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20 Aug 2019 18:09:52
Whats all this about, a draw is a good result, at home to Brentford, really. If we are serious about wanting promotion we can not be settling for draws at home. Teams need to dread coming here, not think they can go home with a point like Forest did. Brentford were lucky to have Maupay last season or they would have finished well down the table. Why should we be worrying about them, let them worry about us.
For me a draw at home is a bad result. Its Brentford not Barca.

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20 Aug 2019 19:17:17
Absobloodylutely it's a cauldron that every team should fear, come on boys aim high.

20 Aug 2019 20:11:50
Don’t know if you were both at the last home game. I didn’t think that we have got the cauldron effect back yet. I thought there was a mixture of nervousness and high expectation that meant it wasn’t rocking and rolling for big chunks of the game. Not surprising really with what happened last year. Obviously, I hope that you are all right and I’m wrong and we coast the game and hammer them. We don’t have to worry about them any more than we would about any other team, but just think it might be a bit tougher than some think. Draws at this stage of the season are not the end of the world. It’s certainly not an all or nothing game!

20 Aug 2019 21:06:58
Bielsabud completely agree with you fella, we should not fear anyone, I would certainly like to see an arrogant, focused, ruthless and determined approach at ER no matter who turns up, as we have the ability! that mindset we had last year against norwich and Derby away, West brom and Derby at home (in the league😁) I would like to see us really put teams away! I felt we could have beaten Wigan at least 4-0 and Should definitely have beaten Forrest so we should have an attitude almost of Swatting aside Brentford including Pontus tomorrow night like an irritating Fly, in my view it comes down to mindset as much as ability, I'm looking forward to a no nonsense approach tomorrow! MOT brothers 😎.

20 Aug 2019 21:35:58
Spanish you might be happy with a draw at ER against Brentford but i for one will not be. At the end of the season if we miss out by a couple of points like we did last season its the points being dropped at home that is coating us.

20 Aug 2019 21:54:47
agree with Dj at this stage it is very much mindset

can see what spanish is saying it will not end our season if we draw and we all know spanish is a top guy who is just super positive and always sees the bright side which is not a bad thing

for me at this stage it is patterns of play. if we have all the ball don't score as many as we should then conceed from a high ball for me it is season over

we have just had two clean sheets but manc rejects should of scored from headers had they not been poor and wigan at 0-0 with 11 men hit the post from a cross. for me this was a bit lucky and we won't have luck everygame so that is the main thing i'm looking for tomorrow. but yes if this is a promotion season we should be looking to win 90% of our home games.

20 Aug 2019 22:05:18
It’s still early fellas, we’re a work in progress and there are going to be some draws and losses on the way even if we go up automatically. It won’t be the end of the world! It wasn’t the draws that killed us last year it was the losses, 7 more than Norwich and 4 more than Sheffield. More than happy to be proved wrong because I’ll be there watching but just have this little nagging feeling! More confident about taking 3 off Stoke on Saturday than I am about tomorrow! It’s interesting not been the most positive poster for a game!

20 Aug 2019 22:08:05
Good post Bermo about the patterns of play, it’s only late August and I think we are still working out how everybody fits in and getting them used to playing together. If Cooper and White get broken up tomorrow night, that will be a further test for the defence.

20 Aug 2019 22:34:36
We have it in us to beat anyone in this league, home or away, that includes Brentford. We’re definitely stronger as a team than last year and I don’t think we have barely got out of third gear yet. For me the more games we win from season start and continue to win then winning becomes a habit we need to create.

It’s making the possession count and opportunities need to become goals. If it’s not working for Patrick tomorrow I’d like to see Eddie unleashed for the last 20 - 30 minutes.

21 Aug 2019 08:43:10
Seat em like the irritating bees they are DJ! Despite having the best defender in the league.

21 Aug 2019 08:49:58
it is only late august but i don't think that matters as much as it use to. Pre-season use to be a big thing now it is not even really a thing at all. Players get such little time off and are proper atlhetes now days so it is not like the 80's/ 90's where players go off get fat and come back unfit.

I think now days the new season is almost like a continuation of last season just with the league wiped. That is why for me patters of play are very important and for us very similar to last year. I don't think we are waiting for players to get up to speed because they are already there.

21 Aug 2019 11:10:19
You lose two points for a draw and three for a defeat, not much difference there so they all count. Saying the draws did not hurt us is nonsense, they cost as much as the defeats.



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