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06 Oct 2019 13:52:37
Looks like my punt at 14th before season could be a winner.
Radz got no money or sense.
Biesla got no champ experience or idea or plan b or flexibility or humbleness when wrong.
Leeds got no
We all knew this.
We still see it.
Get rid of radz. Biesla and let the game begin.
Our only hope is how crap everybody else is.

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06 Oct 2019 14:13:24
Yeah Aus!
Lers go back to the type of manager we had pre Bielsa who AlL achieved far worse results and league position give your head a shake.

06 Oct 2019 14:41:34
great post aus

bazooka you have to keep in mind what hands these previous managers had to play. I have said it a 1000 times, it is not about who finsishes higher it is about who gets the best out of their team

remember previous leeds managers include grayson who i loved and warnock who is clearly far better than Belisa, warnock had no chance while at leeds so how can you compare

with belisa it is a question of is he getting best from squad. should we be doing better, that is how we should judge him and i don't think either question is a clear cut answer

some say keep him he has done well. i can see why

others like me say should be doing better and don't think he has what it takes. another sensilbe answer

the only leeds fans who should 'give their head a shake' are leeds fans with long wet hair or leeds fans who ask other leeds fans to give their heads a shake for thier opinons

me and aus don't always agree but we always respect each other.

06 Oct 2019 15:10:26
BW you refer Grayson seriously underachieved 7th place was his best with the talents of Snodgrass Becchio, Gradel, Beckford, Howson, McCormack, Clayton and Bradley Johnson. if only we had Gradel and Becchio now

Warnock was a disaster at Leeds . he took them backwards and disproves your theory that he is a great manager . the 7 goal home thrashing we got from Nottingham Forest our record home defeat of all time 7 goals! is an embarrassment I shall never forget thanks Warnock.

06 Oct 2019 15:49:34
Grayson up for debate I like him but can see you point

warnock very short sighted, he had poor team and no money to invest. He built a team around Snodgrass only to have him sold following week.

Warnock did so well not to take ya down and showed his class as he always does as this level.

Warnock can only be considered great or really great and he did a good job at leeds.

06 Oct 2019 16:20:45
BW you contradict yourself again . you say in you first post above i and I quote you ^ its about who gets the most out of their team ' Warnock spectacularly failed in thjs regard he took us seriousky backwards with a poor win ratio abd terribke performances with the players at his disposal . should never concede 7 goals at home ( to an ordinary Nottingham forest team at that who didn't even get in top 6 that season ) regardless of ability of players in squad . end of.

06 Oct 2019 16:27:31
Get rid of bielsa, really?, andcthen throw around names like Grayson and Warnock, Berms I have a lot of respect for your posts as I do all posts, but Grayson (all though at the time I did feel sorry for him) he is dated and Div 1 at best, Warnock worst football I've ever watched, not only at leeds but i grew up in Sunny Scarboro, and even thou he took them into the league it was awful to watch, u want a name, I'll give you a name

06 Oct 2019 17:24:00
grayson I can accept your opiions although i like and rate him but i can agree

but seriously (and eds help me out here) warnock not great at this level if not the best ever.? Really?

that leeds team of white, brown, green, paddy, vardy, hassisbiumiimisnimnsus or what ever his name was. a team where the only guy who was half a footballer was el haj duf. come on that team was relegation fodder all day long. what a ledg to keep us up. then what he did at cardiff and done time and time again

i know the football is crap but ask any cardiff fan promotion over style

belisa when you consider his record over time it is not great and is full of a few consistancies. great football. poor finishing. falling away second half of season.

06 Oct 2019 17:25:58
bazooka i hate this contradict myself again. when again when did i before and when did i here

warnock gets best from teams. cardiff relegation he got promtoion. leed relegation he kept us mid table. what a ledgend. have this conversation with any proper football people you will be laughed at. warnock is maybe the greatest ever at this level. while at it let's say fergouson was over rated.

06 Oct 2019 18:04:42
BW youw will fund it vert hard to impossible to find any Leeds fan who witnessed Leeds matches and the many defeats under Warnock to concours with yourvbizarre opinion that Warnock did a' good job' at Leeds

Yea Warnock has had relative success at other clubbit never sustained always relegated back to the championshop .
Grear Manager no way.

06 Oct 2019 18:17:29
I stand by it for the team he had at leeds he did well. we should of gone down that year

as for every other team he normally does well. not a great manager no but the greatest ever manager at our level without doubt.



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