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25 Oct 2019 19:02:26
Bermo, knowing you work in the theatrical business and although I have defended you in the past, I am starting to believe if our club went in the direction you advocate and the team reflected your management ideas and plans we would be in a mess .
You will never build anything by demolishing the foundations just because we don't win every game .
We have come a long way and while not there yet we are building on a great foundation
Your idea to get rid of certain players like Philips and sack the manager because we only finished 3rd is absolute madness
Sometimes reading your post I wonder are you just trying to wind people up.
There is a reason that some of the best posters on here disappear and stop posting.
We need to keep following the plan not keep changing it because we hit a few bumps along the way.
We are probably a creative player and striker away from having a really decent side.
Look at their results and how well Villa and Blunts are doing and our performances against them last season, this is a very good yardstick.

{Ed047's Note - good to see you guys still getting on so well. 😂

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25 Oct 2019 19:50:02
again it is all perspective ain't it

last year was a record breaking faiuler. let's not forget that. no team has thrown away promtoion in such a record breaking falling apart way as Mb's leeds united. that's a fact. a fact that hurts

so Mbs great pre season work for me was thrown away by his useless second half. I think last season was for the taking and thrown away and that hurts me

now i look at this year. only two Cb's, insisting on playing Beradi, our weakness at set plays, sticking with bamford in a way that ain't working, still unable to fix the poor convertion rates, sticking with same team, not picking eddie

for me MB gives more problems than he answers, yes it has been worse i know that but past is past i look to future

yes it could get worse of course it could (we could get holloway) but it could also get better

i think anything less than promotion is awful for leeds and a a failiure for leagues highest paid manager

and I don't think we will go up. its that simple. only leeds going up can prove me wrong and i hope they do

as for good posters leaving then they need a backbone

i am fed up with the hot tub of hope crew having a pop at anyone who dares to say they think everything at leeds ain't rosey. and because things have been worse it is unreasonable to say they don't want better

yes i am normally the first one to moan. maybe i'm just a moaner. maybe i have silly high standards. maybe i can see things before most

either way that's my right and lots of people on here are having a pop at me like i'm out of order and/ or wrong. we don't know yet got a season to play out

hopefully at the end ill be in the hot tub of hope but if not and i was right and mb wasnt the man to bring promotion then people need to get off my back

i don't rate MB, i don't think we are going up, i think we are wost than last year

now leave it be and let time tell for the love of wilko. sorry god.

25 Oct 2019 19:51:24
Spot on 1970.

25 Oct 2019 20:12:01
Monk did a pretty good job of duffing up the play offs the season before last, didn’t he tho? And people wanted him to stay!

25 Oct 2019 20:21:26
Bermo its not personal and most of the faults you mention are created by a lack of investment. This is Rads fault. Lots on here think Bielsa has done well with the small squad he has and might be over achieving . Second in table, a third of the way through the season, no free scoring players, everyone can see where we need to improve, a team that is not in form or playing that well.
If we can start scoring, stay near the top and come in to form at the right time, it might be a good season for us .

But we have got to stay the course and you have to believe you can do it because if you don't you have no hope.
Now is not the time to change course now is the time to give it our all. We are in the hunt and not that far away. We have two little pieces to put in the jigsaw.

25 Oct 2019 20:49:54
again 1970 i can see and respect your argument and did not take your post personal at all

with regards to investment i agree with this to a point however sheff utd and cardiff both went up spending far less and in worse positions than us so it can be done (with the right manager)

I personally think our squad is as good as anyones and think they should be in the mix

it is our form since last xmas. throwing away promotion that i am finding it hard to forgive blelisa for. although it was his great work that got us in that position.

i just think his flaws outweight his good and like maggie thatcher he ain't one for turning

with regards to got to stay the course. again i can undertsand and respect that point of view but the opposite point of view is mine which is spot something you think ain't good enough and change it

i do reconise i am quick to say pull the trigger but i think if something ain't working and the person behind the wheel won't change direction then you got to change the driver

i try to look at all the pieces of the puzzle and i just think he makes too many big mistakes and he will cost this decent team a chance of promtion.

i can s why people say keep him and i can see why people think we will go up. but from what i have seen since last xmas i just can't see it happening

nothing would make me happier than leeds going up and i think the best chance we have of that is sacking mb tomorrow and bringing in hougton before we lose eddie at xmas who will cost a fortune to replace with no on giving us loans and MB destorys them as is well reported.

25 Oct 2019 20:54:14
i agree with 1970, saying it awhile i think Radz is the issue if we had better quality squad than i think this forum would be addressing Premier League issues now .
Imo vydra was the man who would have been the difference last year, coupled with the start we had i believe we would have done a wolves on it and been well out of sight by xmas .

25 Oct 2019 21:10:46
for the record i also am not rads biggest fan i just think many leeds fans suffer from belisa blindness

what annoys me with some on this site is the following

we all love leeds and all want promotion

half think everything is rose. belisa is great and leeds are going up

others think belisa has huge weaknesses and we ain't going up

now what i don't get is this. at this point in time no one knows who is going to be right, yet the positive people can state views and are proper leeds fans

anyone who dares to question and might not be positive is not allowed to say views and is wrong and not leeds fans and want us to fail

people need to respect that at this point no one knows the future, everyones opinion is vaild and if you think leeds are going up or getting rlegeated don't make you any less leeds

this is a site for opinions and all opinions are vaild

be that 4-4-2, rads out, bamford drop, kp ain't good or belisa needs to be hung drawn and quatered

we are all 100% leeds just see things differently so let's all drop the angry and chip on shoulders

being positive don't make you leeds being leeds makes you leeds MOT to promotion or not.

25 Oct 2019 21:34:11
Bermo some say keep doing what we are doing and keep improving on it and the success will come. We are not that far away
Others ( you included ) believe the experiment has run its course and we need a new blueprint or template.
For many its not broken it just needs maybe 2 more quality players and it will come good. Get behind the lads and give it our best
The other option of starting again runs a bigger risk of going backwards and taking two or more windows to bear fruition.
That is not time or money that Rads has.

25 Oct 2019 21:37:04
Start supporting the team and manager then, you could have bates and hockaday then you really eould have something to moan about, if we fail then you can say I told you so but until we do then stop the slating of the chairman, manager and players and try getting behind them.

25 Oct 2019 21:53:01
1970 . you say it runs a bigger risk but you don't know that do you? villa changed manager and haven't looked back. I get behind the lads but it don't make a difference to results

truth is mb stays we might go up we might not. we sack mb we might go up we might not. no one knows yet some feel one side of this argument is more vaild than others why?

truth be told if last xmas we sacked mb everyone would say madness but we might of gone up we don't know do we

martyn if we don't fail and do go up until then respect i might be right and might have a point and i'm entitled to my view

as for failing martyn we already did last year and i see no difference this year

martyn we could get bates and hockaday. we could also get the next faulke, or smith or warnock or houghton or wagner or wilde

you just don't know do you?

so last year. i told you so. this year no one knows but i don't fancy us and unlike those who thought we would go up. i got previous of being right so just respect my opinion even if you don't agree with it.

25 Oct 2019 22:07:40
Martyn. I am nearly in front of them, I am that behind the team. I can see all the progression, also think we are not that far away.

25 Oct 2019 23:03:02
we are all behind the team

ill be there tomorrow with my girls singing marching ontogether with our kits on

then i pace about for 90 minutes while game is on kicking everyball. when we cheer i lose my S''t when we conceed i go mental

a win makes my week a loss ruins my week

dont misunderstand thinking we are not that good and will come up short as a lack of passion or love.

25 Oct 2019 23:51:23
“Previous of being right”. That tops it all berm. You said we wouldn’t go up last season? Well the odds were against us with only 3 teams going up out of 24! Chris Wood is a decent striker you said? Plenty others said the same not just you mate. Phillips is shite? Mmmmm.

26 Oct 2019 00:22:56
bermo no one can deny ypur passion is very evident, your opinions are very valued, and your continuous posts are well appreciated pal, keep um coming, hopefully our weekend takes a rosier tint tomorrow afty when we smash the wendys.

26 Oct 2019 10:19:44
How can you call last season a failure after all them years of dross. Last year was our biggest success in the last 10 yrs and our highest finish.

26 Oct 2019 11:59:02
cheers Chris

cork its not about odds, when we smashed stoke opening day i said false result let's not get carried away

when we was top at xmas then jan most said we was going up, i said i think we would fall short. how many others called that? when people said no one threw away our lead i said if any team will it will be leeds. i'm not saying i know everything but while 99% of leeds fan where popping champaign i had a strong wiskey in reserve i could see us failing short when few others could. sadly i was right and might. just might be right again (hopefully not)

martyn no I make you right. last year was not a faiulre. all them chants of leeds falling apart again ain't right. so what if we threw away top spot in record breaking fashion. so what if the league was for taking. so what if derby got the last laugh. so what if sheff utd had no right beating us to that spot but we litterally gave it to them

who wants prem football anyway. i'm glad we sell our best youngester. i'm gald we got ffp hanging round our neck. i enjoy the championship. i mean if we went up we wouldn't of had the pleaure of getting beat by Shi**y millwall and charlton would we

you say you are positive and you aim high with transfers but ou gladly accept throwing away the league last year in a record breaking way. record breaking levels of falling apart again

maybe them chants hurt me more than you. maybe it means more to some and others are ok just having a giggle on a saturday and watching some pretty passes?

thats how i call last season a failure. because we pi**ed away the league when it was there for the taking. in a record breaking way

yes i'm still very angry and hurt about that.



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