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01 Oct 2019 08:32:04
so he said best 60mins if so why didn't we score . the best should mean 3/ 4/ 5 goals. teams now know sit back get lucky break win 1-0.

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01 Oct 2019 10:24:44
there is no luck in it

teams sit back and know one set play/ corner or couple of chances from open play and they will score. other team managers, players and coaches must talk about how poor we are in defence. my talk would be don't worry lads, keep a clean sheet and we will score they are worse than a sunday league team. then just play a few big lads and we are F@@@ED.

01 Oct 2019 11:37:45

As a team talk and resultant tactic it doesn't show you in a good light, but hey the 1980s are calling and are looking for a fourth division manager

We have signed proper players who can play football.
We have a coach that can play proper football.
We have a chairman that is progressive.
And then we have Bermo, Leeds United's answer to Jurassic Park.

Last year you moaned about KP
This year its Biesla's 'stubbornness'.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.
We have proper defenders, who defend set pieces almost as well as in the days of Jansson, Bartley and Wood. So we aren't that much off perfection there
We have midfielder that consistently pass to a same coloured shirt. Consistently keep possession.
And we have 2 very good strikers, by Championship standards, that haven't shown there full talents yet. And all you do is moan, moan, moan

Come attend some matches. See how hard the players work off the ball. you know, the bits you don't see on a telly screen. and then criticise the effort our players put in to each and every match. In your prime you would have had a coronary just keeping up with their warm up.

01 Oct 2019 12:48:15
Axe, don't think anyone can criticise the effort the team put in. But for all our possession and effort we are not the best at what is fundamental in football, putting the ball in the opponents net. Yes we play pretty football with lots of possession, lovely to watch at times, but not going to get us out of this league without the goals. You can argue every game we have played this season we should or could have won, but we didnt. And we are pretty useless from set pieces, makes me wonder what we do practice on the training field? Probably lots of running!

01 Oct 2019 12:56:01
Axe i am at nearly every match and U23s and i can see BW frustration. Defence is not great at crosses into the box and if we have the two best strikers in the division why are we not scoring more. Agree with you team on paper is one of the best but on the pitch we are lacking, so if it is not the quality of the players it must be something else eh. Bielsa ball is fine if you are scoring, if not Charlton of all teams can show how to beat us.

01 Oct 2019 14:27:43
In fairness Axe Bermo has a point in missing chances however I can’t understand the Bielsa out nonsense. He even said he’d like big Sam as manager! MB has made us a force to be reckoned with in his short time at the club and as you say it’s a long season. MOT.

01 Oct 2019 14:56:06
I take that back. Berm didn’t mention missing chances!

01 Oct 2019 17:17:47
Mezzer, my point alludes to that small bunch who constantly criticise just for the sake of having written something on the thread that day. I am very pleased with the character of this bunch of Leeds players. They are certainly trying to get to a level were its "side before self" and I appreciate that

Bieslasbud, in fairness I didn't say they were the best strikers in the Championship. I said they are very good, by Championship standards.
Tryst me, if I knew how to make them score goals I would sell that formula to Man Utd for two billion pounds, and give it free of charge to Leeds United (and with the billions I would buy Man Utd and install Peter Risdale as chairman, thus making certain of their swift demise)

01 Oct 2019 17:56:30
thats my point axe

the 80's is calling for a 4th division manager but he could do a job against leeds. you don't need tactics just a corner which you will get sooner or later

my kP thoughts are still the same just droped that record

as for coming to the games. come watch on telly mate, see the replays and you will see how they lose there men, pul shirts, leave free men and let coner balls bounce on box. lots that a slow mo replay shows that you clearly miss in the stands

saying we defend corners almost as well as with janson is beyound funny.

as for 80's division four still better than our current sunday league defending at the moment

hard work is a given and least i expect, pretty football means about as much to me as an expired coupon.

results mean a little bit more and at the moment dispite our great play the results are leting the side down.

01 Oct 2019 18:01:22
as for big sam

i have a simple pholisy on managers. i like managers who get best from the team, the ones who get the best result possible. big sam at bolton, dyce, eddie howe, pulis at stoke.

I care little for style. Mb has a great team and play great stuff but i applud bowyer who got the result dispite the game and dispite the teams.

MB is not getting the best from this team, he is not getting the best results. the best managers watch there teams get battered and still come away with a win

we are battering teams yet still losing. this is for me the exact worst thing a team can do. I understand if leeds are pony i can live with that but we ain't pony should of won every game but have drawn and lost two a peice. that is for me not accpetbale, espcially when you consider how we are losing and patterns of play.

01 Oct 2019 20:02:58
Bolton was a long time ago. Think about west ham Newcastle Everton. Same a top geezer but I personally wouldn’t want him anywhere near Leeds. Eddie Howe you can’t really compare. It’s still an entertainment business.

01 Oct 2019 20:38:19
ture about big same after bolton but i am old school and hope we will get the next one

what can i say i grew up on millwall i am all about long ball kick and scrap into net. if it ain't scored with a head it don't count!



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