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08 Oct 2019 14:53:52
Is there anyone out there that thinks the team being picked is good enough in defence or attack?
Is there anybody out there that thinks we have talent in youngsters on on bench not getting enough game time?
Is there anybody out there that thinks 60% possession shouldn't mean a win?
Is there anybody out there james aside thinks this isn't the squad team that radz could afford or biesla wanted?
Is there anybody out there that thinks we couldn't have bought better in transfer window?
Is there anybody out there that dosent think with a decent 10 mill striker and defender we wouldn't be whopping this league?
Blame is on?

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08 Oct 2019 16:11:02
Agreed on all points . and by that basically Radz is the problem not Bielsa.

08 Oct 2019 16:10:15
I am 100% certain this is the squad Belisa wanted and is happy with. we know this because in the past he walked. For me the blame starts and ends with Belisa

Yes rads could of spent more but lesser teams with lesser managers have got promotion recently

A different more effective layout and style could get this tan winning . although a defender is needed but again that was the gaffer sure call.

08 Oct 2019 19:49:25
No one is to blame Aus. Well not yet anyway. Long way to go and so far no stand out team as everyone is beating anyone. Stoke done swans weekend and imagine if they beat us. This site would burn down!
Every team in this division has its failings but I believe Leeds have more grit than last season and will ultimately prevail. MOT.

08 Oct 2019 20:58:23
Bielsa on record BW that he wanted Roofe to stay and that we would miss his goals. Of course Bielsa would want better quality in his team/ squad . what manager woukdnt!?

08 Oct 2019 21:57:09
of course bazooka that is stating the obvious but he also has not walked which he does so he must be realtivly happy

end of last season he called for a player to cover pablo not beradi which seems odd. my first port of call would of been someone to play alongside pontus instead we let him go.

08 Oct 2019 23:52:26
Ausman ask Bermo, he thinks the team and players are more than capable of promotion under another manager. Majority of whom finished midtable before Bielsa. Same manager that identified Dan James when nobody if hand on heart knew about and is now playing for Man U! And if anyone watched the documentary would see the deal was done and it was all Swansea Hugh Jenkins that refused answering calls. I do believe he got relieved of his post as chairman of the club not long after, but people will point the finger at Radz when he employees people at the club to deal with things as simple as a medical, contract signed, and now waiting on. previous employees. Not to be. If they don't answer the phone there is not much you can do. Like an ex girlfriend of mine.

08 Oct 2019 23:53:56
BW, Radz not willing to pay transfer fees for recruitments of a 3rd centre back, centre forward . is the issue

In fact there is no recruitment under Radz regime merely replacements ( LOANS ) of players who have been SOLD

White for Jansson
Costa for Saiz
And Eddie for Roofe

We already have 6 loans and can only play 5 BW . no players actually bought of course

Bielsa is on record stating he is very disappointed / unhappy that Roofe his first choice striker all last season was sold (and not replaced by similar experience, quality and goalscoring record) yet he hasn't walked BW

Apart from possibly Marseille, Bielsa hasn't left because of dissatisfaction of player recruitment and there was probably a lot of other reasons behind him leaving Marseille

Radz out.

09 Oct 2019 01:01:42
Some of that made sense Bazooka

But the FFP Rules are what Radz openly stated and other journalists have said restricts the clubs in the league. Like it or not. Parachute payments were put there to prevent clubs falling from the premiere league to championship to support players on the books earning over 50k a week. You can't get rid of that player and you pay his contract up if no club is willing to take him. He can sit at home and train with the kids still getting paid his 50k a week. The agent has a cut! Why do you think agents put players in the window and orchestrate false transfer talk? They get paid! New contract, signing fee or loyalty bonus.

Listen if we all could run Leeds better than Radz we would be and a lot richer than I am. Berm said Radz is a failed businessman because of his TV sports deal and yet the man is a self made millionaire worth over 500 million so if that is failed I wouldn't mind being a penny behind the bloke. I'll fail every week if I have that money in my bank and you can call me a failure.

09 Oct 2019 06:27:05
Leedsmalta you said it 500 million but can’t put 1 million to seal the deal last season that said it all really.

09 Oct 2019 07:29:02
Bazzoka and berm are you 2 husband and wife? You argue about anything and everything. Make sure you tell her off bazzoka if she doesn’t do the washing up.

09 Oct 2019 09:25:58
malta rads has made a fortune but his elevn sports deal with spanish and itialin football was an awful plan and doomed to fail (people don't want to pay for streamed sport when they can have a channel for it. my pal eddie hearn made the same mistake with boxing) and he lost a lot of money on a bad call

yes he is rich and done well but recently his calls have been bad and that has affected leeds

as for the squad yes it is good enough. i say this because i believe it is far better than the sqauds beating us. unless you think hull, blackburn, ipsiwch, charlton, wall, wigan are all better?

and before anyone mentions stoke winning at weekend. yes anyone can beat anyone in this league. trouble is we always lose to the tripe teams. it is the rule not the execption and that's where a better manager comes in. if MB left last xmas and we got in a manager in who could of got results against wigan, hull, qpr and ipsichw which is very feasible in fact a given. we would be in prem now.

09 Oct 2019 09:29:09
as for Centre forward not Cb the issue. you cearly never seen beradi play CB have you. Leeds played a game. was on TV i think against Debry. think it was quite an important game. watch it. you can't judge a player on one game but take it from me. that is very much the norm.

09 Oct 2019 10:08:50
Martyn ha love it that made me laugh so much. i will.

09 Oct 2019 10:14:19
yes, that James failed deal was doomed due to Radz not paying £1 million up front . therein lies the crux of the real issue, the major problem is Radz

Radz Out.

09 Oct 2019 11:20:29
And what 1 million would u be talking about whiteman? Please don’t say Danny James cod money had nothing to do with it.

09 Oct 2019 13:23:05
oi. why am i the wife in this marriage. is it because i sing, dance and trained in ballet? ok fair enough. if i don't post for a while it's because i'm at the sink doing the washing up.



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