As for Arsenal recalling him, that is unlikely to happen, I don't know why people are worried about that. They sent him to be coached by Bielsa, that is why he is there. Anywhere else they send him, he might well get more game time but he wouldn't be learning off a master.}

31 Oct 2019 16:56:13
Ed001 Origi. Now there's a player you wouldn't mind starting or on the bench. Nothing wrong with his radar. I accept it's still "early days" with Bielsa but that wouldn't be the case next season if he stays on. As for Eddie, he is still learning and since his tutelage under a master craftsman is the principal purpose of the loan can't disagree with your viewpoint. In which event, I am sadly with my sabbatical taking comrade hailing from a dodgy part of South London albeit hopefully with superior articulation. Playoffs again, playoff heartbreak again. We don't have enough goals in us. The only way I see us playing PL football in August is if Casilla pulls off blinders virtually every game and takes that form into a playoff final penalty shootout.

{Ed001's Note - it is impossible to call the Championship as it only takes a couple of injuries for a team to fall away. Look at Forest, they have picked up a couple to key players and are dropping like a stone.}

31 Oct 2019 17:17:04
Ed001 Luton Town to storm it and Bamford to turn into Paddy Van Bamigoal? Good talk and thanks for the chat 💛💙.

{Ed001's Note - that would be entertaining. Take care mate.}



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