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19 Sep 2019 08:19:39
Can I just say Bamford is a striker and paid to score goals.
If we have a striker with a better conversion rate then that striker should play.
I'm not interested what else Bamford does until we start playing two strikers and then I may see why he should be in the team.
At present, playing one striker, he shouldn't be.
Nuff said.

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19 Sep 2019 09:43:38
Honestly, it’s not that simple.

19 Sep 2019 12:24:23
Other woody, agree

A strikers job is more than just scoring goals

An example of this would be Alan Shearer always playing for England even though both Andy Cole and Kevin Phillips were getting more goals at their league clubs.
Wor Al did so much more than the other 2

So I suggest that the fact Bamford is covering more ground per minute, and his hotspots include a lot of time in the channels, that he must be doing the work that the team need him to do

It has been posted on here by many posters that the amount of work Bamford gets through has a huge tiring affect on the opposition defenders and in it's way helps Eddie to get a yard on those defenders later in the game.

Personally, if Eddie was doing a similar role to Bamford, I wouldn't mind Eddie starting and Bamford coming on against tired defenders. An extra yard of space would allow him to be more accurate with his shooting.

19 Sep 2019 13:12:49
I’m torn if I’m honest between the two. The one thing I should say though is that Eddie should be coming in earlier. Got to give him at lease 30 minutes, not 20. And if Bam Ban tiring the opposition is the rationale, then explain it to him so that when he comes off the pitch after 60 minutes at 0/ 0 he is not frustrated and annoyed, but thinks I have done a great job, worn them out, I should take a share of the credit when Eddie goes and nets as we know he will.

19 Sep 2019 13:44:07
Forwards jobs aren’t always scoring. Giroud won a World Cup playing up front and not scoring. Bamford will score just not against better teams and Eddie will score but not necessarily if he starts. Different ways of looking at things.

19 Sep 2019 16:10:03
I always thought you played your best players in each position . And in my opinion Eddie is a better forward that Bamford. If Roofe was at Leeds still and fit, would be play as the main forward or bamford?

19 Sep 2019 20:40:58
Good posts and opinions especially Animal. I still favour the Bielsa system away. Hard to argue against as we've won everything away conceding only once. Bam bam first 65 minutes, Eddie last 25. At home, 4-4-2 and you play the partnership. Increases goal threat and as someone posted recently we've become a touch predictable at home and while we are no means easy to counter, it is doable. We may concede an extra goal per game but imagine Eddie filling his boots. It would also make things more harmonious among fans who want to see more of Eddie. I want him to be our player one day 💛💙💛💙.

19 Sep 2019 22:30:07
If only it was that easy.
Personally I’ll Keep my trust in MB for now.

19 Sep 2019 22:45:34
Axe You're factually wrong about Cole and Phillips. In the league Cole had a goal ratio of 0.56 per game during his hey day at Geordies and Red 👹. In the league Phillips had a goal ratio of 0.54 per game during his pomp at Black 🐱. In the league Shearer during his days at Blackburn and Geordies had a goal ratio of 0.59 per game.

20 Sep 2019 09:53:34
Not sure how you compare Shearer to Bamford lol. England player, top striker, championship player average striker at the moment. As George as just shown you can prove anything with stats. You have to look at the player now and say is he doing his job. He does do a lot of work and gives others space to get forward but if a striker gets 4 or 5 chances a game you expect him to put one away. If the idea is it does not matter if he scores as long as he works his socks off then he is not a striker. It means we have to score 70 odd goals from midfield and the way Pablo is playing at the moment and Costa coming on for 20 min that ain't likely. Yes we are great away when the other team has to be more adventurous but home form is bad to be honest. This idea that Bamford tires them out for Eddie to come on and score is a bit naive. These guys train so they can go play 90 minutes football a week, ok sometimes more. The season has only just started so all fresh. Eddie comes on and scores because that is how good he is. If we can play 20 mins with him and score goals why can we not play first 70 mins with him and score more goals. I think Eddie will be starting soon as Bubs is no fool and even though Bamford meets most of his requirements if he can't start hitting the back of the net he will end up on the bench. As i have said before i think he is capable of doing it but he is not.



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