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06 Oct 2019 01:33:15
Yea get bielsa out, 11 games in and your all panicking, listening to crap talk like that on here and you wonder why I switch off for months at a time. Ups and downs boys like the song said, so you get bielsa out and who going to get in? Hockaday or shockingbottom.

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06 Oct 2019 02:00:50
Here here Martin. The penalty and sending off changed the game so who knows otherwise. We are lufc and it ain't ever going to be easy. What are the swans fans saying after losing to bottom Stoke I wonder? This league will NEVER be easy. Simples. MOT.

06 Oct 2019 02:28:15
martyn i realise your 1 of the daddies on here and i mean no dis but, when people can see the inevitable in relation to our club then its really hard not to put feelings to words because if bubs don't change his methodology soon then the axe will fall on him also. He needs to acknowledge that his methodology of different cultures of football is NOT applicable to the EFL, he needs to be able to adapt to various formations of styles, NOT JUST HIS OWN.

06 Oct 2019 05:37:17
One of the main reasons people come on here is to vent Martyn. There are pages on fb for those who only want to hear positive things.

06 Oct 2019 04:33:12
Martyn, I agree 100% with you. I stopped posting because of the Bull some of the folk on here post and the crap they give the team. We are playing arguably the most attractive football I think we have ever played since I started supporting them even in the early seventies we never had 70% of possession week in week out like we do now. I have supported the team since 1967.

We just can't score at the moment. Ups and downs is correct. Only problem is when the team are down we as supporters are supposed to try to lift the team, not kick them while they are down. One thing that came out of the documentary for me was how much the negative comments affected the players and their families. Anyway, We can't change that. MoT. well most of us.

06 Oct 2019 07:57:34
Martyn, no one is suggesting that we bring in an old manager, that’s just to make people in here look stupid for rightfully questioning Bielsa. I love the man, and I really hope we do get promoted. But this season we have looked so much poorer, so unconvincing, we are gutless in defence and attack.

Our recruitment was poor, lots of weak areas in the squad have been completely left untouched like CB, Creative CM and LW. We will not be promoted if things don’t turn around fast. We will be lucky to make the play offs. Sorry if you don’t like it but that’s the truth. You can see it in front of your very eyes.

06 Oct 2019 08:58:36
11 games in. who was our manager last season

my question for our manager in his second year would be this

do we have same problems as last year. yes

have we picked up some new problems. yes

are we weaker than last year . yes

was last year good enough. no

I think some are blinded by the pretty football and possession. some say we have best manager in the league? and we have weak squad (not weaker than millwalls and charltons)

the manager in his whole career has had problems with his team converting goals and burn out second half of season. this is a life long problem

at leeds we lose to the weaker teams and fail to convert enough. add to that this year being really weak defensivle

who will we get in. no idea but if going over past managers i'd take warnock in a heartbeat and probably grayson. but it ain't about going back it's about going forward

going forward will MB get us up? for me never in a million years

as for the not being aollowed to be negivite. honestly seems a bit like child to me. proper fans can see all the weakness'es and still love the club

I see leeds are poor in both boxes. i see we are losing games we should win, i know we ain't going up but love leeds anyway.

06 Oct 2019 09:03:58
We maybe lucky to make the play offs, but we have no devine right to make the play offs . As far as I remember and someone may correct me but we've made the championship play offs only twice in about 14 years! All of a sudden we come 3rd last year and are sitting 2 points off the top this year and some are calling for Bielsa's head . As they can see the inevitable. Get a grip some of you . Yeah it is a site for venting and sharing opi ions, but some of you talk a load of turd! I'm starting to believe some are not questioning Beilsa's ability as a manager but his nationality!

06 Oct 2019 09:26:01
Calling for his head after 11 games and we are 2 points off automatic promotion is idiotic.

06 Oct 2019 09:43:38
having beradi as 3rd choice Cb is idiotic. doing same thing and expecting different results is idioctic. having no plan b is idiotic. having no physical presence in either box is idiotic. keep losing to poor teams over 2 seasons is not good enough.

06 Oct 2019 10:28:46
Martyn Doubt Radz would go for such bad managers. That was Cellino.

06 Oct 2019 10:30:33
Amazing posts CC and Alf.

06 Oct 2019 10:42:47
No we do not have a weaker team squad than Millwall or Charlton, yes they beat us . But would you bet on them finishing higher than us this year? don't answer that Bermo.! Have we a better team squad than WBA? I don't remember the team been giving as much praise for winning as criticism for losing, strange that!

06 Oct 2019 10:58:47
Raggity You know why? Because we fair better against the better teams. Yet we suffer against the lesser teams. This is due to style. Aren't you concerned yet regarding this concept and fact? Can't you see a pattern emerging? It isn't natural to do well against harder opposition but do average or badly against those inferior. Surely you see a problem?

06 Oct 2019 11:13:11
One man’s “inevitable” is another man’s “ bull turd” perspective, and both sides should be heard, without having the closed minds we see here, saying you’re right, he’s wrong, I’m right. I’m on the Martyn side of the fence, as are many others. Clearly CC, you are more aligned to George and Bermo. So be it.

06 Oct 2019 11:53:03
Additionally Alf, I would say that people come on here just to post, full stop, about the club they love, knowing that views are going to vary. It’s just a minority who seems to just take pleasure in saying “ I told you so, I was correct, can’t you see the inevitable. ”.

06 Oct 2019 14:11:36
well bright, us in the' minority ' have been saying same things for an awful long time, so please remind us once again how long now since we have been out of the big time? Yes the faces change but the fundamental problem always remains, squad ain't good enough . Answer this honestly if you got a knock on your door right now and was asked for the keys to bet that LUFC will get promoted this year would you hand them over? ?

06 Oct 2019 15:10:12
I very much doubt anyone would be stupid enough to do that Chris, unless they were the owners of multiple properties, with millions in the bank, and a guaranteed huge income, so a strange question to ask really. Have I put large bets on nags, dogs, footie, rugby etc. Yes. Hope that gives an indication as to where I stand mate. 🤔.

06 Oct 2019 15:58:29
Plus I’m not sure you are in the minority Chris. Think it’s a fairly even split to be fair at the moment?

06 Oct 2019 19:04:29
you know what i meant bright, leeds are uncertainty personified, anyways heres hoping this will all be irrelevant come may.

06 Oct 2019 22:44:11
George I don't see a pattern emerging as I feel if we beat enough big teams we will accumalate enough points off the so called lesser teams . But as we all know that on any given day any team can beat any team . But I believe that the football we play on its day will beat most teams, but I never expected us to win every game, just earn enough points to get promoted . Untill I see otherwise I won't lose the faith . I've seen nothng so far that makes me believe we will not achieve that objective .



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