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21 Sep 2019 17:43:34
seen the posts and as always love reading peoples different views all very vaild and educated. i have clamed down a little now and here is my thoughts

1stly any leeds fans mentioning the table have very short memories. we was top last year, until may the table is pointless

more important is how we feel we are playing and how the season will play out

for me we are playing awful and resutls are very misleading and we have been very blessed and lucky

football is about both boxes and we fail massivly in both boxes.

as the expert puntdit said today for how much of the ball we have we don't create many great chances and of course everyone agrees we don't put the ball away enough

then in the other box we are a joke, we defend like a sunday league team.

inbetween both boxes we are amazing, play great football, keep the ball wonderful. but where it matters we are simply not good enough

many say we don't conceed many hence we have a good defence. this is wrong, we keep the ball limiting the other team to chances but how we defend is not how we keep the ball but how we act when they have the ball. and this is laughable. we are like a boxer who don't get hit all match then gets knocked out by one punch in the 12th.

now for our manager. i don't rate him. i will put that out there. this year he has made us worse. he has got the best team in the league. the favs and in one box we have the same problems and in the other box he has made us worse

now it is upto him to prove me wrong and give me a massive taste of humble pie. i said last year about this time we ain't going up and i am saying it again now

I don't care about the nice play, the table at this point or anything that happens outside of the boxes. i care about what i see in the boxes and every game what i have seen has told me we ain't going up and I am seriosuly P@@@@sed off

sort it out belisa.

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21 Sep 2019 18:04:10
I do not think he is failing us. I do not think that he is taking us backwards, I do however feel that if he does not take the blinkers off we will struggle (in the top six) and not achieve our full potential. We have a table topping squad with an u23 group bursting with talent. If only Bielsa would be less loyal and more ruthless we would get 3 points where now we give away two.
Without naming names there are players on the pitch who, week after week, fail to deliver, despite his faith. Everyone knows who they are but Bielsa persists, in the misplaced belief that the talent is there, they just need time. I have said elsewhere that we are still very far from the panic button but his intransigence needs to be addressed.

21 Sep 2019 18:18:47
Bielsa turned a poor team into contenders. If you don't rate him then you will never rate anyone!
I agree we haven't hit top form yet but we are top of the league and very easily could be by 7 points.
Could we do better? Yes, could Bielsa be better? Yes but right now we play the best football in the league, are top of the league and I expect us to get better.

21 Sep 2019 18:18:49
MB has in the last decade never managed to improve on his first season at a new club.

21 Sep 2019 18:22:47
Leo It's not about the perceived lack of talent. It's there. It's formation at home. Simple.

21 Sep 2019 18:27:06
sorry mate your right i worded tht wrong

he ain't failed us yet but if we ain't prem next year he has failed us and himself

i do think we are weaker in the box defensivly and this is huge step back as it is such an important place to get things right and for us in this one area we have gone massivly backwards this season

I honestly think our defending in the box when they have the ball is the worst i have ever seen. I don't think i have seen a leeds team this poor in defence

other leeds teams have conceed more but that is because they have less of the ball and defend more not becuase they are weaker at defending

i know i bang on but at set plays we are sunday league cooper and white both pulling shirts and should of given away a pen and they wasnt enough good enough to fail and win the ball. both times they failed and still the other player won the ball. joke

also look how far the ball travels in our box. so many times the ball bounces.15 year old teams would get told off for this

for me i don't see top of the table i see worying patterns of not finishing enough team off. not being ruthless in front of goal and being soft in our goal. i just makes me so angry and so upset and deflated. i'm gutted and angry in equal measure.

21 Sep 2019 19:13:43
Well said Canada!
Top of the league. Played three teams in top six. Only four goals conceded. Absolutely bossed every game.
You’d think we were bottom half with the way some are going on!

21 Sep 2019 19:23:10
wilde turned a poor team into promotion, faluke turned a poor team into champs, belisa turned a middle table team into specatular record breaking fauilers

this year let's see what he does with the favs to win the league
he flatters to decive great football but inept in both boxes

a team that doesn't have to defend often but when it does have to defend it fails

this season will tell us if he is any good or just all fancy football with no end result

my eye test on leeds is very daming. not sure how anyone can say we are better than last year

not sure how any one can say he has fixed the goalscoring problem

not sure how anyone can say he has not made us far weaker at defending.100% of the time we defend we look vunerbale lucky we keep the ball so we only defend dangrous situatoions for about 5% of every game.

21 Sep 2019 19:37:50
Fair and valid points guys, agree a lot with leodis's post, also think George is right regarding what he has said about changing things when at home. I still like bielsa, but don't understand his willingness to keep doing the same thing regardless. The fact that his strength of character and belief is also his weakness. His team offer no surprises for other managers and teams this season, for all our possession our end product is poor. Yes we are top, but we not pulling away from the pack. As a fan i would like us to change things up from time to time, Bielsa I doubt will do this and so I really worry that this season ends similar to the last.

21 Sep 2019 20:19:57
So that first 60 mins of football was “awful” Berm? It was sublime. It was the best we’ve seen for 20 years!

21 Sep 2019 21:16:05
yes bright really awful. what is the point of the first 60 minutes. i'd prefer crappy football and a few goals. then when they attack we have a cushion although defending would be a nice bonus

i don't care about lovely style in fact it annoys me all these passes and posession for no bloodly reason

we play awful football under wilko but was great

we play great football under belisa but are awful

yes we are top we was last year come back in may if we are top if we ain't it is just another pointless season with loads of possesion for no poxy point.

21 Sep 2019 21:16:51
also i didn't enjoy the first 60 minutes because i knew we wouldn't get the win. i could see it coming as could the wife. aagin i hate being wrong but i can't enjoy something pretty when i know the ugly ending.

21 Sep 2019 21:38:40
We played awful football under Wilko? really?
Did you not watch us dismantle Sheff Weds 6-1? Just as an example.
Awful. Sorry Bermo pal, but that’s just garbage!

22 Sep 2019 00:44:03
thats my point under wilko was great

we didn't have 80% possesion of ball, it was not all ticka tacker football, it was direct effeicent and brutal. it was not pure football you would pay to watch it was effective football that took sheff wed apart and won a team the league that had no right to win

look at the goals. all direct, crosses, etc.

when i say awful i mean in terms of the apsectics of it

belisa plays pretty football but pointless football wilko played football the best way in my opinion because it was effective.



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