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23 Oct 2019 11:03:23
Bubs has without doubt introduced a style of play which can take us out of this division. Keep possession create chances score goals. We so it all but score the goals. Bamford easy target and rightly so. 4 goals 247 minutes per goal. Should we play Eddie, 5 goals 78 minutes per goal, definitely. Will he solve the problem, not sure he will. Contribution from rest is poor at the moment. Harrison has been poor but two assists in last two games gives some hope but only one goal is not good enough. Alioski and Dallas for all the work produce little. Not one assist from either though Alioski is a goal threat. Dallas one goal 1158 minutes per goal no assists for all the praise he gets is not good enough. Berardi has better stats with a goal and an assist. In fact Pablo has better stats and he has not been playing.
So can we get out of this division, yes but it will not be straight forward with the players we have. Can not fault the style of play or the effort put in but the quality in key areas is lacking. Costa may answer one area but think he would be better on left. Bubs will not be putting any faith in the young ones unless injuries force him to. Player investment has been mediocre at best. I am thinking we will need to be lucky with others results if we are remaining with the same team going forward. No goal threat from midfield and a misfiring striker does not bode well. Roberts, Eddie, Clarke, Gotts, should all be getting more game time for me.

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23 Oct 2019 11:24:28
Sorry mate disagree

Think the players are good enough but style is poor

It’s late Wenger style. brilliant when everything come together but unless perfect storm it’s crap

We often look predestrain no purpose no intention no clear cut chances always sided ways passing for sake of it plus suspect at the back even last night saved by a good old fashioned wilko cross

Mb doesn’t get best out of players and style is not right for this level or this level of players

Most managers in this league would love this squad and rub hands at top spot.

23 Oct 2019 12:21:41
Understand your train of thought but with better players this style is ideal for the championship. Agree final third is poor and it asks the question why do we not get crosses in to the box more often. Why do we choose to play it to feet. Think answer is we have no real target in the box to cross to so plan is to play to feet. As you have said yourself Bamford is a false no 9 so we are lacking a true no9, Eddie who knows. When the ball finds its way into the box the final shot is usually poor maybe because there are so many players in the box when it gets there. We need a proper 9 and more pace coming from midfield with more goals from midfield. The players we have can not give us this. Would go as far to say if we lost White and KP this team would be bottom half of table. Yes Bubs is to blame for what players he picks and his stubborness, i mean saying Costa will struggle with my style of play after agreeing to pay 15 mill for him is eccentric to say the least. So yes i am as frustrated as you but not about the way we play but about end product which half the team do not seem to have.

23 Oct 2019 12:29:27
Berms, you been picking your own mushrooms, or self prescribing on the medication again?

23 Oct 2019 13:04:26
I personally struggle with Bielsa's thought process which is quite rigid but then hypocritical. In yesterday's game there was no intention to make a substitution until we went a goal down and then he throws on Nketiah and Roberts to get us a goal. Surely the aim was the same prior to Preston scoring? I accept that it is an obvious question but Bielsa has watched his preferred striker put two headers over the bar, a wild shot in the first half high and wide with a chance in the second half (admittedly under pressure) out for a throw in. Then as soon as we go a goal down he turns to Nketiah. I understand that a different player can and did make a difference but I am not confident he would have made the change whilst the game was 0-0. I enjoy the football we play but I am increasingly frustrated with our final third and Bielsa's belief that if we keep doing the same things we will get a different result.

23 Oct 2019 13:15:51
we got a team full of internationals and proven at this level.

with better players this style is perfect for the prem never the championship as it needs to be more robust agasint physical teams which even city and barac would struggle with to a point

we don't have better players what we have is a top group of championship players but a manager who thinks he is at barca

look at last night how many of there players would get in our team? same with millwall and charlon yet they got results. why because there manager gets best from them

bowyer has got a team of league one 5 out of ten players perfoming like championship 7 out of tens

Mb has got 7/ 8 out of ten top championship players performing like 6 out of tens

as ed said he wants them to recall eddie as we are ruining him. eddie is class at this level and would walk into any team apart from ours. said it ages ago and every week i think Mb is making me have more of a vaild point. MB out the highest paid manager is not worth his wages.

23 Oct 2019 14:50:49
Look at the top scorers table, most teams in contention have two or even three players in it with 5 or more goals, we have Bamford on four. that's our problem without a doubt. With Pablo out we have no creative player who is willing to take defenders on and create space for others. Roberts for me should get the nod the next game and Eddie but will they.

23 Oct 2019 15:29:31
thats not players though that's style

of those team how many a would score in our team and b would get in our team. imgaine eddie in anohter of those teams he would been on 15 already.

since last xmas results on the whole have not been good enough

since last xmas how many players would you say belisa has got the most out of? i would say none. it can't be every single players fault they ain't geeting the best from them must be the gaffer

champman in this team would struggle to score. that's the difference wilko got best from an aging strachan, a limited batty, a very limited champman, as well as mac speed dorigo etc.

a great manager gets dross and makes it great, belisa has got a decent team and dragged them right down. no other way to see it

if just bamford fine but its not it is every single leeds player maybe apart from white is underperforming and since last xmas, that's almost a year.

23 Oct 2019 21:57:27
If Eddie was playing in our team instead of Bamford he would be on 15 goals by now, no need to go elsewhere. You just proved my point anyway, players under performing, not as good as last year need new players in, Eddie, Roberts, Gotts, Bogus. That may never happen which i put down to Bubs. The style we play is the only thing that has kept us at the top of the table as a lot of players, as you say are playing below par.



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