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27 Oct 2019 20:25:17
Allan Clarke without Mick Jones, Mick Jones without Allan Clarke it just wouldn't happen footballers win matches if your good enough not systems.

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27 Oct 2019 20:57:30
I agree but you need to get the best from them champan would suffer in our current team.

Think Eddie Bamford would play better with each other in my opinion and Klich and Harrision are there for the dropping.

27 Oct 2019 21:00:45
Utter nonsense. Without the system, either of those players mentioned wouldn't have possibly even been on the pitch.

27 Oct 2019 21:12:11
Yeh I agree with your reply bw.

27 Oct 2019 21:26:12
Clarke and Jones. What system was Revie years ahead of then George? Don’t tell us it was 442!?

27 Oct 2019 22:24:26
Cork You miss the point. Let's keep it non-Leeds and neutral, that way you'll appreciate the point. Let's say you have 2 great strikers, Rush and Aldridge but the coach will only play 4-5-1, how's the pair of them meant to start the game?

27 Oct 2019 23:14:33
i agree george

i think you have to consider and ask tfour questions/ points

1. would eddie and bamford work well together. i think yes
2. as a pair would they scare any defence in this league. i think yes
3. can someone be dropped. yes harrision for me
4. is the current system working so well it can't be changed. for me no

many on here are saying do we know better than manager. maybe not but we can see certain things and it is his job to makes things the best they can be and problem solve and current problems are scroing goals so he needs to fix it not just do the same thing and expect different results. we can only suggest answer MB has to find them. that's why he is on a fortune and we all have day jobs.

28 Oct 2019 04:59:36
Berm Excellent post. You've become my joint favourite poster along with RHC.

28 Oct 2019 10:25:28
Great post berm and spot on. Bielsa is a good coach and our football has been great to watch at times. But teams this season are not surprised by bielsa's style of football and teams are dealing with how we set up. Bielsa has total belief in his system, the end of the season will show it he is right. He may be a good coach but he isn't a successful coach.

28 Oct 2019 10:31:46
cheers George

glad someone likes them!

also with thoughts on players being good enough they will go up. Just last year in our league villa were 14th, then a very good manager come in and with in a few weeks he took them from 14th to the prem. that's been my gripe for a while. Mb took us to the top but then also watched us fall away while dean smith took our promotion spot from us which hurts. This year I think we are not as strong as last year (up for debate i know) and i think the right manager could take us up as clear winners. then again the wrong manager could take us bottom half. it would be a gamble but i love a gamble.

28 Oct 2019 11:17:59
thanks mezzer

agree mate, i think belisa in years to come will be remembered more as a football philyospher who invented a great style rather than a coach who won stuff. the main thing i want from my manager is someone who gets the best from every player and gets unexpected results in a good way

i love dyce. he might not have the best style but for years his little team has done better than expected and I have a lot of time and respect for that. I think wilko was our dyce. got the best from the players and best results.

while o'leary maybe underacvieved. Imgaine wilko with o'learys squad? i fancy he would of won league a few times with that lot.

28 Oct 2019 12:36:30
problem is to play 2 up front we need to lose a midfielder and if we do that we lose the midfield and then the strikers don't get the chances anyway. Philips would be less effective in a 442 so it would also impact his game.

28 Oct 2019 13:11:50
I like wing backs like against sheff we’d as it makes us more stable at the back then I’d swap Bamford for Harrision behind Eddie and forwshaw with Klich

I agree Phillips couldn’t play 4-4-2 it would need shacks and Forshaw to provide the legs.

28 Oct 2019 17:41:26
Berm Again correct.



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