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06 Oct 2019 11:10:14
Not sure what has happened to this Site, used to be a site of opinions but centred on the team or the owners. Sadly now it’s becoming very polarised.

I’ve always been in the glass half full camp but as I have stated previously voted for Wex (second place) as my poster of the year last year. Because he made me challenge my views my opinions around Radz in particular, great!

However, the last few months we have this groundswell of posts directly aimed at us snowflake positive rise tinted glass wearing idiots. Sometimes it is explained away by a little caveat of I’m not having a go at you blind sheep. but boy didn’t I tell you so.

Thing is guys one mans terroist is another mans freedom fighter, by that I mean of course are view points will differ greatly if course everyone has a right to their opinions however, take a couple of weeks out of the site and you’ll see it’s changed beyond recognition.

Where’s Mick? Where’s Spanish, where’s Jeff? Anyway my point is there are as many digs, hits against each other as there is in landing an opinion. And when you evaluate that. we most certainly ain’t the best supporters in the land, opposition supporters can’t get to us because we’re more than capable of dividing our group ourselves.

We have had this before, with Massimo (our saviour) when everyone was asking for boycotts and naming every billionaire under the sun. but they weren’t there, the same with the squad which granted does look too light, we cannot change that until January if at all.

So whilst it’s everyone’s right to highlight these facts don’t let the frustrations of the situation lead to attacks on each other, it’s meant to be a banter site for Christ sake.

Now why does Bub not play struick or persist with Harrison as a rose tinted wearer I’m 100% in agreement, let’s debate that fact but let’s not add a sly dig just because one of us declares themselves to be a Harrison fan.

Before the games started yesterday Swans were top, they list at home to Stoke! This is the Championship every single team can beat every other single team. But if we come sixth this season I’ll still be supporting the boys not because I’m an idiot or a rose tinted snowflake but because, Jesus why do I do it? Yeah because they’re my team and I love em as much as my kids.

But I certainly won’t judge anyone who stops attending or burns his season ticket, that’s their individual right and I respect that.

So we ain’t sorry to say the best supporters in the land ( currently on this site) and yes we may fall short, but I hope we do make promotion this year, but equally I hope Mick, Spanish and the laughs return to the site also.

Finally, for many I realise the irony of asking us all to be a little less intolerant will most likely disenfranchise me to a number of posters, but truly I come in peace, I want the banter site I fell in love with back, but most importantly I’m beyond lucky as I support the best team in the land.

{Ed001's Note - brilliant post. Best post of the year.}

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06 Oct 2019 11:42:05
Excellent post, and one I echoed replying to a much earlier post from yesterday, just nowhere near as eloquently as you! Have a pint on me, Class!

06 Oct 2019 12:15:46
All my posts are tongue in cheek and i do not have a problem with posters having different opinions but if i am classed as a neghead or other derogatory term i will reciprocate. You make it sound like the positive ones are being vilified but i think you will find it was the ones who disagreed who were getting called names first. Private Jones famous words spring to mind.
As i said all posts relevant and worth reading and differing opinions are what makes this site. I called for name calling to stop a long time ago but it did not, as BW will tell you. Agree its not nice reading and we can do without it
I would not say i am negative and i want us to go up as much as you do but i say it as i see it. Way we are playing does not say to me automatic promotion, but i go to every game thinking we will. None of us can take the higher ground we are all equal and an opinion is just that, an opinion, someones point of view. Whether you agree or disagree it should be respected whoever voices it.
You are spot on any team can beat you in this division but i bet Swans fans were not praising their team on the way home, but they will still be at the next match, second best post of year lol.

06 Oct 2019 12:19:31
Class Good post but I can answer your question. Frustration. This is why we are so divisive. Acquiring James in January would've seen us promoted and we'd have a £50m player on our books now. To see him turn up you know where. I'm still getting over the sale of Cantona. To see Derby do what they did to us in the playoffs, ridicule for us Spygate on our own pitch, Spygate itself and now it's wash rinse repeat this season. Fans have their breaking point. We've been through a lot the last 15 years. All I know is that I am absolutely in love with Leeds United because each time we mess up I'm in mental anguish. I puked my guts up after Derby in May. As for Bielsa, my view is he makes things too complicated for this league and we're better off without him. He ain't going to change. Others have a different view and while I disagree with them I'll defend their right to voice their opinion every day of the week and twice at 5 o'clock in the pm on Saturday. Sometimes it's best to tell the truth and let it all out. We need to start scoring some goals.

06 Oct 2019 12:20:44
Class post, Class 👍.

06 Oct 2019 12:31:43
Some think their opinions are more valid than others at times. All opinion on this site centre around our love of Leeds United football club, some see the bright side some the more negative side but all have equal merit and right. As long as we keep things civil, long may they keep coming.

06 Oct 2019 14:12:46
great original post, also agree with belisabud and what he said I would agree with I do 100%

for me I am negitive, I don't like the current manager and his ideals. i don't mind losing i just hate under performing which i think we are massivley

Over the years I have got a lot of stick (some of it very personal) for my support of rads, for my love and greatfulness of Cellino, for my support of Wood. I have also got stick for my criticsm of Belisa, Beradi, Cooper and of course Kalvin Phillips.

I think the positive posters appear to sometimes look down on any negivtive cristcim with. you don't go to games, you don't know what you are talking about, you ain't a proper fan and even you are millwall. so after the stick when it comes out that maybe i do have a bit of a point it does bubble. plus add that with the fact that when my negitive points look to be vaild it is couple with a leeds loss so I am fuming at the time of posting.

I do agree this site is brilliant with some great fella's most of them disagree with me most of the time but i think as long as we always respect each other we are fine

and of course do disagree with me ever. i'm always right.

06 Oct 2019 14:29:48
George you contradict yourself ( again ) . you want Bielsa out but at same tine state if we had signed Daniel James we ( quite rightly) would have got promoted.

. the guy has a better win ratio than every other Leeds manager in history apart from perhaps Revie.

06 Oct 2019 15:07:36
Berm, great reply, you’re absolutely right about the unfair (in my opinion) the criticism you have received in the past.

I particularly recall a rant you were having about Phillips at half time (forget which game) and so I thought blooming eck Berm give it a rest. So, for the remainder of the game you were bloody spot on in everything that you had said Berm. I definitely posted to that effect afterwards.

Just trying to make the point we can all like or dislike the owner, coach, particular player but we ALL should not criticise our fellow supporters.

Totally get George’s point on the REAL pain and frustration at so many years of not getting back to where we believe we rightfully belong, although much as it pains me we don’t have a divine right to get promoted. But of course everyone of us should be able to criticise whenever we want to so long as it doesn’t become personal, and anyway Berm you ARE always right 😂.

06 Oct 2019 15:46:21
If you don't like the programme, switch off the telly. If you don't like the post ignore it, move on, it's only a post. It's just the more diameterically opposite it is to your view the more it will upset. That's the key, do not take it personal do not be thin skinned. The only time any post oversteps the line is when unchoice words are used of a personal nature. Any thoughts, comments about LUFC, however strong negative or positive are all fair game. I admit some posts push the definition of banter however the poster has the same rights as I have to be heard, anything more I leave to the moderators.

06 Oct 2019 15:53:21
Mezzer. Great response too fella!

06 Oct 2019 16:02:49
Bazooka How have I contradicted myself? Don't see how. My point is we are not playing the percentages unless you're going to tell there's a Daniel James with similar pace available at every street corner. You see the thing about not landing James is then you realize you didn't get him.



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