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18 Sep 2019 10:32:43
So what would we do. Not what we think biesla would do but what would we do if coach. To start.
Bamford or Eddie.
I'm goimg eeerrrrrrr?

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18 Sep 2019 11:08:56
For me Eddie, rather be 2 or 3 up going into the last ten minutes than trying to win the game.

18 Sep 2019 11:23:48
I say bam bam. Eddie is young and the season is long. Fresh legs later on to capitalise his speed.

18 Sep 2019 12:44:37
Bam bam 100%. He works the defence so hard, physically and mentally. Eddie will have his day starting, as I’m sure bam is going to get kicked hard at some point and be out, but for now, the super speedy sub tactic is working.

18 Sep 2019 13:16:01
Agree Bamford does his share up front in fact everything but put the chances away. Our problem is scoring goals and Eddie will do that. The season is long Gray but not sure what fresh legs later on is about. If we play Eddie now will not Bamford have fresh legs later, he is not a pensioner. I have always rated Bamford and can not for the life of me understand why he is not scoring every game as he is capable but the fact is he misses too many chances and for all the hard work he puts in its wasted if we are not scoring. Can not see why we can't start with Eddie and bring on Bamford after we are 2-0 up. No logic in the argument of save Eddie for the last 20 minutes. For me you start with your best 11 who are the ones in form, simples. Play Bamford as well for me but can't see that happening.

18 Sep 2019 13:20:36
Bielsabud and Aus are more correct but still wrong. Others who've posted very wrong, in George's opinion. It's a perfect partnership in the making. As for Graybanger, do you realize there's a slight to moderate risk of Arsenal recalling Eddie in January?

18 Sep 2019 14:26:01
So play a striker who does everything but score.

18 Sep 2019 14:27:49
Bamford doesn't score goals enough 20 odd goals in 3 seasons before coming to Leeds we bought a lemon.

18 Sep 2019 14:58:12
Half of the “chances” that Bamford has are of his own making. Slipping his defender and popping up forward of the near post, which is also the most difficult position to finish from.

18 Sep 2019 14:59:50
Wex Not sure you know the game. Paddy best available for the money. Gayle would have cost £5m more. Buying goals costs money. Yes, Canaries got the excellent and clinical Pukki, and he wasn't that expensive so finding a bargain can be done but you've got to play the %. How many teams last season spent Pukki money and got Pukki results? Answer. Norwich alone. Finding the gem not easy as the stats will show. You may retort with Derby spent but they're in a spot of bother now. Why not rejoice at Eddie's prowess as opposed to harping on about Paddy? Paddy is very useful and will still plunder 15 league goals this season.

18 Sep 2019 16:14:13
Amazingly, pukki was a free transfer! The Norwich squad was assembled for £16m in total so I read the other day! Who says you need to spend to get promoted!?

18 Sep 2019 17:07:12
George, bit rude mucka. Wex has demonstrated over a period of time that he knows the game.
I may have differing views to him but that doesn't detract from the fact he 'knows the game'.

And, George, that above knowledge you can have free of charge, because I know it's the truth and I have shown up an obvious hole in your depth of knowledge.

Trust me George I am educating you and i ask nothing in return .

18 Sep 2019 19:43:12
Axe My depth in knowledge regarding politeness or other matters?

My simple point is goalscorers cost money. You've either got money or you haven't plus even when you do have the £ you got to be willing and able to spend it. With FFP that can be challenge.

Are you suggesting goalscorers to use your expression usually come "free of charge"? One thinks of historic examples such as Cole, Shearer, Rooney. wait a sec! Axe, I'm entitled to my opinion which is Wex has moaned for too long about Paddy. We have Eddie now and we're TOTL. If he's still critical about Paddy and management, I find it weird and a touch ungrateful in light of Eddie's goals and Paddy has actually played quite well in these opening fixtures. The game has moved on since the 80s when a Tommy Tynan or Keith Edwards would bag 300 goals each in the old Second Division. What part of that does Wex and maybe you also not get?

18 Sep 2019 20:49:58
Cant speak for Wex but I don't "get" any of you most recent post

Wex gives the example of Pukki being bought for free to illustrate his point that it doesn't have to cost a fortune to get promotion

You then weirdly counter argue with Cole, Shearer and Rooney as, I assume, examples of having to pay a lot of money for a striker that scores
Trouble is, old boy, that as far as I am aware none of those examples ever played Championship football, which is what the original post was about.

If your going to contribute to a thread at least make it 'on point' so the vast majority can assess just how much knowledge you do possess.

To expand on Wex's original point, Billy Sharp wasnt an expensive purchase either. Neither was Glenn Murray in his time. So Wex's point is still a valid one, and your counter argument is weak and off point

And finally, George I totally agree that you are entitled to your opinion. It's not my fault your opinion is not normally well thought out, and always self-congratulatory.

18 Sep 2019 21:38:26
The plan is good give bam bam the start, he holds play up decent, works the defence brings other players in to it, I feel that other players need to step up with their finishing as well, Harrison, klich, pablo Costa if he starts klich etc should be getting more goals as well .

18 Sep 2019 21:47:51
Axe It was I who mentioned Pukki, not Wex. It was I who mentioned his cheap cost, not Wex. It was Bright who expanded on that further by saying he was actually acquired on a free. So something of a triumph for you getting 3 things wrong in a row. So it's no wonder you don't get it. Mystery solved.

As for playing Championship football, I did indeed compare correctly by mentioning Tynan and Edwards. I could've also thrown in Jimmy Quinn into the mix. The point I make, even older boy, is proven goalscorers usually cost serious wonga unless you get lucky with a Pukki. If getting a Pukki on a free so easy to sort out, why aren't there many such players all plying their trade at many Championship clubs? Like say a third of the division all having 25 goal a season strikers? Why not? Hmm 🤔

Bamford does frustrate but we paid the going rate for a striker of his calibre and scoring record. I think his performances and scoring record has actually marginally improved since he came to Leeds and under Bielsa's wing.

If a Championship striker delivers a 25 goal season he tends to be snapped up by a PL team. Example Maupay and he went for £20m. But why wasn't there 8 Maupay type transfers from the Championship last window? Hmm, I wonder why 🤔.

We paid up to £10m for Paddy. The fee is about right given his stats and other qualities. My principal point is Wex prolonging this criticism of Paddy and management is undeserved, counterintuitive and unnecessary as he's broadly delivering for the price tag and we have Eddie banging them in.

Regarding Sharp and Murray, I agree they were real value for money but again those players are few and far between. There aren't a load of value names you can cite doing the top scoring biz yet there are 24 clubs in the Championship at any given time.

Like I said, Paddy does frustrate but it's well-known his radar not as good as others. Rather than perpetually moan about it, why not consider what he's actually good at and does well?

Without as many insults and free of charge, pal.

19 Sep 2019 07:02:43
Cheers George

I stand corrected.

19 Sep 2019 07:09:01
And I 100% agree with you regarding prolonged criticisms of any player, manager, owner etc

We all have our views, post it once or twice and most poster will be able to understand them. Post them consistently and they become white nouse and lose their value. Wex. "little is more"

Personally I think Bamford AND Eddie will have huge value to us this season. Just as Roofe and Bamford had last season.

My hope is that we achieve promotion and both Arsenal and Brighton allow their players, Eddie and White respectively, to carry on their education at our newly promoted club.

19 Sep 2019 12:03:44
I must be alone in my frustration with bamford George and the 10 million we invested in him.

19 Sep 2019 13:25:59
Wex Yes, I think you are. If you want a dud or "lemon" to use your term to moan about, try Jordan Rhodes. I know he doesn't play for us but he's the classic example of someone who frustrates. He plundered for Huddersfield then Blackburn but a move to Boro and now Wednesday hasn't worked as well to say least. That's frustration for you. Paddy's goalscoring record has never been particularly electric so don't understand how he frustrates. There's an argument we may have slightly overpaid. I believe it was £7m rising to £10m if certain conditions met, probably goals scored. There's things he does well which is why we bought him. He's begun the season well and if you consult the beeb website for leading goalscorers for Championship this season he's scored 4 and 1 assist placing him relatively high up the list. Plus with Eddie being so excellent and we're TOTL don't see the need to Paddy bash. Timing of it seems weird and/ or irrelevant.

19 Sep 2019 18:54:43
George yet again cherry picking stats where was our 10 million signing in the run in last season. answer rolling around on the ground and missing chance after chance.

19 Sep 2019 19:51:49
Wex You clearly haven't forgiven him for his antics and lack of a goalscoring return toward the end of last season. That's your right. Distant memory for me now in light of the team's improvement and current league position. Blessing in disguise my view as we will be stronger and better equipped for the PL with another Championship season. Also, not sure how I'm "cherry picking"? Are you inferring that when establishing strikers' goal tally the last document you want to consult is the Leading Goalscorers for the season? Most normal people would say it should be the first and only. Thought you were all about the goals? What document would you have me examine? The Magna Carta? A United Nations Resolution? Weird!



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