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07 Oct 2019 17:41:10
Whether Berardi's sending off was harsh or not, it was his poor defending that saw him get beaten then running back like an idiot to try and make up lost ground across the back of a defender. On this occasion I don't think he fouled the man but his poor play did create the situation that led to the penalty. The wall geezer would probably have scored anyway if he hadn't gone down due to that mistake.

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07 Oct 2019 18:31:40
I'm sure KP wouldn't have agreed that he would have scored!

07 Oct 2019 19:35:20
im with alf over KP never had the speed to make the tackle.

07 Oct 2019 21:19:27
That's hard to argue with!

07 Oct 2019 21:54:39
Bit bloody harsh all round in my mind.
It’s as though our players aren’t allowed to make mistakes.
“But it happens too often”. and it does for every team, just depends what position you play, and how harsh the punishment is for that mistake.
Berra stepped up too soon, got skinned, and did everything he could to track back. And did it legally! But a dive became a peno, and that became a red.
Back it up boys? Harsh to say the least!

08 Oct 2019 00:01:46
With you on that Bright. Berra not a CB so should expect mistakes, the lads a right back. He has been played out position for most of his games but always gives 100% and is all Leeds. As you say was not a pen ref got mugged. Would love another two or three players out there with his tenacity, maybe a bit younger. Hope Shacks is not out too long.

08 Oct 2019 00:18:12
i don't think anyone is questioning Beardis heart and effort the lad is spot on but heart and effort should be a given

nothing against him as a man just second rate as a player. i didn't like him at right back, neither did the leeds management which is why we got in alying. what makes me angry is how the bloke not good enough to play right back has been seen as the answer at left back and centre back

end of the day he ain't good enough if we want to go up

top bloke i would buy him a beer or i assume he drinks pints of bleach because he is that hard. but i don't want him on the pitch in a leeds shirt as i want promotion and he ain't that quality

nothing harsh about saying over the course of his time at leeds he has been a libiality and just ain't making the grade of a promotion player.

08 Oct 2019 07:46:52
Bermo, Agreed;

Beradi is a brilliant example of a diligent football player. Professional (does her caught in the papers for drunk driving etc, never fined for getting to work late, etc) . Hard working (you don't get carded for standing around and letting your team mates do all the work) . And consistent. But he is a LIMITED diligent footballer and I agree that Ayling was bought on the back of the fact that all those on power knew Beradi could not improve on what he was already giving.

How Beradi has become 3rd choice CB is beyond me. Last season he was never in front of Halme, Diaz or Struick for the U23 CB spot but here he is in the first team this season?

He is touted as a Swiss international RB, yet Shackleton (an U23 CM) and Dallas (a Irish international LW) have been used ahead of him in that position

Dont get me wrong ilove his passion, he is my modern day Andy Hughes, but surely we need more than that if we aspire to improve.

08 Oct 2019 09:09:12
Said it perfect axe every team needs a Beradi or five in it but need some talent as well

That’s why revues team where amazing they all had Beradi mind set and work etchic but god like talent

What was the saying every team has one dirty player who fights to the death and kicks people Leeds have 11 . before my time but sure I read something like that said by Ron chopper Harris?

Sure one of the much older fellas on here can put the correct saying on here’ve . there are plenty of them!

08 Oct 2019 09:32:40
Bermo. we are agreeing!

Que the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

(Wex, Spanish, George and Bieslabud)

08 Oct 2019 09:41:53
Agree Berardi not good enough now and my point was that you can not lay all the blame on him. Sure he would not pick himself as a left back or CB. If he was at right back then yes down to him but as you guys pointed out he is not even our second choice right back. Square pegs round holes. We were told at start of season Radz and Bubs were happy with the squad. If you have to play players out of position then it is not a good squad, we are short. No doubt Eddie will be at CB soon. However not just Berra not good enough JC looks to be going back so that option has gone as well. Lot were arguing we had no need to worry as U23s were so strong but half the team left and no sign any one else will be stepping up soon. Maybe Pascal will get on bench now. So we can slate the players all we want but fault is at managements door.

08 Oct 2019 11:15:37
It was Georgie Best, Bermo. Great line! Love it.
Ps. Before my time too tho, to be clear!

08 Oct 2019 12:29:15
whatever bright you old one. yes axe, i can hear the clip clopping of hooves as we speak.



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