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21 Oct 2019 20:57:37
Brightwhite think rugby is far more physically demanding on the whole body.
Football/ Soccer carries far more risk of lower leg injuries because of the nature of the tackling
And very surprisingly Cricket has a far higher injury risk than you would think.

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21 Oct 2019 21:20:34
i played rugby for years at school and won the kent schools cup twice and one of the best local rubgy clubs

it is demanding but didn't see too many injuires as you get hit in a way your body is desgined to cope with, plus you expectit, 1970 is spot on i have seen far more people get injured playing football as your hit in a different way that the body can't cope with plus your not expecting it. plus in rugby you get hit by everyone which i why i prefer boxing as least you only have one guy hitting you and he is in front of you

cricket has a great risk of death through bordom.

{Ed025's Note - you have never played cricket i assume then bermo, supporting a team from the hotbed of english cricket it surprises me that you hold such contempt for the sport mate, its a fantastic game and the sound of willow hitting leather one of sportings iconic sounds, its far from boring and the battle of wits between the bowler and batsman is a contest just as fierce as 2 boxers facing each other in the ring, when your out there in the middle its you against 11 men who will do virtually anything to claim your wicket and its all about skill and concentration of the highest degree, do yourself a favour and take a pilgrimage to headingly and watch a test match...you will become hooked im sure..

21 Oct 2019 23:38:55
Sports and injuries can be very deceptive.
A study of Olympic sports showed a higher risk of serious injury in Badminton than Fencing!
My youngest was a high level fencer and I was amazed at the lack of injury.

22 Oct 2019 01:18:08
Ed025 You've risen in my estimation 🏏.

{Ed025's Note - thats nice to hear george..

22 Oct 2019 08:31:53
yeah I'm not a fan of cricket. when i met my dad for the first time i was 30 and he asked if i had any questions. i said just one do you like cricket. he said no. i said we will get on well

few mates play it and uncle loves it but i find it dull and long. wars have been faught quicker and they come out with a draw.

That said outside of football and boxing i don't really like any sports (even rugby which i played i can't watch) i'm far too obssessed with football and boxing to have room for anything else. which is good as any football i watch all football. even poxy millwall.

{Ed025's Note - you dont know what your missing mate..

22 Oct 2019 08:41:30
And mine Ed for your solid defence but how ever hard you try you still can't make a pedestrian sport, exciting.

{Ed025's Note - its no so much pedestrian as highly technical leodis mate..

22 Oct 2019 10:59:41
Jesus berm you’ll be saying sumo wrestling is boring next or some other rubbidh like wwe wrestling is fake.

22 Oct 2019 14:39:24
Berm The greatest sport on this 🌍 is 🏏. The build up and climax to thrilling games is awesome and no sport can compete. What happened 3 months ago at Headingley with the heroics of Ben Stokes will never be forgotten and was the most exciting thing I've ever witnessed. Perhaps that makes me the most boring individual on this 🌍.

{Ed001's Note - sorry what did you say George? I fell asleep reading it...}

22 Oct 2019 15:24:20
Cricket is like chess. To smart and hard for most. But 3rd best sport. Soccer. Hockey. Cricket.

{Ed001's Note - if it was like chess it would be a lot more interesting.}

22 Oct 2019 15:24:59
Watch Bodyline Berm. That’ll bring you up to speed with Cricket.

22 Oct 2019 16:11:19
love chess, i was school chess champ which i was well proud of. my granddad taught me and he learnt while doing a six streatch at her majestys pleasure. speaking of which i think i'd rather do a bit of porridge over watching cricket although i love the hotel at the ages bowl where i met botham who is meant to be useful with a bat

as for wwe course it is real next we will be saying people haven't landed on the moon.

22 Oct 2019 18:36:22
That Ashes game was the exception rather than the rule imo though George and even that was a bore for the majority of the time - only the comeback was exciting. For me I don't mind watching the highlights of a cricket game but there is too much time wasted between balls in test matches with the bowlers messing about rubbing the ball on their crotches rather than bowling the next ball. Get on with it for gawds sake!

Shorter versions of the game a bit easier to watch and more enjoyable imo but kind of with Bermo with being disappointed that after 5 days of play it still ends up in a draw some times. The super over they played at the World Cup is a better way to decide things and test matches should bring that in from now on - might stop teams time wasting to play for a draw a bit more.

22 Oct 2019 18:48:04
Guys have you ever witnessed hurling.



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