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28 Sep 2019 17:20:11
What I've been saying from the start of the season. Not about systems or style it's about quality. Ever since Cooper has been at Leeds there has been a problem with set pieces. It was better when Jannson was there but now we have Whita decent footballer but lacks height and presence in the Box. Casilla could be better but you have to look at the defending. So - before we move on we can see in most games we need to score twice to get a win and failing to score at all means we lose. at about t. Bamford was bought for a fee possibly rising to 10 million even though he had dropped a long way down the pecking order at Middleborough Orta should have known why but still bought him. He is dire as a goal scorer. Like a lot of the juniors that come through so much pressure and expectation put on them because the senior players ( notably the senior defender and striker can't do their jobs properly) . Eddie has scored a few goals but now every time he comes on we need him to score. That can't be good. Costa dropped down the pecking order at wolves, just like Douglas. We look like we are going to pay 15 million. On today's performance £15 would have been too. I only hope his poor display was because of lack of game time and he will improve. I've said for some time we rely on Hernandez. If he doesn't play or loses form we are only half the team we are with him playing well. Unfortunately the number of games where he is going to make a difference is reducing as he gets older. Going back to the start of the season I said we needed a goal scorer and not a has been. A defender to replace Jansson and a replacement for Hernandez. We have none of those. Whilst we are not a poor championship team I do not, and never have been, of the opinion we are in for automatic promotion.
One last thought I don't believe that posts are positive or negative. Posts should represent what has been seen - not simply positive floss because we are Leeds fans. At the moment we are seriously lacking in quality in vital areas. Until that improves we are top 6 in the best possible scenario but even that will be extremely difficult. Interesting to so see how we do against WBA.

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28 Sep 2019 17:41:17
Agree with a lot of that Hess but Bielsa problem is he is too loyal to certain people he needs to be more ruthless, I agree we are short in certain areas and rads is trying to get promoted on the cheap because Bielsa so good I don’t want Marcelo gone because I remember where we were 3 years ago he just needs to find the best front line and play it until January Bamford just ain’t it.

28 Sep 2019 17:44:17
Fine post Hess.

28 Sep 2019 17:52:26
Disagree that's it's not about style. Yes, we have a weakness at defending and capitalizing on set plays and yes that's due to personnel lacking in quality but that lack of quality is in that particular facet of the game. The physical side which we know the Championship is all about. Evidently though, our manager disagrees with these facts. We possess skilful players but their skills are toward the prettier side of the game. What we lack isn't quality but a balance, a blend of more physical players. This is one of the reasons why many fans were vexed at Pontus departure. He was just about the only one we had capable on the physical side. So ultimately it is a style thing because had our manager been more inclined to capitalize on our set plays as well as defend them we would've kept Pontus and Edmondson would at least be on the bench. However, our style isn't conducive to this type of play. In keeping with the brothel concept, we want to be with a pretty girl but we just don't know how to seal the deal. Hess, our players are good enough just not where it matters. #BIELSAOUT.

28 Sep 2019 18:10:26
Pontus was a nightmare and I can see why he wanted rid it was all about him, sitting in the ground watching derby fans summed it up, I liked him but I can see his disruption.

28 Sep 2019 18:15:39
Ket Wasn't he entitled to be and show his upset? No-one was criticizing his somewhat throw toys out of the pram persona when he was heading back bricks and bulleting in headers.

28 Sep 2019 18:17:14
It's not me giving less value to the opponents, it's not me underestimating the opponents. Quote from MB today. All the players fault then George #playersout!

28 Sep 2019 18:48:29
Losing pontus and Roofe for is showing especially when you consider we paid as much for bamford as we got for both.

28 Sep 2019 19:06:12
Mezzanine Wonder if he's just beginning to lose the dressing room?

28 Sep 2019 19:35:17
Will start to lose the fans if he isn't careful george. Second season and not learning from the last. Could end up taking us up but just as easy could see him walking away before the end of the season.

28 Sep 2019 22:50:58
George - what makes you think he's losing the dressing room?

29 Sep 2019 11:34:17
Wex, you’re certainly partially right. We do miss Kemar Roofe, more so than Pontus I would say!



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