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06 Oct 2019 12:36:05
Challenge to Bazooka. Name the players who are lacking in quality who you'd replace. First teamers please. So, for example, can't be Bera who does not qualify as he's normally a sub.

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06 Oct 2019 12:52:29
Lol. George you have posted this twice now better gk better left winger better goalscorer better 3rd choice cb.

06 Oct 2019 13:22:54
Bazooka Questions for you. 1. Why did we go for Casilla? 2. Wasn't it a strange choice? 3. Are you saying Costa is poor? 4. Do you find it weird we don't even have a 3rd choice centre back?

06 Oct 2019 13:29:21
Can i chip in here George. For me the two stand outs are Harrison and Bamford, for all the work they put in they achieve very little. Klich also at the moment is not firing. Question should be who do you . put in and will it make any difference. Seems to me we have learned how to keep the ball just need to work out how to put it in the net. Also how to defend with midfielders as CBs are not a priority anymore.

06 Oct 2019 14:00:48
if leeds manager I would not of gone for harrision again and for me protioty would of been centre back. Cooper is not good enough and beradi should never of been considered for leeds first team,

of course i would of sold phillips but outside of that i think our squad is good enough.

06 Oct 2019 14:42:05
bud as always good point i love klich but he need benching.

06 Oct 2019 18:38:15
Bazooka Still waiting on you to answer the questions. Wonder why you do not? Could it be "Bielsaball"? 🤔.

06 Oct 2019 19:08:18
George. your questions serve no further purpose. I have already explained that Radz is at fault with under investment denying us promotion last season but anyway as you insist

The recruitment of the gk is down to Radz not wanting to apend a fee of £4.5 million on Darlow at Newcastle. the gk is an Orta Radz signing
Bamford is an Orta signing . as he was an Orta signing too signed when hw signed him for Boro

I agree about Berardi . he should not be a 3td optiion for centre back. bit I suspect this is Finance decisions related to Radz not wanting to sign. another cb and making do with Berardi.

06 Oct 2019 21:00:33
Bazooka My point is a goalkeeper and striker (and reserve central defender) have nothing to do with style and formation. Orta's picks yes and Radz tight fisted yes but the main fault lies with Bielsa. You always strive to get best out of team but you need a Daniel James to make our team work. We didn't get him yet we persist with the strangeness. I can tell Klich is getting bored, Clarke wants out, Roberts looks frustrated and something is wrong with Costa but they are all fine players. Why not let them express themselves attack wise and not concern oneself with opponents? Bielsa is selfishly trying to vindicate his madness. He's the problem.

06 Oct 2019 21:29:58
George momentum and confidence are crucial. at the moment the team has lost a fair degree of both . next 4 games vital must win matches to kick start the momentum and confidence to energise the team.

I don't believe the system OR Bielsac the problem its the players not having the skills and confidence to score. most of them are not goalscoring players Roofe has left, Pablo is injured, Klich isn't trying to score because he wants to leave. Bamford needs to score to rediscover his confidence. Roberts, Harrison, Forshaw? Very few to no goals . therein lies the problem .


06 Oct 2019 23:50:05
if this is rads and ortas fault Bazooka then how comes Belisa has had this problem of players not scoring a lot for chances created at other clubs. this problem has followed Belisa all his career same with second half blow out.

seems odd that this pattern follows Belisa yet is nothing to do with him?

07 Oct 2019 00:05:58
Bazooka Yet Bielsa has persistently been cavalier and deflecting when it comes to scoring goals indicating in interviews he is only capable of teaching how to fashion chances, not finish them. Fault lies with him for under concentrating on end product which is something his style sadly fosters and festers. Simples.

07 Oct 2019 08:29:53
George and BW . we have already witnessed the 'wonderful success' of Radz and Ortas with managers TC and Heckingbottom. The woeful recruitment AND SALES OF OUR BETTER PLAYERS OF THE PAST 2 YEARS is 100 %; Orta and Radz and it's not good.

Bielsa is a head coach and has done wonders with these much lesser players. He is not doing Ortas job of recruiting players who in turn is hampered by the woeful financial constraints under Radz

The main reason for Pep Guardiolas success is that he only chooses to manage the best team in each league Barca, Bayern, Man City each with huge financial resources to buy the best players . the best players to create and score goals.

Whereas the clubs that Bielsa have managed have been in comparison financially modest where he is working with much cheaper lesser talented players with his biggest challenge ever Leeds United under the cards he has been dealt by the 'dream team ' of Radz and Orta NOT.

Make no mistake George and BW if Leeds get promoted this season it will be 99% down to Bielsa and 1% Radz and Orta who have sold players and not replaced them these past 2 years and bought in lesser talented loan players in general.

No disrespect to you guys but I respect the opinion of Guardiola far, far, far more who really rates Bielsa over your 2 misguided foolish opinions of Bielsa.




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