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02 Sep 2019 18:21:57
We should have a rough diamond for the championship up front ie Jordan hugul would ideal for us someone not not afraid to put is head were it hurts and works hard too roll on 2weeks mot come on.

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02 Sep 2019 18:51:08
i agree 100% but he is not Mb type player so would never make the team, same with a big burley centre half and ball winning midfeilder. MB has his way and anything that don't fit it has no place

if we had a lee chapman, david batty and Jack Charlton all in their prime i doubt MB would play them as they are not his style.

02 Sep 2019 20:01:59
Why would any coach play a player that didn’t fit his style or he thought wouldn't improve the team?

02 Sep 2019 20:45:41
Interesting point Bermo. So who, from the past, could have played for Bielsa? It’s his Birthday today, so for a start, I’d say Chris Whyte! definitely Norman Hunter. Now going to rack my brains for others! Tony Dorigo just popped up!

02 Sep 2019 22:01:37
Spanish some people only see equations through their eyes.

02 Sep 2019 22:04:38
Gary Mac and Speedo without a doubt.

02 Sep 2019 22:06:39
Chris Whyte an old mate of mine . Top lad and a proper ball playing CB.

02 Sep 2019 22:12:32
for me not chris white as he was a proper defender and don't think MB likes them but chris faircoulgh is more MB style, norman hunter all day long, I'm not sure he would play bremner to be honest certainly not sniffer clarke but he would of loved gray (who wouldn't)

Viduka is for me the best striker in my life time and i think he would make a belisa team. Dorgio was a ledg but like douglas no point having him as he would have no one to aim them amazing crosses at.

Wilko was great he picked dorgio to compliment champman which maybe it is just a dead style and football has evolved but it certainly ain't a bit of MB.

03 Sep 2019 07:46:18
Viduka? Lazy. Yeboah was better. As was Jimmy Floyd imo.

03 Sep 2019 07:49:47
I think batty would. He could pass the ball and could do Phillips role 10 times better.

03 Sep 2019 08:36:15
Who could have played for Bielsa from the past with his training regime and weight targets? Not many, Rod Wallace? Gary Kelly? Eddie Gray?

03 Sep 2019 09:00:30
was whyte a mate of yours. i loved him, both the chris's at the back where amazing for us, if they were both a bit younger i think they would of made us a real dominate force.

03 Sep 2019 12:42:51
Mel sterland
Albert Johanson
Eddie gray.
Frank gray
Gary Hamson ( only kidding but met him once, nice fella )
Arthur graham
Carl Harris
Paul Madeley ( the most obvious)
Tony currie. on skill, maybe not Work rate
That cb that went to Salford, I forget who he was
Brolin ( I’m lying)
Bremner ( side before self)
Sprake ( had a mistake in him )

I’d pay good money to watch him coach vinny.

03 Sep 2019 15:22:46
Used to know Chris back in my gambling days. He used to love a flutter. Top geezer.

03 Sep 2019 15:46:18
Top player too I don’t remember him being good with the balk and thought fariclough was more of the player to whites old fashioned defender but I was only 7 so good chance I don’t remember this correctly

Loved a flutter as well, . like him more now!

Aus I agree about batty but now sure Mb would I think shacks is very much in the batty mould but not first team just yet.

03 Sep 2019 18:24:26
Whyte was actually good on the ball. Wilko even tried him in midfield first pre season. Fairclough was great in the air especially for a guy I believe under six feet and fast a hell.

03 Sep 2019 19:49:00
bowyer all day long, anyone else think he could be the boss at ER in the not to distant .

03 Sep 2019 20:12:41
Never thought about it Chris but he’s done a great job at Charlton.

04 Sep 2019 11:49:50
whyte played midfeild. i never knew that will see him in a different light now. always thought he was a top defender and nice to know he could play a bit as well.



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