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08 Oct 2019 13:50:48
So after 11 games and a quarter of the season gone we sit in fifth spot, two points off top, with already 3 defeats . In my opinion we might as well be six or seven points off top because we are not capable of a sustained tilt at automatic promotion anyway . No cutting edge upfront and no depth in the centre of defence . All so tragically predictable and foreseen by most of us on this site preseason . A top quality champ striker would have helped themselves to at least 8 goals with the chances that Bamford has had served up to him . Bielsa has so far bar the first couple of games got his Harrison call completely wrong . He's far too often a rabbit in the headlights when it comes to making that crucial split second decision in and around the penalty area . So many attacks breakdown on his side of the pitch . Low and behold the injury prone Liam Cooper is once again on the treatment table and we have no promotion quality centre back to step in . To make matters worse we have very little goal threat from midfield with Klich continuing to misfire . Do we have answers within the current squad? I'm not sure and nor it seems is Bielsa . what's clear to me is thus far without Roofe,
Pontus, an out of form Klich and no spark from Clarke, we are weaker than last year and may struggle to make the play offs . I now support the team more through hope than any confident expectation . Such a wasted opportunity . Blame must sit squarely with the owner and manager .

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08 Oct 2019 14:09:49
RHC, I disagree

I think the blame must sit squarely with you. All this time you have been sitting on your billions of pounds, accumulated after years of giving expectional advice to the top football teams and managers in the world, and not once have you considered putting your hand in your pocket, pulling out some loose change and buying our beloved Leeds United. Shame on you.

Go look at the history books and answer me this. How have off top spot were Norwich this time last year?

If you happen to find they are more than 2 points. it's a good job that those players didn't heed your excellent advice and pack it in.

08 Oct 2019 15:18:37
Unfortunately and sadly I have to say I agree with you Red. I cannot see that with all his analysis Bielsa cannot see what most people outside Elland Road can see. I can only assume that he does see it but his blind loyalty/ stubborness prevents him from doing anything about it. I can also, only assume that he sees all at Thorpe Arch and there is something not quite right about Struijk. Play him now, if he is not quite the answer then you still have January to find the answer. Up front somebody needs dropping. Either Bamford is not scoring, and should, or the rest of the attackers are not taking advantage of the hard work Bamford is putting in. Is he a perfect Mick Jones to a Sniffer Clarke. Bielsa try it and see.
I love the man for what he has done but am getting increasingly frustrated with his head in the sand/ it will all come right attitude. You have players in the U23s telling you every week that they are ready, why so afraid. Every star you put your faith in every week was at one stage an U23 give them a go before the stakes are so high you cannot risk it.
We should/ need to be points ahead shortly to allow for the inevitable dip that will come towards the end of the season. I am not panicking but I am frustrated at the lack of goals at one end and the slips giving games away at the other.

08 Oct 2019 15:37:31
Leodis as with many on here,

08 Oct 2019 15:58:13
Axe, Norwich after a poor start in the first five games got their act together to such a degree that their consistency was irresistible . They also had a certain Mr Pukki scoring 29 goals . Don’t see that happening with us or anyone capable of scoring 20 .

08 Oct 2019 16:14:47
Great original post turns out that hot tub of hope was full of p@@s and s@@t

I do think we have the players to turn it around but need a better manager in ASAP

Axe you mention Norwich last year but forget one thing they was chasing us who threw it away in record breaking fashion . history suggests another team won’t break history this year and do a Leeds plus we will dip anyway

As for the players they are championship players. how to make them win? Play championship football 4-4-2 quick back to front less possession more purpose

Play to the squad we have not the squad you want.

08 Oct 2019 17:54:04
That's not the beautiful game Bermo? don't think it's quite time for me to dust off my "Hecky out" posters just yet. Besides I think I have run out of space for another name. We carry possession, we usually carry chances it's just that we cannot finish. Possibly a Gayle or a Maupay or even a Nketiah would have found the net on a more regular basis. I only hope now that either stubborn Marcelo sees the light or suddenly BamBam finds his form. Either way, it is what it is til January.

08 Oct 2019 18:25:54
leodis what about defending? we are useless in both boxes.

I don't have any time for the beautiful game. i cheer when we score and get P@@Sed off when we conceed anything else that happens in the middle of the pitch is a bonus. a good manager sorts out the defence first. then gets the team scoreing and then pretty football if they can

belisa has got it the wrong way round. i would happily take route one hoof ball with 15% if we win every game one nil

better to win ugly than lose pretty.

08 Oct 2019 19:57:18
Berm with that last statement you must be a Milwall fan!
Jokes aside I’d rather stay in this division than, at best, avoid relagation if we where to get promoted with warnock allardice or any other long ball merchant you’ve mentioned in charge.,

08 Oct 2019 20:20:22
If bubs ain't for changing in the next 7-10 games and we only accumulate say 15ish points then i feel as if he will walk away, you can start to feel that the better teams are beginning to announce themselves and if we ain't up there for. the ride then IMO we won't climb table to mount a charge, i really hope this break will give bubs time to maybe try something / anything new . How will he ever know if he don't ever try?
I want bielsa to bring us into the big time because he has us playing better football its just goals is our biggest issue . Ha ha, as if lack of goals was only a minor thing 😂😂.

08 Oct 2019 21:15:36
Corkwhite2 exactly. spot on.

08 Oct 2019 21:59:17
i was riased to be wall so maybe that has rubbed off and i admit i have that quaity about me

i love seeing leeds win and hate seeing them lose. how anyone can say they prefer watching us lose pretty rather than gain promotion with long ball is beyound me?

god forbid imagine if we won the champions league playing long ball. i'd feel sick with disgust.

08 Oct 2019 23:29:34
Bermo, honestly I love your mentality. Win ugly is good. Long ball on the counter. A good old scrap in the box. The game is very different now. I have seen at least 30 incidents from corners for and against us from corners with shirt pulling and plain and simple wrestling at times that would be given as a penalty on VAR.

I agree with you with one respect of Janson being a loss in both boxes. He was a threat forward and I don't think we will score from a corner. I would take it short now and have Philips whip it in from the edge of the 18 yard to be attacked. Also think White is a different class. Like you said about Philips not playing prem football or England or whatever I will bare my balls in Harvey Nichols in 2 year if White is not playing both international football and for a top team.

He looks that good to me. Pontus though thought he was the man. Rate Cooper or not, he is the captain and you don't question the manager. I see Pontus as much as I loved him as being that sort of influence. If you have played football before then you do not have your manager telling you one thing and captain then firing you up with the same mentality and instructions to have another player then saying something different as if you have to listen to him!

I think George, Spanish, and Bright toughed on it last season about Pontus being made captain. I in a way agreed. Difference is Pontus sat alone after the Derby loss making it about him. Cooper was injured and came off against Brom and stood giving every player a hug as they came off. That to me is the difference. Cooper wasn't sat crying somewhere he was still all about the team and everyone involved.

09 Oct 2019 09:34:29
white is good but international or top prem team. i don't think so he is too little. as fergous said about neville he is 3 inches too short to be a great Cb. he is good but lacks phsical presence

as for my style of football being dead. not it has just evolved slightly. some have said 4-4-2 is dead. direct long balls no longer belongs in the game. then i give you burnley. shaun dyce is amazing. took a poor team with no money and made them a prem staple

how? they all work hard, no there roles, keep it fairly simple and cuase havok in opposition box and defend their own well. that for me is what i want a leeds a team that dies for the shirt a team that is simple yet effective. a team that is long term prem by getting the best results they can.



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