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17 Oct 2019 23:02:27
How are we all?
I am being blonde (Well I am blonde slightly with a little grey now showing at the sideburns. How, and why does that happen? ) I got caught up in family since back so missed - or rather can't find my post and comments on any I may or may not have done.

I'm going to predict and be the next Bermo because I did say Ben White would get looked at by a top side. See that is what the banter is all about and we seem to tend to forget.

Hope everyone is well.
I see no changes to the side for the Brum. Same as. I only hope Bam scores a brace and silences a few or I will feel sorry for him because as hard as he is working, and the job he is doing that is being asked of him; the one job we need doing is the ball hitting the back of the net. Right now I would rather a chance fall to someone else with an open net because they are more likely to put it in.

But. But! I remember the frustration over Chapman. Lazy. Same with Chris Wood. I actually said Roofe was by far better in the air than Wood. I'm not paid near what Bielsa is. I don't see them in training. If any of us did then we could joint manage/ coach Leeds to a league title and Champions League.

Bring on the Brums. let's have a good weekend. With the weather I got welcomed to, I want a sunny weekend.

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18 Oct 2019 10:51:53
many challenging for the orical title. i always backed wood depspite the barrage of ciritisim. he was class before he come to leeds and did well after. the Cockeny oricle is the original and will take some beating Malta!

18 Oct 2019 11:24:32

Agree with you on Wood. I always thought he did his best for us

Played lone striker for us and scored a bagful. At 6ft 3, having to run both channels as well as the middle. Having to hold up the football until our pedestrian midfield caught up. The guy was a proper centre forward.

Bermo can only be an Oracle when he predicts a specific action or event. He can't just spout generic stuff and claim it for himself

Predict LUFC player of the season 2020-21.
And predict our top assist man for 2020-21.
I will note them both down and if you are correct I will then buy you 4 pints before every home game, in the Peacock, in season 2021-22.

18 Oct 2019 11:58:18
Wood was crap for a long while and then came good just long enough to land us a pretty penny.
Bamford is crap and will lose us money.
Cani have a go at this prediction.
White player of season if he stays long enough if not Phillips.
Top assist eeerrrrrrrr. Hernandez.

18 Oct 2019 12:15:15
axe my oricalness is tounge in cheek but i do think i am good at spotting patterns of play to predict long term future. i would suggest this is fairly easy but many berate my views only to agree with them in time

i saw wood be good before he come. he joined and many slated him. i believed he would come good. he did

i never rated beradi. i hated him at left back and centre back. many berated me for this. now many agree he is not good enough

I knew last season we wasnt going up. got slated for it. come true

i believed derby would beat us in second leg, partly down to Mb man and game management, partly due to beradi not being good enough and partly due to the diamond derby played isolating phillips. it tured out correct

i saw us sell pontus and predicted doom. set play soft touch. poor teams beating us. teams only needing a sniff to get some points. this co-insided with my thoughts about MB leaving. at the time beratted 12 games in people are starting to agree

i am of course joking about being the orical but i do think i have a decent understanding of football and my thoughts, opinions and predictions are often shot down and slated. yet in time they turn out to be decent calls of course this upsets me. epscially when people get personal

my predictions for the season (if MB stays) we will fall away after xmas and miss out on playoffs just finishing about 8th

we will continue not beating the lesser teams. we will continue to dominate games yet drop points due to poor finishing and letting in too many goals (when chances against us are considered) . after Xmas unless Mb goes or we get major investment things will get worse to a greater or lesser extent. in short MB is not the answer if the question is who can get leeds promoted.

18 Oct 2019 12:51:41
Wood. "many" did not slate him. Again, just because you type something does make it true.
He was an easy one to spot as being good. He had a track record of being good before we got him. We paid £3m for his services when £3m was a lot of money in the Championship.
So in effect you just rehashed what others had already said

Beradi. "many berated you" not because you thought he was a crap left back but because you kept spouting on about him being a crap left back.
Telling us your opinion once or twice is a valid point of view. Constantly saying the same negative just makes you out to be petty. That is probably why you got "berated".

"knew last season we weren't going up". no sh! t sherlock. So did I. It was as the final whistle went against Derby in the 2nd leg. Prior to that I do not believe you could have KNOWN. You're generally negative so I imagine you had a feeling that we might not go up but at no stage did you predict we would lose at home to Derby in the 2nd leg so I don't see you 'predicting' much so far.

"we will continue not beating the lesser teams". remind me how we did against Stoke again? Just because we have lost to a couple of teams that you think are lesser it doesn't mean they are lesser teams. Looks like you are "getting personal" with fans of other teams there.

If I am honest, I think your spellchecker 'predicts' better than you have so far.

Your views are an interesting read with some valid points, but your sanctimonious follows-ups, when all you do is 'state the bleeding obvious' show how little you value the views of fellow posters.

Of course you will get shot down. We all do. And of course replies will be personal, as your original views are personal too. Replies can not be anything else but personal. I doubt any poster wishes you ill, but if you have a right to post personal views, you should let them have the right to reply in a personal style too.

18 Oct 2019 14:36:49
Berm you’re too touchy mate. Lots thought Wood would do well myself included but don’t feel the need to pay ourselves on the back so very often. Beradi is your opinion but doesn’t make it correct. Personally I’ll take the managers opinion over yours. Now please don’t see that as a personal attack. Right I’m off down to the Dog and Duck for a swift one or two!

18 Oct 2019 15:55:46
I have no doubt there has been plenty of incorrect predictions also but we don't get to hear about those.

18 Oct 2019 16:23:45
true cork maybe take it too personal

as for my predictions axe. said all season from our first victory we wasnt going up. said we wasnt good enough for automatic and in playoffs against a better team defence would fail. put money on it in december for big win sadly. did the same with the second leg against derby just knew we wasnt going to win. ok didn't know but believed strong enough to back it. that said i would of given anything to be wrong

as for me actually being wrong notts. never. well once back in 87 i remember it well. it was a wednesday and raining.

18 Oct 2019 16:24:39
in all honesty i thought brom were going to spank us. well gald to be wrong but sadly the performance that brought the win was very unleeds like and that for me is the problem.

18 Oct 2019 17:39:19
also just read the lesser teams comment axe. are you serious?

Millwall are a bottom half table team (beat us) , QPR bottom table team (beat us twice) ipsiwch and wigan both relegated (both beat us) , blackburn, hull, brum all weaker teams and have all beat us

i don't think many would argue that when we come up against the weaker teams under Mb we have struggled and often lost games we should not of won. last year i think that cost us and this year don't look much better

you don't have to agree with all my points but i don't think you can call me out on that particular point. last year we was going for promotion and got beat at least ten times by teams that finished in the bottom half of the table and therefor are by league standings lesser teams. this is a problem and one that really needs addressing. if any prem manager had the same stat when managing a team going for title i think they would come under immense scuritny.

18 Oct 2019 17:42:48
Always preferred Ceefax.

18 Oct 2019 18:39:55
Ausman 1, I think Bam Bam will come good once he finds he feet, ready for next season Radz last one with any luck, we must trust in MB sink or swim let hope he does the job.



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